Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 13 Nov, 2017

    Dear Ms Shivani and Ms Pooja,

    I am writing to thank you both for installing the air purifiers and atleast initiating the demonstration. This step from your end really means a lot to us parents. It is the need of the hour as the air quality fails to get better. We can’t compromise on the health of our kids. Ardee schools have always been a step ahead in terms of use of technology. Great start!

  • Dated: 2 Nov, 2017

    Dear Mentors,

    A big thank you to all specially Kanika Aunty n Pooja Aunty to introduce difficult words to my little one. It was surprisingly impressive when Azaira (blue Navy 5) used the word scrumptious to describe how delicious her lollipop was.She said" mumma my lollipop is scrumptious!!" Thank you again for the efforts and hard-work you all put in for overall development of my child.

  • Dated: 1 Nov, 2017

    Dear mam

    This is a small cute thank you note for sending me the lyrics of songs over the whatsapp.

    Aaradhyaa s really enjoying the song fireworks.She's screaming her lungs out for this song in the car.

    Thanks AGAIN for the lyrics's one more reason added on the list to be in harmony with her thrgh this song.

  • Dated: 25 Oct, 2017

    Respected teachers at Ardee,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that how deeply the activities done at school influence the children and how much they enjoy repeating them at home.

    The diya decoration activity which happened at school prior to diwali, enticed Reyansh so much that for the entire week of holidays, all he wanted to do was “paint and decorate diyas”, so much so, that i had to buy him another set of 12 diyas (after he had already painted equal number before).

    Everyone at home was amazed to see him so creatively inclined and engrossed in the decoration work for diwali. It really made us feel proud as parents.

    Congratulations to all the mentors at Ardee, especially Miss Shikha, Miss Pooja and Miss Shivani. Your child is making you proud..!!

  • Dated: 25 Oct, 2017

    Dear Mentors,

    I just wanted to share with you that today my son Aaryav Magoo (Transition Red 2) told me he wants to go back to Ardee School after we sat in the car to go home.

    Ardee School go again" were his words. "Mumma go again Ardee School."

    I was so happy to hear this and I thought I would pass it on to you.

    He talks of all his new mentors Abhiti Maam, Priya Maam and Smriti Maam.

    Thank you for helping him settle in this new phase.

    Thank you Rummy Maam, Sonam Maam and Neha Maam.

    Pooja Maam and Shivani Maam are always there during arrival and dispersal, willing to answer any query with a big smile.

    We are very grateful for the care and concern you show for the kids.

  • Attn: Ms. Rummy

    Respected Ma’am,

    The school’s Diwali celebrations last week were fabulous; especially the wonderful decor and the Diwali inspired activities for the children. I understand that only with thoughtful planning and supervision, the Diwali celebrations like this would have been possible.

    Congratulations and best wishes for great work done by you and other teachers, which was much appreciated by all the parents including us alike.

  • Dated: 11 Oct, 2017



    A big big round of applause for all the fantastic little green runners and efforts of all the mentors involved.Again and again with my sense of obligation and thankfulness, I feel proud to be an ardee mommy of the very adorable darling AARADHYAA.With the very nonpareil quality of no partiality of the students as in ranking them in marathon by you all is matchless.What I could feel that was coming out from the core of hearts of all the kiddos was--- “I made it to the start and I will make it to the finish..I don’t have to go fast….i just have to go…..there is no winner .” and ofcourse the voice of you all which screams aloud :;;;"feel the race;;feel the joy that is-RUNNING a marathon".

    The spirit is how the average runner becomes more than average. A special thanks to exceptional speed at which the you guys dispatch and post the PPTs and the mails on the event happening at your end even before the day is called off.

    With a trail of events ,firstly the Ramleela ,Campus Green Run and the Diwali bazaar which is yet to come ..i see my little darling Aaradhyaa growing , emerging and showcasing her inner potential ,exhibiting her set of diverging personalities. Only and only Ardee has the unfailing courtesy and forbearance under great encouragement to make kids do the impossible.

    Thanks for the prodigious marshalled event as always .cheers. a very happy diwali to each and avery memeber of the ardee family.

    Thanks for doing this kind of activity.

  • Dated: 11 Oct, 2017

    Hi - just a quick note: this practice has worked so well with my son! He came home from Ardee saying in the evening, "I'm famished!". It was very cute but also helpful for his language.

    Thanks for doing this kind of activity.

  • Dated: 11 Oct, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is indeed a super effort. So grateful that our kids are being groomed by such mentors in a truly green & healthy environment.

  • Dated: 10 Oct, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    We all are well aware by now that the phase of transition is tough on the children n in a lot of ways tougher on the parents. In the last ten days, I've seen good days n bad days with my twins who are in Transition Red 3; today being the worst of them all..So I write this mail only to let The Mentors know how grateful I am as a parent for the way the transition seems to being handled once the kids are in the school environment. It's not easy dealing with screaming kids.

    Today I sent in two howling ,yelling, totally unsettled kids but got them back happy n smiling. Infact I don't think I've seen my daughter smile soo much in her entire Ardee journey to date. I clearly came back home a calmer parent. So I want to express my gratitude to the entire Ardee Team for helping us parents nurture strong independent individuals...

  • Dated: 4 Oct, 2017

    Dear Ms. Rummy

    I would like to take this opportunity to extend my special thank you for making even my second time experience of mother toddler programme so memorable.

    I was so apprehensive before joining it as I was so tight on schedule with two kids but the way each day was unfolding in school ; it was so enjoyable for both of us that i started looking forward to school and wished it to be a five days programme itself.

    Thank you for your warm morning hugs to each child , your morning smile , your genuine love and care for each child in class.

    The activities in class were really new and different from my last time experience and I found them more enriching.

    Thank you for taking care of meal times and making sure each kid enjoyed what is being served.

    Thank you for listening to our apprehensions with patience and addressing them with utmost priority.

    Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to make us and our kids so happy and making this first experience of theirs at school so much fun.

    In end , I would like to extend my thanks to Ms Sonam and Ms Neha too for their amazing inputs during rhyme times and extra special activities like farm days , vegetable markets and many more.

    I would also like to thank didis who made sure food was in time and helped in maintaining hygiene. I would also like to thank the ever smiling guard bhaiya.

    Thank you Ms Pooja and Ms Shivani for all the updates and keep the show going in the perfect manner.

    Love to be part of the Ardee family.
    Looking forward to the journey ahead.

  • Dated: 28 Sep, 2017

    Dear mam

    With my deep respect and i offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to the "The Ardee School" for holding the "RAMLEELA" at ardee in their most enchanting and winsome way.

    The teachers putting on the or glad rags in the bestest accoutrements for their respective characters from the epic was just so alluring.Not to miss were the little monkeys from the hanumanji sena where I could especially see my cutest adorable darling AARADHYAA running and following hanumanji carrying her dinky mace (gada) and her bubblegummed mouth all through out.

    I am sure the euphoria of the live audience must have been beyond jollity.

    SIMPLY LOVED TO SEE THE GLIMPSE OF THE GRAND ENSEMBLE I would be highly obliged if you could just send few of aaradhyaa s still clicks if possible to save in her album of memories.

    Wishing the whole team of ardee a very happy dussehera

  • Dated: 28 Sep, 2017

    Dear mam

    With my deep respect and i offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to the "The Ardee School" for holding the "RAMLEELA" at ardee in their most enchanting and winsome way.

    The teachers putting on the or glad rags in the bestest accoutrements for their respective characters from the epic was just so alluring.Not to miss were the little monkeys from the hanumanji sena where I could especially see my cutest adorable darling AARADHYAA running and following hanumanji carrying her dinky mace (gada) and her bubblegummed mouth all through out.

    I am sure the euphoria of the live audience must have been beyond jollity.

    SIMPLY LOVED TO SEE THE GLIMPSE OF THE GRAND ENSEMBLE I would be highly obliged if you could just send few of aaradhyaa s still clicks if possible to save in her album of memories.

    Wishing the whole team of ardee a very happy dussehera

  • Dated: 22 Sep, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    As much as we parents were looking forward to the Student Led Conference, I felt equal enthusiasm among the children and teachers. It was such a beautiful experience, one we would cherish for a long time to go.

    Children presenting their work to parents themselves and talking confidently about it and taking pride in whatever they have accomplished so far was definitely a worthy experience. They did so many activities based on language development, mathematics and even Hindi and we could make out the hard work put in by the staff for all this.

    I would like to thank the Ardee staff for always coming up with innovative ideas to keep both learning and parenting so dynamic and advanced.

    Thank you so much!

  • Dated: 21 Sep, 2017

    Dear mam,

    The Student Led Conference today made my little darling the star of the show. It was a treat to our eyes where we as parents were partners in our kids learning.

    Thebestest ever PTM ever seen heard and attended where Icould not take my eyes off my little munchkin Aaradhyaa analyse her own plethora of skills so marvellously and flawlessly.

    Its just supercalifragilistic to be a spectator of noting Aaradhyaa moving from station to station as she completed each task like a perfectionist.Despite burning with curiosity and desirous to interrupt her, I was mesmerized and fasten myself to each and every movement of hers. Aaradhyaa bowled me over and made me an observant statue.

    Ardee only could have given this platform to our kids which is undoubtedly worth the effort.The exhilaration of feeling the ownership of ones own learning must have been mind blowing for all the kids.Again thanks to all the mentors for putting in their efforts time and devotion. Aaradhyaa was realllly looking forward to show me what she has sunk in the class with her speedy chirpy voice. The confidence in her was oozing out with every word she spoke.

    Thanks to all the mentors for giving us a sense of whats happening at school in such an amazingly outstanding technique and how to coninue and reinforce at home.Thanks again to all the mentors for giving our kids the most couthy environment motivating them always always and always and help them bloom their own way.Its endless but ...thanks again for making our kids the star of the show.

    Have a nice day. Godbless all.

  • Dated: 20 Sep, 2017

    Dear Ms Pooja,Shivani, Priyanka and Divya,

    Warm greetings !

    I am all smiles after today's student led conference, it just shows how thorough and confident they are with their work material. All thanks to you all, Riyaansh loves going to school and is always excited seeing the class mentors, Ms Pooja and Ms Shivani. I think it's an innovative twist to the traditional parent teacher conference which happens twice an year.

  • Dated: 19 Sep, 2017

    Dear Mam

    The Ardee School Delhi

    I "Nancy Miglani", parent of "Aayat Miglani" Yellow -1, would like to thank you for the student LED Conference , it was very impressive, given my child the confidence to discuss, the mentors have really helped my child in terms of learning & motivation to do better, Thereby facilitating & encouraging the growth of my child in the most positive & supportive way.

    Really appreciate the commendable work of Ardee mentors towards my child, would not have been possible without their personal touch of motivation & warmth.The conference was a high degree of confidence which was clearly seen in my child , so proud to be a part of it.

    Thank you for making it so exciting & I am glad that my daughter is nurtured under faithful hands.

  • Dated: 13 Sep, 2017

    Dear Rummy Maam,

    We wanted to express our sincere gratitude towards you for being a wonderful teacher. You have been very empathetic and caring and we are so glad you were Aaryav's first teacher. He has absorbed everything that you have taught him even though he might now show it in school yet. Thank you for your patience and guidance towards our anxious questions. We truly appreciate all your effort and support.

    Aaryav will begin his new journey in Transition Red soon and we are confident he will be fine, thanks to teachers like you Rummy Maam.

    We believe the opportunity of mid year admission in Nido has been extremely beneficial for Aaryav and are very grateful to Chanda Maam, Pooja Maam and Shivani Maam for this.

    Looking forward to many new journeys together.

  • Dated: 6 Sep, 2017

    Dear teachers at Ardee,

    This is to express a most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for all your efforts in helping the kids grow, learn, and for making the parents realise the actual potential of our children.

    My son Reyansh Sachdev (blue navy 1) surprised me last week, when he said that they have done sudoku at school and he wanted to do the same at home too.

    I was amazed to see how promptly he could complete the sudoku puzzles i gave to him. Thank you again for your love and efforts in introducing me to the actual potential of my child.

    Here i am sharing a few pictures of him solving the sudoku puzzles all by himself.

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

  • Dated: 5 Sep, 2017

    Respected Chanda Ma'am, Headmistresses, Mehak Ma'am and the entire Ardee faculty.

    As they say, it’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom; I thought to take some time out to wish my child Karn Aggarwal's FIRST educators a very special teacher's day.. Thankyou for inspiring my little one & teaching him valuable lessons right at the start of his life! Its a pleasure to see the special bond Karn has shared over the last year with his teachers, Thankyou for bestowing knowledge over my little one!

    All you teachers at Ardee School, deserve recognition for the enormous contribution you all have made in order to make the first ever learning experience for my baby so smooth & easy!

    Please accept mine & my husband's heartfelt gratitude towards your endless efforts!

    A Very Happy Teacher's Day!

  • Dated: 5 Sep, 2017

    Dear Ardee Teachers,

    My daughter can't write a mail yet, but I am sure if she could she would write a Big Thank YOU for all of you..

    You are all amazing & truly inspiring.. You are so true to what you do, and are full of patience & kindness..

    You are in such a noble profession of shaping & moulding the lives & the future of the little ones..

    Can't thank you enough for your contribution in my daughter's life.. You deserve to be celebrated every single day..

  • Dated: 5 Sep, 2017


    Chanda ma'am, Shivani ma'am, Khusbhoo ma'am,Pooja mam,Ms Shiva, Ms Priyanka and Ms Divya

    It is with so much emotion that i sit down to write this! Please accept this thank you message from us to express a million thanks to you all! You give your time, your hands and most importantly your heart.

    I thank you for two and a half years of dedicated love and holding Seher 's hands and guiding her through the years.

    I have watched in sheer amazement your boundless energy, enthusiasm and patience, all of which have shaped Seher into a inquisitive, joyful, confident girl she is today.

    It is clear that she's not only becoming educated in conventional areas,as well as in music, language, nature etc but also in areas of self respect, peaceful coexistence and caring/sharing with others. Here are few incidents she makes us feel proud and everytime we are asked about the school she goes to :

    1) We were at this exhibition where she got attracted to this beautiful wooden tent house and did not want us to buy for her but wanted to sit and have a feel of it inside , she kept looking at that and we wanted to move on and this gentleman comes and says" baby if u wish to sit inside go ahead" but she refused and on her own went to this girl and took permission from her and sat inside , later we discovered that gentleman was her father and he was so impressed with a 41/2 year old acting so maturely and right away asked us which school does she go to?

    2) Chanda ma'am like you said talk "real" to fantasy when given the choice , I followed it eversince and it's working now every night before goingto sleep all she talks about is planets, weather , nature etc. And also you all are in her prayers. She asks God to protect each one of you in Ardee school.

    3) While we are on the way back how confidently she tells me about the road signs saying that Priyanka auntie told her about them, on hearing Nelson Mandela Marg on my GPS and immediately telling me that he's a leader if South Africa makes me feel really proud to hear all that.

    4) This NRI at a birthday party approaches me and asks if seher is my daughter coz she noticed her (which I missed) answering most of the questions asked by a game coordinator are all proud moments for me.

    5) last but not the least discussing about the body parts and becoming a directress like divya auntie and priyanka auntie and replicating her is fun to watch her.

    All this time being spent in Ardee School, Delhi Seher is joyful about beginning her school day every morning. At the end of the day, we are delighted to find her smiling and ready to share new information with us.

    You also helped us transition from being parents of a toddler into parents of a school age child and each one of you always has a smile and supportive words for us.

    Thank you Ardee for laying such strong foundation for my daughter.

    Happy Teachers Day to All!!

  • Dated: 30 Aug, 2017


    I would like to thank the Ardee team, for conducting the parents workshop in July.

    With all your experience and expertise in Montessori education and child development, the workshop was a beautiful experience for me.

    Small pieces that I picked up from the workshop have really helped me with my Daughter. Refraining from saying an outright no, to giving choices when I want her to do things a certain way; really builds my confidence in both her as my child and in me myself as a parent.

    Please keep organising such workshops on a regular basis, at least once a month.

    Really looking forward to the next workshop. Thank you so much Ardee.

  • Dated: 29 Aug, 2017

    Dear Pooja Mam,

    Thank you so much for your precious time and inputs on Samridh's progress in school. It was such a pleasure meeting you.

    I would sincerely like to thank the Ardee School and the entire team for setting such an amazing and comfortable environment for the new admission. Being new to the system, I was scared yet unaware of how would Samridh fit in the new environment.

    But i was seriously amazed the way he settled the very first day so easily and how each day going to school is filled with sheer joy and excitement.

    Never before, we saw him going lovingly to school. it had been just manageable despite of all efforts we made. i was always in question : how does it get any better than that? We got this opportunity to be a part of the Ardee School. Really truly infinitely gratitude to Chanda Mam, You, Shivani Mam and Priyanka and Divya Mam and each team member who have made this journey for Samridh so much ease, joy and glory.

    As discussed with you, being a Life Coach, i would like to take this opportunity to share the same tools i have been using with Samridh and experiencing easy teaching and parenting with him. I have attached the PPT for the flow of the workshop. It will take around 1.5-2 hours. Which time, day and date would be convenient for you.

    Looking forward to co-create the ease and fun learning for kids.

  • Dated: 25 Aug, 2017

    Dear Teachers

    I want to take this opportunity to express the immense feelings of gratitude and pride I felt after attending the open house.

    Each and every child has blossomed so beautifully. Seeing them grown from babies in Nido to cranky kids in TR and now my heart fills with pride & joy to see them stand so confidently behind the rope doing a presentation for the parents in Red.

    Efforts put in by Miss Preeti & Miss Simran to guide & train the children are truly laudable.

    I feel so proud when My Ardeeian stands apart from other kids (sometimes even in comparison with older kids also) whether it is basic social etiquette or general knowledge, there is a proper method instilled in them for every small activity they have to perform. Thank you Ardee for laying such a strong foundation for my daughter.

  • Dated: 21 Aug, 2017

    Dear Nilima Maam and Prakriti Maam,

    Thank you so much for instilling the feeling of being humble and doing community service and also involving it in their homework and also at school. Jaiveer was very happy to do the homework on social work and was extremely elated to present it to his didi who works extremely hard all day.

  • Dated: 14 Aug, 2017

    Dear mam

    It's really a delight to pour over mails coming from your end describe in one word the very couthy environment you mentors give to our kids with an add on of all your endeavouring's SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC... .no wonder Aaradhyaa went "":mumma I'm famished ...plz give me sthg to eat "were her words yestday after the dispersal.... ..ardee rocks ::cheers!!

  • Dated: 14 Aug, 2017

    Dear Madams,

    Thanks for organising the kind of Parenting Workshop & giving we parents the opportunity to attend that. Pooja Ma'am & Shivani Ma'am you are the excellent source of Inspiration.

    Under your guidance, This was a very healthy workshop & every bit of it taught us much more than expected.

    Sitting amongst Teachers handling kids of all age groups & parents having different age groups of children was like learning in itself. You forget about your queries as they seem to be petty in front of other parents queries and you learn alott.

    So, it was a very satisfactory Session and we hope that you will be conducting these workshops in near future also.

    Ma'am, it's a request to you to please make 1 or 2 workshops where Daddys are mandatory & workshops over the weekend so that Daddys can also join.

  • Dated: 8 Aug, 2017

    Dear Maam,

    This is so nice and thoughtful.

    It is such a great feeling to imbibe in our childeren- to be humble and caring to our community. I am going to encourage Jaiveer to participate in community service at home also.

    I am glad to see Jaiveer here.

  • Dated: 4 Aug, 2017

    Dear Shivani Maam and Pooja Maam,

    Just wanted to thank you for taking out time and for all the support and valuable feedback you gave us today.

    We absolutely agree with you and are going to work in cohision with Neelima Maam and Prakriti Maam on Jaiveer so that he turns out to be a confident and happy child.

    We have never doubted the effort you all put in every child and today was just an example of that.

    Thank you for being so patient with him and us. As a parent, it is very comforting when the teachers take out time to explain a certain situation and also how to work on it.

  • Dated: 2 Aug, 2017


    I just wanted to let the school faculty know that both my husband and I , are extremely happy with Samara's attitude over the last month after the summer break.

    There are many things that we as parents try to inculcate in our child at home but there also many things we are noticing that she is obviously learning in school and i think it's fantastic that at such a young age , samara is reciting the entire Gayatri matra!

    It's not about only learning material things but Samara is very happy going to school and speaks very fondly of her class mentors both Gauri ma'am and Akriti ma'am Infact even her didi Manju didi is a talked about name in our home all the time . She is happier , much more confident and her clarity of speech is great.

    I thought we must also share the due credit with the school and teachers where she is spending so much time.

  • Dated: 31 Jul, 2017

    Dear Ardee Teachers,

    My daughter Meher Rajat Mehra is a part of Blue Navy 1 and as her parents we had the pleasure of attending the soccer day at Ardee.

    It was not just the soccer on the field that she learnt, but the soccer song, painting a jersey, learning about famous soccer players..truly making sports & education fun..

    Also, it was super special for us as it was her father's birthday on the day of the match & being a soccer lover he could have not asked for a better gift than seeing his daughter on the field.

    Thank you for all the fun & frolic, all the excitement, all the cheering, all the motivation & all the positive energy..!!

  • Dated: 28 Jul, 2017


    The Whole Team at Ardee School.

    Witnessed the soccer match today and enjoyed every bit of it; starting from the preparations of the game, co-ordination between children, learning the world football song, coloring in the artwork to serving refreshments after match; you got the kids truely involved in the game!!

    3 Cheers to all of you for your hardwork, commitment, patience and dedication for hosting an excellent event!

  • Dated: 28 Jul, 2017

    Dear Ardee teachers and staff members

    A big thank you to each one of you for today's soccer match. It was a delight to watch our little ardeeians play.

    The match was so well organised and the teachers were putting tremendous energy to it. Can't thank you enough. We as parents too had lots of fun.

    A special thanks to Amrita Aunty for believing in Arsheen and making her the goalkeeper. Everyone including me were amazed to see her today.

    Thank you so much Amrita Aunty.

  • Dated: 28 Jul, 2017

    Dear Ms. Mehak,

    Thank you for this comprehensive report and adorable clicks of the children! While going through it I realised the effort you are investing as a mentor and it is uninaginably satisfying seeing how my ward is involved with Ardee's well laid out and systematic Montessori training!

    Thanking you.

  • Dated: 17 Jul, 2017

    Dear Headmistresses and Class Mentor,

    Today the open house session for me was very gratifying I could see how happy my child was in the class and what efforts you at Ardee are putting in. Thank you Mehak Ma'am and everyone for a satisfying experience.

    Thank you so much for everything.

  • Dated: 17 Jul, 2017

    My daughter Meher Rajat Mehra, is a part of Blue Navy 1 and as her mother this mail has been long due from my end.

    Thank you Ardee & when I say Ardee I mean all the teachers starting from (Nido) Miss Neha, (Transition Red) Miss Ashu, Miss Preeti, (Red) Miss Simran, Miss Preeti & currently Miss Shikha (Blue), along with Miss Shivani, Miss Pooja & Miss Chanda, I mean all the didis, Pushpa Didi in particular, I mean the Guard Bhaiyas at the gate & Nikhar taking every distress call, each & every person at Ardee whom I have had the pleasure to interact with, who has in a small or a big way (that's irrelevant) contributed to my daughter Meher's growth..Thank you..a biiiiig Thank you to all of you..!!

    We as parents applied to The Ardee School because it was one of the best, and we wanted the best for our daughter like every parent..when we entered for the first time it was just a building to us..but now I know Ardee has a heart & a soul..because each one of you working at Ardee are connected with it not only because it's your work..but it's your's your love..and that comes across in the way you treat & nurture all the children at school.

    Meher is growing up and growing up fast..she was merely 20months when we became a part of the Ardee family & she just turned 4..and on the occasion of her birthday I realised the celebration cannot be complete till the time I don't thank each one of you who has done wonders with her and continue doing so.

    You treat Meher with utmost respect, with caring hands, with warm hearts, with immense amount of patience and continuous encouragement. You teach Meher things that are enhancing her personality and character in ways beyond expression, you are imparting knowledge that is making her soul grow, you Ardee are amazing, you are and will always be a part of Meher and Meher wherever she goes in life would always have a part of you.

    Thank you for everything..!!

  • Dated: 8 Jul, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is to Thank You yet again for all that the school and the class mentors Ms. Neelima and Ms. Prakriti have done to shape my son Jaiveer into a confident, happy and bright child.

    The open house was such a great experience, getting all the feedback from the mentors and seeing Jaiveer participate in class activities gave me confidence and reassurance that he is in very good hands.

    I am so happy with the curriculum and how Ardee focusses on the bigger learning than the regular ABC.

    Jaiveer talks to me about special bird- sparrow, and presipitation and it gives me such a high to see his learning in just one week.

    I am attaching herewith few pictures that I took of him and wanted to share with you.

    I am extremely happy with his progress and for all of it I want ti give credit to the school and teachers.

  • Dated: 6 Jul, 2017

    Respected teachers,

    My son rajveer singh dang of yellow 2 came to school today however i couldnot be present myself to pick him ... my driver came to pick him .. one of the teacher especially went along with my son till the car which was parked very far on the main road to hand him over to my mother in my car. My mother has a knee problem so she could not walk till da gate. She was so happy with the schools effort n gives full marks to the security. Keep up the good work and assuring us that we have made the best decision to put our child in your school.

  • Dated: 6 Jul, 2017

    Dear shivani mam/ Puja mam

    I am very happy to share this with you that Virat krishna (blue navy 4 ) now has started reading English books till level 4 and wherever he goes he compels people to ask which school he is going he is not even 4 years old and reading.

    Child early reading is the key to child's academic future.

    I am so thankful to the ardee school team for guiding him so very well.

    I am sure under your guidance he will excel more. Request you to please help him read more in front of his classmates so that he gains confidence.

    I still remember shivani mam telling me in our first parent teacher interaction that Virat has got superb vocabulary and language and he will soon read. Thanks again I am very excited with this recent development and thus thought of sharing (attaching a small part of video made)

  • Dated: 9 May, 2017

    Dear Ma'am,

    Today I write this mail with so much pride and so much joy, and it is all thanks to The Ardee School and to the most amazing teachers Ms.Neelima Maam and Ms. Prakriti Maam.

    The change I have witnessed in my child is just overwhelming. Jaiveer has turned out to be such a confident child with a vast vocabulary in English and having a knowledge much more than any 2.6 year old of his age. It completely shocks me and my family when he comes and tells us about the continents, galaxy, milky way, planets, Aung Saan Su Kii, Rabindranth Tagore, front back cover and spine of a book and Bengal in the map. And it is not about the bookish knowledge only, to our surprise he has started drinking water from a glass and that too with such precision. He will talk to us about not honking or plucking flowers and types of pollution. He talks about concepts like dry and wet, big and small.

    He does and says things which is beyond my understanding. He converses only in English with us. Also, his interest in music has developed and he is not so fearful of it anymore.

    Everyone at home makes a conscious effort to work in cohision with school for him.

    His grandparents also try to talk to him in English or do meaningful activities with him at home and tell everyone with pride that Jaiveer is in Ardee school.

    Today, at the mothers day celebration in school it gave me so much pride and happiness to see him perform with his classmates and teachers.

    This transition and outcome is only and only because of the hardwork of his teachers and school.

    As a parent, it gives me immense happiness to have chosen the right and the best school for my child. I could not have given him a better platform or better mentors.

    Just want to say a big 'THANK YOU' for all that the school and the mentors are doing for my child. Im attaching a picture here of the mothers day celebration today at school.

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