Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 8 Jul, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is to Thank You yet again for all that the school and the class mentors Ms. Neelima and Ms. Prakriti have done to shape my son Jaiveer into a confident, happy and bright child.

    The open house was such a great experience, getting all the feedback from the mentors and seeing Jaiveer participate in class activities gave me confidence and reassurance that he is in very good hands.

    I am so happy with the curriculum and how Ardee focusses on the bigger learning than the regular ABC.

    Jaiveer talks to me about special bird- sparrow, and presipitation and it gives me such a high to see his learning in just one week.

    I am attaching herewith few pictures that I took of him and wanted to share with you.

    I am extremely happy with his progress and for all of it I want ti give credit to the school and teachers.

  • Dated: 9 May, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    Today I write this mail with so much pride and so much joy, and it is all thanks to The Ardee School and to the most amazing teachers Ms.Neelima Maam and Ms. Prakriti Maam.

    The change I have witnessed in my child is just overwhelming. Jaiveer has turned out to be such a confident child with a vast vocabulary in English and having a knowledge much more than any 2.6 year old of his age. It completely shocks me and my family when he comes and tells us about the continents, galaxy, milky way, planets, Aung Saan Su Kii, Rabindranth Tagore, front back cover and spine of a book and Bengal in the map. And it is not about the bookish knowledge only, to our surprise he has started drinking water from a glass and that too with such precision. He will talk to us about not honking or plucking flowers and types of pollution. He talks about concepts like dry and wet, big and small.

    He does and says things which is beyond my understanding. He converses only in English with us. Also, his interest in music has developed and he is not so fearful of it anymore.

    Everyone at home makes a conscious effort to work in cohision with school for him.

    His grandparents also try to talk to him in English or do meaningful activities with him at home and tell everyone with pride that Jaiveer is in Ardee school.

    Today, at the mothers day celebration in school it gave me so much pride and happiness to see him perform with his classmates and teachers.

    This transition and outcome is only and only because of the hardwork of his teachers and school.

    As a parent, it gives me immense happiness to have chosen the right and the best school for my child. I could not have given him a better platform or better mentors.

    Just want to say a big 'THANK YOU' for all that the school and the mentors are doing for my child. Im attaching a picture here of the mothers day celebration today at school.

  • Dated: 16 March, 2017

    Dear Ma'am

    I recall meeting you in 2008 when I enrolled for the TTC programme, I now think how fortunate I was to have learned under your valuable guidance. I feel very nostalgic as my daughter's term finishes tomorrow on 17 th March 2017 and it is truly gratifying that she got the opportunity to embark on her Montessori journey in the the best institution. Taking with me a bag full of happy and positive memories which I will cherish for long.

    I would like to sincerely thank each and every member of the Ardee school for contributing and imparting valuable life skills in the time that she spent here. As a parent one feels so thankful for the proactive teachers and equally grateful for the didis and guard bhaiyas who are constantly vigilant to ensure the safety and well being of all children. Any amount of praises nor words can suffice to thank the entire team at Ardee for relentlessly working to make young Ardeans stand tall and confident amidst a crowd of young achievers.

    Last but not the least I would like to thank Annenya Aunty for tapping my daughters potential and making her an independent and confident child. The warmth she eludes as an individual is very comforting. Thank you Chanda Ma'am for holding the Ardee fraternity with so much grace and devotion and for taking forth the Ardee legacy to greater heights. I wish you success and best wishes for new beginnings.

  • Dated: 10 March, 2017

    Dear management

    I'm a proud Ardeeian mom, and wanted to give general feedback about the school and how it's helped my son Aryaveer P chowdhri of Red Coral B this academic year. Firstly I would like to thank and appreciate Chitra and Garima for all the hard work they tirelessly put in with the kids, my son thinks he gets more love from his aunties at school.

    Chitra has really helped aryaveer with his numbers and phoenics, he missed 2 weeks of school in December due to a bad bout of chest infection,and she just told me "don't worry I will make sure he catches up " so I asked her if I could help her with doing something at home and she said "ma'am don't worry I will make sure he's fine and he knows" this particular incident amongst many others has made it easier for us as a family to decide that we want to continue at NFC.

    In addition kudos to Chitra Garima (and one more aunty, sorry I don't remember her name) for the excellent science exhibit , honestly it was an eye opener!

    A call from Nikhar at the front office to enquire about his health, and request to bring him just for an hour for the Christmas carnival is another thing I must mention. He still gets big hugs and encouragement from rummy aunty (Nido) whenever he sees her on campus which makes his day!

    A big thank you to Shivani aunty, who is always available whether it's a discussion or query or the stupidest of questions one may ask. Thank you so much ma'am for all your support!

    And to you Chanda ma'am for all that you do! We love you !

  • Dated: 20 February, 2017

    RE: Annual Day

    Dear Mam,

    We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the endless support and encouragement we have received from Ardee school towards our daughter, Aayat Miglani.Ardee as a community has been extremely helpful and accommodating towards the need of my child.The school staff and teachers have motivated and supported so much to make this day a hit.

    Aayat was very confident throughout.

    We are extremely grateful to Chanda Mam ,the entire Ardee teachers Neha ,Pooja & Shivani Mam and are privileged to be a part of the loving and nurturing Ardee Family ..

    Show was spectacular & it was an absolute delight to watch kids performing with so much confidence, teachers are so warm & patient with each child , totally touched with the hardwork "

    Thank again.

  • Dated: 18 February, 2017

    RE: Annual Day

    Dear Maam

    I am already before starting short of words how to express my feelings after seeing the show today.

    Starting from chanda maam's precious words till the kids sat down for dispersal every second was a wow moment for us. AARISHKA GUPTA of blue navy 3 is my daughter and i am so proud of her but i really could not take my eyes off all other ardeeians. Each and every child showcased their skills so nicely i was mesmerised thinking why didnt ardee happened to me. If i would have been this smart Aarishka could have been smarter.

    And its not only the kids who were showcasing it was the teachers as well. I could see all the teachers looking at the kids with so much pride and that excitement was equal for all kids. We were excited n proud to see our kid and i can imagine how proud the teachers must be.

    All these smart ardeeians are just all the teacher's reflection. I can not thank you enough for today. Many more annual days will come for us to attend but this one will always be my favourite.

    Ardee was the best choice i ever made in my life i feel from nido to transition to red to blue SHIVANI AUNTY, CHITRA AUNTY ,GARIMA AUNTY,RIDHHIMA AUNTY, POOJA AUNTY, NEHA AUNTY i am indebted to you for today.

    CHANDA MAAM i look upto you so much thank you is a small word can not appreciate all your efforts. ARDEE Is CHANDA maam's baby and so are our babies and it clearly shows.

    I apologise for such a lengthy mail but i still have so much to say. The concepts the base that you give ardeeians no other school can give and i can challenge that. And maam yes you were right ardeeians really stand out off the crowd.

    Alll thanks to you all

  • Dated: 18 February, 2017

    RE: Annual Day

    Respected Chanda Ma'am,

    Our heartiest congratulations to you on the achievement of your DREAM for every year...for the beautiful annual day you presented to us. We can easily acknowledge the massive effort of you and every single efficient staff of Ardee behind this. Till today annual day meant a lot of running around for us parents, but here we found that everything was well planned, well organised and promptly executed.

    Another difference was the concept based nature of the program, which we really appreciated. We felt there was something to carry home for everyone. It satisfied all sorts of people.

    We even noticed the sincere effort to bring each child forward to face the audiences. All these things need a lot of preparation. We are very happy that our daughter Zoya Dhingra, is in the best hands....thank you for making her ready for the formal schooling and transform from tiny tot to a grown up young child who learned to care for things and people around her and learned to enjoy every moment. Once again many many thanks for everything. Today, Ardee, is all because of you.

    Looking forward to more such enriching lifetime experiences.

  • Dated: 9 December, 2016

    Dear Pooja Ma’am and Ashita Ma’am

    We are writing to you to express our appreciation & gratitude as well share our observations on Amayra’s wonderful journey at the Ardee school.

    We are extremely happy and impressed with the way Amayra is shaping up not just in terms of learning but also as an individual. We see and observe every day how our little baby is turning into a little lady with values, empathy and a love for learning.

    We want to thank you for your stupendous efforts that are visible to us every day in her!

    There was a point when after the first one month of going to Blues, Amayra suddenly got unsettled. We tried to figure out the reason and we just couldn't. She was refusing to come to school and would cry at the very mention of it. It was a quite tough situation as we felt helpless and didn't understand what was happening. It was at that time when we discussed the matter with Pooja ma’am and I cannot praise her enough for the way she handled us, as well as Amayra. She along with Ashita ma’am ensured a complete 360 degree turn around of that situation. Right from advising us on what to do to themselves ensuring Amayra starts getting comfortable and then making the re-settling happen so effortlessly and so tenderly was absolutely impressive. And we cannot thank you Pooja and Ashitha enough for truly partnering us in that.

    We do believe that the child benefits most when the school and parents are in sync and share a mutually trusting partnership. Both Pooja maa’m and Ashitha maa’m are very open in communication & have a very positive feedback mechanism that is very very helpful to us in becoming an involved parent.

    We would also like to share some everyday observations on how remarkably well Amayra has grown in her intellect and sensibilities. Amayra is a very expressive and open child, so we are lucky to be able to observe those positive changes in her everyday.

    It is a very proud parent feeling when during the morning journeys to school, she looks around so disapprovingly at the dirty roads or the smog and then very philosophically turns and tells me that how sad it is that people throw garbage on the road or people cut trees, and then talks to me about it like in a discussion :)

    In another instance, she asked me what my three wishes were... and i think since we were getting late to go somewhere and I was driving in heavy traffic so i could only think of how the jam should clear and we could reach our destination on time. And then she asked me to ask her what her wishes were and she told me that she wished that planet earth would be cleaner. and that every body would be kind to one another. She was not just saying because she has been told to say that but I knew then that she meant and felt every word of that. I can’t begin to tell you what a proud moment that was for me as a mother to know that.

    Amayra continues to pleasantly surprise us with words, questions and sometimes explanations that are very intelligent and meaningful. We have had many moments when others, complete strangers have appreciated Amayra for many such things she’s assimiliating & expresssing everyday.

    Here, we would like to mention the theme chosen for 2016-2017 – Green environment which is so all encompassing and relevant for the children at their age since each and every aspect of theme can be understood in the context of their daily lives, hence multiplying their general knowledge. And not just the choice of theme but also the way it is taught- conceptually, creatively and effectively.

    So, I think our attempt here is truly to say a heartfelt Thank you! And give the credit where it duly deserves that is all of you at Ardee School.

    Thank you. For your attention to detail, for meaningful interactions with us parents, for your tender handling and patience with Amayra (and i am sure with all the little ones). Thank you for making us feel so secure and so proud of our ownselves for taking the decision to put Amayra in Ardee school.

    Thank you to the both of you and to Vandana Ma'am with whom Amayra started this beautiful journey. Thank you all for a million proud parent moments !

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chanda Ma'am for her guidance and expertise along the way. Her sheer presence and little interactions I have had as and when are always so incredibly re-assuring.

    Thank you for making the most important and fundamental years of Amayra’s growth so meaningful and for providing her with a great foundation to build on.

    We are very proud to be a part of the Ardee Family. And we hope to continue to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with all of you.

  • Dated: 1 December, 2016

    Dear Shivani Ma'am,

    I just wanted to thank you for all that you, along with all the members of The Ardee School, under the able guidance of Mrs. Raisinghani have done for our child. As I returned home from the Greenathon Presentation of Red Coral - A today, I could not help but feel a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the purposeful, ambitious and truly laborious effort that went into organizing this beautifully coordinated, meticulous and well presented event.

    The children showcased not just a broad sense of awareness about some very relevant issues, but had an opportunity to display certain core values such as self-discipline, determination, mutual respect, along with a sense of courage. The event highlighted both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary learning while being equally experiential, hands-on and interactive - fostering truly holistic development across various physical, emotional and intellectual parameters.

    I have seen my daughter blossom in to a more confident, affable, respectful, self-disciplined and knowledgeable individual ever since she became part of The Ardee School; and although I believe that there exist a synergistic relationship between teachers and parents, I am certain that this would not be possible without the remarkable knowledge and commitment of each and every faculty member, along with the nurturing and supportive environment provided by the institution.

    Again, as a father, I am extremely grateful to the entire faculty of Ardee under the leadership of Mrs. Raisinghani - not just for the time and effort that went in to conceptualizing and organizing the activity today - but more so for all the learning your team bestows upon our kids during the 'ordinary' school days, helping our children become more and more extra-ordinary every day.

  • Dated: 3 November, 2016

    Good Afternoon

    Reading this email brought a really big smile to my face! Thankyou for appreciating my little thought so well!.. It means a Lot. And further motivates me to inculcate these values even more strongly in my child & in others through such school activities in future. This in particular was really enjoyable as all mothers & kids were equally excited to gift our didis these little diwali tokens!

    Being associated with ARDEE one of the finest schools in delhi, has been a blessing for both me & my child. I'm thankful to all the staff members for being so kind & thoughtful towards us always, Its been an amazing learning experience for us.

    Thankyou so very much once again, Looking forward to celebrating all such occasions in the most special way with the school.

  • Dated: 22 September, 2016

    Dear Ma'am,

    My daughter Meher Rajat Mehra is a part of Red Coral A & as her mother I was given the opportunity to attend the Workshop conducted by Shivani Ma'am.

    It was such a pleasure to sit in a room full of anxious mothers waiting to get answers for all their Questions which might be not so important to many in today's world, but are a matter of life & death for a concerned involved mother.

    All those Q's were addressed to Shivani Ma'am, all the eyes were staring at her as if she would move her magical wand & resolve all the issues we face as mothers with our tiny tots.

    Magically enough in many ways she was so nice to just hear her talk about our concerns like they were her own..for her to hear us out without judging us..for her to feel the pleasure and pain that we feel with our small failures & successes as mothers..for her to help us with all her knowledge & experience backing her..not theoretical help that only sounds good, but practical tips that we can make use of..

    The Workshop surely left me wanting for more..but did give me clarity of thoughts & some key take aways which I surely plan to imbibe in my life as a mother.

    Thank you to all the teachers who helped conduct the workshop & a big thank you to Shivani Ma'am for all her inputs.

  • Dated: 5 September, 2016


    Very pleased to read this email even though my daughter is not even 2 years old and is only going to start Ardee in October.

    The way we all respected our teachers and even looked up to many of them is not there today due to the over protective and pampering attitude of the parents ! we went to boarding school and if we messed around with our teachers , we were in serious trouble !! of course sometimes even a teacher can be wrong in their conduct and can be in a foul mood or having a bad day , well so do we as parents do the same thing we all are human and even this experience will show children that even the people who care and protect them have the ability to be imperfect and that's life !

    Happy to read your mail.

  • Dated: 5 September, 2016

    Dear Chanda Ma'am,

    Happy Teachers Day! The best gift that we, as parents, have given to our child is to choose THE ARDEE SCHOOL. They are aware of how much their parents love the school, and though they get tired with 50 km travel daily , but they say just one thing when they talk to others..'You know that our school is the best. ' ' You know how hard Jennifer Ma'am works so that we get this education.'

    A beautiful school, aesthetic classrooms, sincere teachers, and to see the the all-round development of the child - Simply Outstanding.

    I don't have the words to express my gratitude on this Teachers Day to each one of the Ardee members.

    The Ardee School is the best! and people who can't see that..sadly its their loss.

  • Dated: 2 September, 2016

    Dear Ma'am,

    My daughter Meher Rajat Mehra is a student of Red Coral A & as her parents we were invited for the Independence Day celebration at school. Just want to show my gratitude & appreciation for all that was done by her teachers, Shivani Ma'am, Simran Ma'am & Preeti Ma'am. It was overwhelming to see my 3year old daughter move around in a rehearsed manner, do her activity without getting distracted by all those eyes staring at her & then confidently talk & tell what she did on the microphone. Concentration, Confidence, Grace, I saw so many things in my daughter & in all the other children.

    Seeing them since Nido could see the difference in them. Hence, I would take this opportunity to congratulate you for all your efforts, for letting our children grow so beautifully, for doing little things that might go unnoticed in the short-run, but would make such a huge difference in shaping the future of our children.

    Thank you for giving all the wonderful opportunities to my daughter.

    We are so glad to be associated with Ardee & to know such wonderful people silently doing a brilliant job day in & out.

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