Our vision is to hone the teaching gene in our students through the Montessori principles and techniques of child understanding and development, leading to a generation of dynamic and energetic Early Education professionals who enable effective development and genuine happiness among children and thus the future generations.

We, at the Ardee Teacher Training Centre, believe that deep inside every one of us lies a ‘teaching gene’… and when this inherent instinct is properly channelized, it becomes a powerful enabler in imparting life skills to young individuals. We also believe that life is learning across ages and honing our teaching instincts correctly not just ensures future generations of ‘complete’, ‘self developed’ individuals but also makes us more self aware and better developed to handle the current changes we see our world go through. We believe that more often than not, being better parents, better children, better friends and better humans is intrinsically linked to the Montessori philosophy of self development where individuals are directed to their potential and not enforced upon by volumes of theoretical literature. We believe thereby that what we do and more importantly, what we can do, would result in better developed, self aware individuals equipped with superior ‘life skills’ and complete in their preparation and handling of life’s challenges of change.

“We, students and faculty, at the Montessori Teacher Training Centre, jointly pledge to make the journey of self discovery as an Early Education professional as complete as possible. We pledge that we shall through this experience, thirst for knowledge, contribute positively and continuously look for avenues to evolve ourselves. We pledge to learn and share with all, and in the process re-look at our own development and how we play life’s roles. We pledge to be dynamic in our thinking, enthusiastic in all learning processes and honest to our cause, always. We pledge to honor our pledge above.”


  • Provide skillful training of the Montessori principles and life skills.
  • Customize a quality learning experience for our students to make them capable Early Education professionals.
  • Create an in depth knowledge of child needs and psychology to enable facilitating child development among our students
  • To provide a unique experience of self-development for every individual.
  • To continuously evolve ourselves along with the latest theories and technologies in early education.
  • To promote a culture of positivity, self-confidence and excellence in the course.