Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 11 Oct, 2018

    Dear ma’am,

    I wanted to really appreciate the different things being taught in school to Red Cherry.

    I was really surprised when my daughter told me about an’astronaut’ today and spoke about the various planets and could name all of them correctly. She knows about continents and now even about planets which is great. Also, I believe, you have been doing something about the Ramleela at school.

    My son was doing some project on Raavan n Diya went up to him and said that it was raavan, man with 10 heads n he took Sita ma. She even told about Lakshman ji cutting Ravan’s sisters nose.

    I just wanted to applaud your efforts at teaching children about such diverse topics.

  • Dated: 4 Oct, 2018

    We would like to acknowledge the hard work and effort of the mentors. Our son Aaryav is the happiest he’s ever been going to school. Palakh Maam and Runjhun Maam have really helped him settle well. Post summer break, he has become very independent. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for the care, attention and love you have given him. Palakh Maam understands him well and is helping him deal with his fears as well as giving him opportunities to unlock his potential. We have always reached out to the mentors and to Pooja Maam and Shivani Maam for advise. Thank you for mentoring us and helping us raise our child well.

    The open house meetings and the parent teacher conference have been so valuable. We were so happy to see his portfolio and to hear all about his work in class. He was so excited when his song for teachers day was shown in class. Other day he was asking me about the golden temple and wants to go visit it as Palakh Maam had been there. He looks up to his mentors. I was cleaning his water bottle the other day, his main concern was to see that I hadn’t washed off his name that Palakh Maam had written. I’ve seen Runjhun Maam tickling him to make him smile and giggle and welcoming him in the morning with the peek a boo song. He has deep love for music, so we hear all the songs they learn in school. In fact he asks me to help him find the song when he doesn’t know the full lyrics. Now he sings Hello to all the children of the world, the Spanish colors song and the planets song. Every night before sleeping he listens to Om Mani padme hum. We were pleasantly surprised when he told us the names of all the planets. He told us they learnt about herbaceous plants and woody plants. I asked him Aaryav what are herbaceous plants, his reply was plants that bend :). He is counting the blades in the fan or the steps he climbs. It’s wonderful to see him apply the knowledge he has gained.

    He loves the Edusports class! Keeps jumping on the mats at home and guiding me to do the same.

    Thank you all for your patience and empathy. This journey is truly a learning experience for us.

    We would also like to thank the support staff, Geeta Didi and Mukesh Didi. Last two days Aaryav has been telling me, Mumma now you go, Didi will take me inside. Thank you for building an environment of freedom, discipline and security. We truly appreciate everything you do.

  • Dated: 2 Oct, 2018

    Dear Ardee Team

    This mail is in regard to the progression of our daughter Naavya Chopra , as a happy and a thrilled parent we wish to share our experiences with the following facts:

    1. We see a tremendous improvement in our child in understanding the numerical numbers in co relation to day to day life . We find that she can count till 20 where she can easily identify the numerical numbers which is been taught in the school.

    2. We are also very glad to inform that she is able to grasp all the alphabets from A-Z with the correct pronunciation and identification (e.g. a for apple , b for ball and so on)

    3. We also find it very intriguing that she knows all the colours.

    4. We were surprised to realise that our daughter knows all the 7 continents without any hesitation. 5. She also have a very good understanding of flora and fauna (e.g. Where she can identify the animals , the sounds)

    We would like to thank her mentor Mrs. Sana whose tireless efforts are contributing in bringing our daughter a bright and sharp kid !!

    And we would like to thank the Ardee team for an overall development of our child within such a short period of time !!

  • Dated: 25 Sep, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    Wanted to appreciate your effort and concern for the comfort of my daughter Nitara Rajat Mehra for the last two moths.

    Even though her dispersal time is 12:30, you kept her inside the school premises and kept her creativity engaged till 1pm everyday.

    I would like to appreciate what all the mentors, headmistresses and the help staff did to make our life as parents convenient and go beyond your call of duty to look after Nitara.

  • Dated: 17 Sep, 2018

    Dear Ardee mentors and respected headmistresses,

    After attending the meeting on Saturday and having met the mentor and seen the outstanding efforts made by the school to equip our children with such advanced knowledge at such a young age, I felt a great sense of pride to be part of this school.

    My husband and both our parents were blown away on hearing about the curriculum and works of art made by Samar, especially the introduction of the dot making the Bindu by Raza the inspiration! That concept was simply sublime!

    One day when I entered school to pick up the children from the cafeteria, I was amazed to see them all sitting on their own respective pouffes like discipled good children and all being managed by their one single mentor. It was an unbelievable sight. Akin to the pied piper story!

    I therefore want to take out a moment and really appreciate the class mentor Ms. Prakriti. Even though Samar has seen two different sets of mentors before this and I was personally very very happy with them too, I want to specifically acknowledge the efforts and dedication of his current mentor.

    I have seen Samar grow so beautifully over the last 2-3 months of school. He is joyful, calm, always smiling and looks forward to school everyday. I see his keenness in art & craft, daily improvements in vocabulary and a certain amount of maturity as well!

    Of course we as mothers make a lot of effort too. But the fondness with which he speaks of Ms. Prakriti is akin to a child’s fondness for someone he truly adores.

    He is become a lot calmer as his tantrums have reduced. He is now completely off the diaper. He eats well and obeys when I resist on giving him junk food. So I can tell that someone is managing him very well and patiently.

    Also, it is amazing that whenever we ask Ms. Prakriti something, she knows exactly what he wore, what he carried in tiffin, color of the tiffin, things he said etc from any given day of the past. And I'm sure she is the same with other children too. I am therefore happy and reassured that someone is taking such good care.

    Honestly, handling one toddler for the entire day is extremely energy draining for me as a mother. I thus appreciate our mentor for taking up this daunting task of managing 12 at one go and doing it so well. For a girl of 24, Prakriti is brilliant and truly an as asset to the school. Reserving the right to forward my email.

  • Dated: 16 Sep, 2018

    I want to thank the Ardee faculty and especially congratulate Ms Garima for being able to transform my daughter into a true Montessorian. Yesterday, when I browsed through the portfolio made by Evanna I was taken by such a pleasant surprise as it was like. Mini Student led conference. She explained me every little piece of work which was compiled and her inputs and concepts of every portfolio sheet which in itself speaks volumes about the effort and detail put into each subject by the mentor. She had clear understanding of everything and rather asked me to trace few things too. It seems from last 2 weeks or so she s living in a sensorial bubble where she comprehends all her surroundings in terms such as This is long this is short - This is rough this is smooth on the dashboard Can you trace the outline of the seat in the car (when we travel)

    It is a pleasure to see her learn and enjoy at the same time and bring back her knowledge and surprise us each day.

    She s mini Ms Garima at home and we all are designated activities which have to be finished to the T and then put back in its place.

    Not only learning, but she has evolved and matured from being a child who wouldn’t want to share her belongings - she now asks me - mumma can u pls give me dot paints - I want to take for my friends.

    The PTM was such a delight - as it wasn’t just rote learning - Evanna took pride is showing me all her work. I’m lucky to have Ms Garima as her mentor and strong pillars such as Shivani Maam , Pooja Maam and Ms Neelima as The Coral coordinator.

  • Dated: 16 Sep, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    Our daughter Meher Rajat Mehra is a part of EYFS 2 & as her parents we were invited for the Student Led Conference to school.

    I have to say it was the most unconventional PTM I have ever been a part of as a parent or a student. It was such an amazing experience to be led by our own child, to see Meher take us through what she has learnt, to see her so confidently explain the activities and express herself with such clarity.

    It is one thing to hear about Meher’s progress from her mentors but, you took it to a completely different level by the child exhibiting their own progress at their own pace.

    It shows the confidence you have in all the work you put in these children throughout the year.

    Big thank you to Meher’s mentors, Miss.Preeti, Miss.Ambica & Miss.Shikha for making PTM so creative and such an unforgettable experience for us.

    Also, would like to thank Miss.Gauri and Miss.Pooja for bringing such a big smile to our faces by sharing every minute detail about Nitara and her individual progress. Nitara herself took us through her portfolio with the help of her mentors just like her sister even though she is just in Environment Red.

    Once again a big thank you & regards.

  • Dated: 4 Sep, 2018

    Respected Ma'am,

    It's been four months since our children have been a part of the Ardee School.Its been a wonderful journey for both the children and us as parents.Sending our children to school for the first time, we had our share of anxieties.There were days when the children were unsettled and came out crying, as a parent it was quite difficult.But with the support of the mentors and the entire team at Ardee they are very happy and well adjusted now.Infact now there are days when my daughter Aavya Bhatia( Foundation Montessori Red Cherry B),comes crying from home,but the moment she sees Ms Lubna she just runs to her.It is very heartening as a parent to see that the children are getting such a warm and caring environment in school.

    To see them grow each day is a wonderful feeling.The school is inculcating in them values which we as parents strive to, like they learn to share ,they learn to put their things back in place,it's nice to hear her say ' we don't push our friends,we don't snatch,we hug our friends'.'Its time to wind up.Everything for her has to be the way Lubna Aunty says.Sometimes it's challenging to explain certain things to 2 year olds but they are learning it so effortlessly here at Ardee.She comes home singing the nursery rhymes and the songs . ' Sparrows on the Mango Tree ' being a favourite.Last month she had been singing 'Wave the flag' and knows the colours of our national flag and the national anthem.She has also been talking about Eid and last week on our ride back from school on seeing a mosque she said,'that' s a symbol of Islam.'Now she has been talking about Janmashtami and krishna.She has also been mentioning about South America, and Australia.

    I would like to thank the entire team at the Ardee School,a very special thanks to Ms Lubna Ahmed (Mentor Foundation Montessori Red Cherry B) for all her patience and efforts.

    Also a word of thanks for the support staff who have been taking care of the children.

  • Dated: 28 Aug, 2018

    Dear ma'am

    I was very impressed to hear my son Dakshan explaining to me - snakes ,crocodiles and lizards give eggs and they are reptiles and heard him sing a reptile song (3 days after he tried explaining me that big cows give milk and small cows give eggs which I found hilarious and cute).: Also keeps telling me - Mom , zero means nothing.

    Request you to Please keep me updated on his English speaking in school.

  • Dated: 27 Aug, 2018

    Respected Ms Shivani, Ms Pooja and Ms Prakriti, As a parent of Twin toddlers Advait Krishn Kakkar and Nivedya Kakkar ( Red Coral C), I would like to express my gratitude to the entire teaching staff ; specially The headmistresses and the Class mentor for the great teaching being imparted to our children. It’s a pleasure to see them pick up soo many new things, words, poems , songs and recite them at home.

    Soo many times I find myself enjoying the credit (which actually belongs to the school) when the children sing a song or even practice a yoga move in front of other family members.

    The most impressive thing this week was the homework sheet. To introduce the concept of keeping our country clean to the children at this young age is a great philosophy which will stay with them for life and ensure a better future for India..

    I have been trying to inculcate the habit of reading from when they were very young but I never found them taking to it and now thanks to reading stories in the class with Ms Prakriti , reading has suddenly become the most important and enjoyable part of our daily routine.

    Today my son said “ I don’t like going anywhere... I only like going to Ardee School” Well I guess that speaks volumes for the school... need I say more!!!

    Will end by reiterating that I’m a proud parent and want to Thank the school for helping me raise my children beautifully.

  • Dated: 14 Aug, 2018


    That's a great initiative.. we all keep discussing about what could have had been done and how the school's can further tighten the security of the kids , etc. But if we work at the core, with the care takers and the support staff, I believe it's the best security for our kids.

    As they say charity begins at home, so do communication , knowledge and being positively informed help us grow together while being safely nurtured...

    Great initiative by the school. Kudos to all your efforts. And good luck for the future.

  • Dated: 2 Aug, 2018

    Dear Ma’am, This is Smriti Aggarwal, mother of Anay Aggarwal (red cherry B).

    I want to share with you a very proud moment for me. The other day Anay was reading a book with his Bua and I was sitting with them. Once he finished, he pointed out to her the ‘back of the book’ and the ‘front of the book’. We asked him who taught him this and he immediately answered ‘Sana aunty’. I felt so proud and happy that he was bringing home the learning from school and was being able to associate it with a teacher too! Ms. Sana is not even his class teacher so I would also like to applaud her for having that impact on Anay.

    Also he remembers his Lubna aunty very fondly. Every time he makes a painting or any other craft at home, he tells me ‘ I will show this to Lubna aunty’. He takes pride in sharing his achievements with her. I want to thank Ms. Lubna for making him so comfortable.

    I also want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Khushboo. She took very good care of Anay at a time when he was very unsettled in school. She went out of her way to comfort him and also to comfort me as a mother!! It is difficult for a parent to see their child in such distress but Ms. Khushboo was very supportive and very very kind to Anay. A BIG BIG thank you to Khushboo ma’am.

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