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  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    Congratulations on hosting such a successful event of Hoops & Hurdles for Environment Red.

    I have to say this to all the mentors at Ardee, you just keep raising the bar higher & higher and always meet & go well beyond the soaring expectations of the parents.

    You successfully created an amazing ambiance for the kids & the parents.

    It was truly a pleasure to see the little ones take over the field with the needed confidence & instilled discipline.

    A big thank you to Miss. Pooja & Miss.Gauri for mentoring and guiding Nitara.

    Also a special mention to the help staff, Padma Didi in particular for looking after Nitara so well.

  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    Dear ma’am,

    I would like to congratulate you on the success of eco run. It was a great show put up with immense amount of hard work by both mentors and the students.

    I would specially like to mention the tremendous change I saw in my daughter Anaira Gupta of TR-Blue. I was so proud to see her transform from a shy child to a confident one who performed and finished her task with lot of precision and grace. I would specially like to thank her mentor Ms. Mehak Singh for working hard with her and bringing out these changes in her.

  • Dated: 16 Dec, 2018

    Dear mam,

    We recently attended the Eco run for our son Viyaan gupta TR Blue. We really want to express our heart felt gratitude for such a wonderful performance by the students and all the efforts by their mentors for this. We really want to appreciate the way the whole event was organised.

    A special mention for his class mentor Ms Mehak Singh who has been a great influence in his holistic development. He always looks forward to meeting her during school hours. The school is doing great work with the kids. Hope to attend more such events in the near future.
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Respected Maam,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that we as parents really appreciate the hard work you all have put into our kids to get this kind of outcome for an amazing annual day..We feel so proud of our kids and their achievements..My son Avyan Luthra is in Blue Navy 5 with Dr Abhiti as his mentor and i would specially like to thank her for putting in her endless efforts and to have the kind of patience and affection she has for her kids its commendable..looking forward to many more such shows..Congratulations to the entire Ardee family for a great show..
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Dear Mam,

    It was an immense pleasure today, to see our little Ardeeians performing soo well for their sports day (eco run).

    As a parent, i had tears in my eyes to see all the kids doing soo well beyond expectations making the parents proud. Arrangements were done beautifully for the kids as well as for the parents. Will like to thank all the mentors (specially to Dr. Abhiti Singh of blue navy 5, Abhiti mam has motivated her kids soo much with love what was seen today.

    Thank you to Jyoti mam(an excellent forever smiling sports teacher), Thank you to our coodinator (Shikha mam) n to our headmistress of Ardee (ssp).
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Re: Sports Day

    Dear Madam,

    My daughter Ariana Sagar Jhaveri from Transition Blue, participated in the School sports day today.. I just wanted to send an email to the school thanking the principals and all the mentors especially Mahek Mam who is my daughters class mentor appreciating all the hardwork and dedication that they have put into making this event an outstanding one and a super success..

    We were all extremely overwhelmed and proud of everything that our children have learnt and the way the Ardee institution has shaped them to become such confident and happy individuals.. It was wonderful to see their team spirit and leadership qualities being cultivated in each child and to see them all work with such discipline and precision.

  • Dated: 10 Dec, 2018

    Hello Preeti ma'am and Vrinda ma'am

    I am a bit delayed in sending this email but I have been gathering my emotions to pen down my thoughts on such an overwhelming day filled with surprises at the Ardee school. 1 December really came as a beautiful surprise as I saw my 5 year old daughter all disciplined, standing poised and confident on stage with graceful hand strokes and elegant postures as she performed ballet for the first time😍. For someone who loves dancing, being a ballerina was equally exciting. Naira loved everything about it, right from her teacher to her costume, to her toes being in a particular way....

    I was delighted to see my little one explore herself and love each day at the Ardee school.

    Thank you to her teachers, special mention to her ballet ma'am along with our special Shivani maam and Pooja ma'am and thank you Chanda ma'am for mortaring the bricks of this institution for our stars of tomorrow.

    Attached is her image with her certificate of achievement for ballet and chess.

  • Dated: 7 Dec, 2018

    Dear Ms Lubna , Ms. Khushbu,

    The bakery workshop on Thursday was a lot of fun both for the kids n moms. The kids enjoyed decorating the cake with icing and sprinkles.

    My daughter showed the cake to her dad and grand parents saying she made it in school today :).

  • Dated: 3 Dec, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    We had the pleasure of attending the Checkers & Movers event hosted by the EYFS students & all of you.

    Meher has been learning ballet since last two years, but we have never seen her as excited as she was about her ballet classes at school & her performance.

    It was such a delightful experience to see the little ballerinas take over the stage with their panache, grace and confidence..each and every one of them was outstanding..all credit to the mentors and a special mention to Miss Pragati.

    We as parents highly appreciate the fact that the school has introduced the children to the game of chess. In theory the children know the game, but being children they live in a beautiful world of their own, where being kind & helping one another is of utmost importance. I saw my daughter and her partner Natasha helping each other decide their moves and appreciating each other. It was so much more than a game of chess and there is so much for us to learn from the children.

    Thank you once again to all the mentors & Joy Sir for instilling the love for chess and teaching them values that will make these children beautiful adults.

    Thank you for a beautiful Saturday morning. Thank you Miss Shikha, Miss Preeti, Miss Shivani and Miss Pooja..!!

  • Dated: 3 Dec, 2018

    Dear Pooja, Shivani, Sonal, Preeti, Ambica, Pragati and Jyotish.

    Thanks a lot for organising MOVERS & CHECKERS event and showcasing this aspect of our daughters education. We could not be more proud and awestruck to see that a 5 year old was capable of so much confidence and presence of mind.

    We would like to applaud and commend the efforts went in from all of you to help my daughter through this.

    We would also request the school to organise more such events as it gives us an insight to their education and gives us one more reason to be proud.

    Thank each of you for all your efforts and dedication.

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