Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 2 Aug, 2018

    Dear Ma’am, This is Smriti Aggarwal, mother of Anay Aggarwal (red cherry B).

    I want to share with you a very proud moment for me. The other day Anay was reading a book with his Bua and I was sitting with them. Once he finished, he pointed out to her the ‘back of the book’ and the ‘front of the book’. We asked him who taught him this and he immediately answered ‘Sana aunty’. I felt so proud and happy that he was bringing home the learning from school and was being able to associate it with a teacher too! Ms. Sana is not even his class teacher so I would also like to applaud her for having that impact on Anay.

    Also he remembers his Lubna aunty very fondly. Every time he makes a painting or any other craft at home, he tells me ‘ I will show this to Lubna aunty’. He takes pride in sharing his achievements with her. I want to thank Ms. Lubna for making him so comfortable.

    I also want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Khushboo. She took very good care of Anay at a time when he was very unsettled in school. She went out of her way to comfort him and also to comfort me as a mother!! It is difficult for a parent to see their child in such distress but Ms. Khushboo was very supportive and very very kind to Anay. A BIG BIG thank you to Khushboo ma’am.

  • Dated: 26 July, 2018

    In the wake of the move from ssp to nfc due to the sealing, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a commendable job done in making our children comfortable and making the transition such a smooth and easy one.

    I for one was very worried about my daughter (Natasha Dawar EYFS 2) adjusting to the new surroundings, but as always miss pooja, miss shivani, miss preeti, miss shikha, miss ambika and her mentor from last year miss akriti made the transition so very enjoyable.

    I would also like to take this opporunity to voluenteer for any assistance you may require.

    Once again thank you for being such lovely mentors to our kids. (Rain or 45 degree heat)

  • Dated: 24 July, 2018

    Dear Divya Maam,

    Since the past one week Tashya has been persistent in requesting me and my husband to take her to the Lotus Temple because she has been learning about the Baha’i religion in class.

    Firstly we both were amazed at her interest in a faith we have never spoken about at home. Secondly the way she was enchanted and thrilled at the very sight of the lotus temple and how she was well aware of the structure of the building that reminded her of petals of the lotus flower.

    As we were walking to the main temple building she carefully observed silence and insisted me and Vibhor to not talk.

    Thank you for the efforts you put in as mentors - inculcating such quest for knowledge in these young minds. Moreover the awareness towards multiculturalism, the theme this session, is definitely guiding them to be better human beings - tolerant and sensitive towards a different faith.

    A grateful and happy mother,

  • Dated: 24 July, 2018

    Dear Divya Maam,

    Since the past one week Tashya has been persistent in requesting me and my husband to take her to the Lotus Temple because she has been learning about the Baha’i religion in class.

    Firstly we both were amazed at her interest in a faith we have never spoken about at home. Secondly the way she was enchanted and thrilled at the very sight of the lotus temple and how she was well aware of the structure of the building that reminded her of petals of the lotus flower.

    As we were walking to the main temple building she carefully observed silence and insisted me and Vibhor to not talk.

    Thank you for the efforts you put in as mentors - inculcating such quest for knowledge in these young minds. Moreover the awareness towards multiculturalism, the theme this session, is definitely guiding them to be better human beings - tolerant and sensitive towards a different faith.

    A grateful and happy mother,

  • Dated: 16 May, 2018

    To each and everyone at Ardee School,sujan singh park.

    Many of the articles that I read about teachers, are often written by teachers. I want to clarify that I am by no means an educator, nor am I a student pursuing a degree in education. I am a mother,and one that has had the incredible fortune of being provided with educators who deserve this letter of gratitude. I want to write this to all of the teachers who understand the grave importance of their occupation, and who do not take that responsibility lightly. This letter is for the teachers that have never known the true definition of an eight-hour work day. This letter is for the teachers that have also transformed into club leaders, sports coaches, directors, dedicated fans, event planners, role models, counselors, and loyal friends. This letter is for the teachers who touch lives with each passing day, and help to build the foundation for some of the world’s most astounding and incredible adults.

    Teachers, I’m sure there are days that cause you to question if any of your work is making a difference to your seemingly unappreciative students. I want to assure you in this letter of your vast power of influence. I can remember things that teachers have said to me dating back to when I was six-years-old. I know I am not alone in that regard either. Every thing you say and do affects your students, and that makes your job one of the most important jobs in the world.

    A teacher can become a parent to a kid who hardly has one of his or her own. A teacher can be a role model, a savior, and a friend. A teacher can compel a student to have a lifetime hunger for knowledge. A teacher can inspire values for compassion, philanthropy, hard-work, bravery, integrity, and commitment. A teacher can do and be anything, and often they are.

    Thank you. Thank you to the teachers reading this that are feeling that warm restoration in their chests because they know they are making a difference in this world. Thank you for molding young minds. Thank you for overcoming the daily struggles of a complicated education system, and still dedicating yourselves to achieving as much as possible for your students. Thank you for patience. Thank you for the kindness you showed to our little ones. Thank you for the guidance you gave them as they were learning to grow. Thank you for swallowing every negative generalization people may make about teachers, and knowing in your hearts that what you accomplish in school is worth it all and then some. Thank you for giving the confidence and courage to follow dreams. Even on the difficult days, remember that you are never forgotten. Students who read this letter will think of you. They think of you all the time. We all will talk about the stories of teachers that we adored for decades. We will laugh, cry and appreciate.

    They will carry what you taught them in their minds, and also in hearts, for the rest of lives.

  • Dated: 15 May, 2018

    Dear Shivani mam and Pooja mam,

    It gives a lot of happiness to share with you that Reyansh has been playing golf (as a hobby) for about an year now. With most of the guidance from his father and grandfather (both of whom are golfers), he has mastered posture and swing in this gentleman’s game.

    His formal training will begin start as soon as he turns 5 years(because they don’t train children less than 5). Reyansh is still being supervised by the most eminent coach at Delhi Golf Club.

    My congratulations to Reyansh’s mentors, Miss Shikha, Miss Preeti and Miss Ambika, its because of your Montessori methods of training that he has this calmness in his temperament to be able to absorb a very mature game.

    I have personally experienced it on the training grounds that kids (even elder than him) are extremely restless and impulsive. Whereas Reyansh’s temperament and calm nature is appreciated by everyone.

    To add to this, he has also become the youngest member of “The Delhi Golf Society”.

    Sharing with you a small video of the little golfer and hoping to soon share some winning moments of him at the game.

  • Dated: 13 May, 2018

    Dear Mam,

    I wanted to express my gratitude for Mother’s Day celebrations on 11th May at Ardee School.All the Mother’s felt very nice.Personally for me it was an emotional moment as I am a first time mother.

    The efforts done by Miss Sonam,Miss Neha & Miss Rumy were heartfelt.The day was extremely well planned ,everything from the art event to the games we played and the food served was just great.

    This would be most memorable moment and thanks for the lovely gift.

  • Dated: 10 May, 2018

    Dear Palak Maam and Runjhun Maam,

    This is such a beautiful gesture and so thoughtful of you to have come up with this activity.

    Aaryav told me after school today that “ Mumma I will give you rose water from Ardee School” Now I know why he said that.

    He has been singing the Mother’s Day songs he has learnt in school, both “I love my Mommy” and “you are my sunshine”.

    Thank you for making this Mom feel so special.

    Always grateful,

  • Dated: 4 May, 2018

    Dear Maam,

    Thank you for this report. It’s amazing to see the kids work and witness the power of their absorbent mind. Thank you for all your effort and patience in helping Aaryav settle and grow. We truly appreciate everything you do.

  • Dated: 4 May, 2018

    Ms Pooja and ms Shivani

    I jut received the mail regarding red coral c mentor parent communication pdf. I saw the amount of hard Work you guys put in to make learning fun for children.

    Really appreciated your work.

  • Dated: 25 Apr, 2018

    Dear mentors at Ardee,

    This is to congratulate all the hardworking mentors for their efforts in making the children independent. All your hardwork is really shaping up the little Ardeeians.

    My son Reyansh Sachdev (EYFS 2) now everyday sits and polishes his school shoes himself. Its not how well he’s able to do it but its his will to do it himself.

    Just sharing a picture of him do so on his own. Congratulations Miss Pooja, Miss Shivani, Miss Shikha, Miss Preeti and Miss Ambica for your never ending efforts and hard work. Thanking you

  • Dated: 24 Apr, 2018

    Dear Ms. Pooja & mentors of Red Cherry C,

    First of all, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Headmistress Ms. Pooja and the mentors for the class Red Cherry C , Ms. Tanvi & Ms. Bhavika who have really put in lot of hard work and providing individual attention to every child in the class making them feel so very comfortable in the school so that now they really look forward for going to school every morning.

    Being a single parent of my twin sons Arush & Arshit Goel, I have seen & felt from their small talks at home that both of them want to be with their mentor Ms. Tanvi all the time who puts in special efforts to feed my younger son Arshit who is very fussy in eating anything at home and my elder son Arush really enjoys playing and doing various activities with her.

    All the children including Arush and Arshit enjoyed each & every minute of the splash pool party on 19th April and now they want to do it everyday and I would like to request you to plan it more often as much as possible.

    Both of them are really excited to go to school everyday and seem to have developed a bonding with their Mentors and I wish & hope that now they start learning new things and activities to sharpen their brains & start developing new skills though it is little too early to say that as they have started their school only in early April.

    Once again , my sincere thanks to all team members for their hard work & sincere efforts and hope that all the children attending The Ardee school enjoy and are able to remember their first step in life spent in this school.

  • Dated: 16 Apr, 2018

    Dear Ma’am,

    Firstly I would like to thank one and all at Ardee for their wonderful endeavours in moulding our children to become honest, bright and hardworking individuals. If I were to pen down the ways in which my children & I have benefitted after becoming a part of the Ardee family, it’d probably take me all day.

    I would like to especially thank Mehak Aunty of Environment Red Scarlet. She has been an exceptional mentor who helped my child blossom in innumerable ways. During times of distress she was the perfectly calm and confident mentor who reminded me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and also our worries however major we may consider them will eventually pass. My child went from being someone who hardly spoke at the beginning of Red Scarlet to someone who would come back with a tiny story about Mehak Aunty and his Ardee friends each day.

    I would therefore like to thank you Mehak Aunty and everyone at Ardee for all the efforts that you put in with our kids to make them who they are and also shape who they are going to be.

  • Dated: 10 Apr, 2018

    Hi Pooja / Shivani

    I never thought I will be writing this email but I am very glad I am finally writing . Please note my daughter Mahika Khetrapal now in EYFS -3 has missed this week of school as she has been under the weather and I cannot explain how excited she was to join the new academic session and meet her new mentors and lay her hands on the new Montessori materials which she would be doing in her new class.

    This is just to let you know that the staff is doing as amazing job and my daughter is really missing school and wants to eagerly get back . It is a positive sign and I thank you for always encouring the children to face new challenges . She is really upset of not going to school and has an argument with me every day saying that she feels perfectly okay but I don’t want to send her to school as I want her to be better and brighter.

    There is one request if you could pls tell her mentor to welcome her on Monday the same way she did the first day for other children. Thank You again.

  • Dated: 3 Apr, 2018

    Dear Mam,

    This is Rohana Dewan's mom from blue navy 3.. She was under the guidance of Sonal Mam. I highly appreciate all the special efforts that she had put with Rohana. I see remarkable improvement in my child. Rohana has so much self confidence , her speech has improved, She can read sentences , solve addition and subtraction problem and the list goes on. I am really happy to have her as Rohana's mentor. Looking forward to more years of happiness.

  • Dated: 2 Apr, 2018

    Dear Team Ardee

    My daughter Nainika is about to start a wonderful new year in the school. She is really proud of the fact that she is going to be a big girl in school. A couple of days back I attended the curriculum workshop at the school campus and when I went back home, I told her about all the class mentors and the amazing stuff that she is going to learn this year. Tonight she asked to write this special mail to her class mentor Miss Neha. These are her exact words. I thought of sharing it with the school as token of my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

  • Dated: 22 Mar, 2018


    This message it to extend our sincere vote of thanks and deep appreciation to The Ardee School and it’s eminent mentors, namely, Miss Shivani, Miss Pooja, Miss Simran, Miss Runjan and not to mention Miss Nikhar, who has been the go to person , should one have any queries/issues pertinent to the school. Many thanks to your entire team, from all the Didis as help for the child to the guards who have upheld our trust in them with the safety of our child and the entire faculty of school who have made their share of contribution towards the value addition in Chevonne.

    We as parents of Chevonne Gupta, student of Red Coral B, can’t suffice in words the gratitude we have towards you all, for forging Chevonne’s personality into what she is today. Your unflinching commitment towards constant honing of her skills and demeanour with a smile has been staggering. The Ardee School has been a home away for home for Chevonne , and all you legends have fit the part to a nicety. The proof of the pudding is it, Chevonne reciting all her pleasant experiences and learning to us after coming back home, is a testimony to the fine job you all have done as an unit. Miss Simran, Runjan, Shivani and Pooja are really popular in our home with Chevonne’s constantly singing their names.

    We are ever so proud of Chevonne, and would like to ascribe a huge chunk of credit to you for wielding your expertise onto her and bringing a positive transformation, day in and day out surmounting steep learning curves. You have helped making the fondest memories for us, which are the first in Chevonne’s academic aspect of life, hence priceless.

    We express our deepest gratitude to all of you and wish you the best for future endeavours.

    Chevonne and we will miss all of you sorely, but then we all have to move on to the next tier in life. Albeit we shall always be connected , since her roots were nurtured here.

  • Dated: 16 Mar, 2018

    Respected headmistresses,the yellow 2 mentors and the support staff,

    I am writing to thank you all for all the love and support you poured over my son, Riyaansh Kapoor. From holding his hand and taking him inside and wiping his tears on the first day to fixing his graduation hat today. We are grateful for your constant understanding, strong belief in him and his achievements and for your encouragement all throughout. Thankyou for just being there for him.

    From a shy boy in reds to a confident boy in yellows, he’s brilliant not just academically but Ardee has a major role in transforming him into a responsible young boy who’s extremely sensitive towards the issues plaguing our environment like the alarming pollution levels of Delhi, cutting of trees, to taking care of our pets during Holi, respecting and loving the house staff and community service. BIG thankyou for all your endeavours in making our kids environment friendly future leaders.

    We will surely miss the loving and smiling faces of our headmistresses , Ms Shivani and Ms Puja waiting at the gate to greet our kids every morning. Words aren’t enough to thank you both.

    Ms Priyanka and Ms Divya, your teary farewell today to Riyaansh reaffirmed my faith that he had the most loving mentors who always made the world a better place for him with their never ending love,hugs and kisses. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for being an important part of my son’s story.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation for him academically,emotionally and in sports.

    Thankyou for loving my child as your own.

  • Dated: 15 Mar, 2018

    My daughter Evanna reaches another milestone at ardee and I feel so grateful to the ardee family. This is my first mail to school as a parent as it takes a while for me to comprehend the fact that my child is a student to my extended family and trust me it’s the best feeling ever.

    How the tables turned and from being a afternoon coordinator answerable to parents at every dispersal - I saw myself standing at the gate with the silliest of questions regarding Evanna.

    I want to thank every mentor at school especially Pooja and Shivani Maam. We hear tales about Neha aunty s beautiful tresses all day at home and also how Sonam aunty bribes her with chocolate biscuits and also how Pooja aunty apparently hides her clips in her pocket but her favourite aunty will always be Rummy Aunty. I can’t put in words how Ms Rummy has built a bond so strong even though Evanna was not in her class. The joy and brightness I see in her eyes when she sees Rummy aunty is incomparable. U are truly blessed Rummy.

    I can’t thank the Nido and Transition team enough or put it in words to express what this means to me but I’d wish Evanna always stays under your guidance, love and care. It’s like u all are her team and she walks like she owns the school.

    I’m so so proud of my ardee team and the way Sonam, Rummy and Pooja aunty have tackled this child who had her mind of her own - “no classroom only outside“.

    We finally reached one hour of being in class. Not a day I saw her being forced to stay inside and even though she s the youngest - her transition from nido to transition was done so smoothly that she s accepting all changes so gracefully and blooming into a confident child.

    She loves her school and mimics all her teachers. For instance She ll de shell a boiled egg - and when we ask her to be careful She says papa- it’s ok - doesn’t matter Then she says - mumma what happened - mama paas Jana hai - it’s ok - I ll call her.

    So she s our ardee mentor at home and we are all her babies. Thank u all so so much - each and every person and last but not the least Nikhar - to always be alert and prompt to make sure all important messages reach on time and the assurance she gives that your child is fine and happy.

    This has been the most delightful phase of my life - thanks to all of you.

  • Dated: 15 Mar, 2018

    Respected Headmistresses / Mentors,

    As we come to the end of another beautiful 6 months of “Transition Red” , I would like to take this opportunity to individually thank Ms Pooja , Ms Shivani, Ms Sonam , Ms Arveen n Ms Divneet for everything they have done for my Twins - Advait Krishn n Nivedya.

    They say the eyes of a child always speak the truth and that glitter I saw in my kids eyes every single morning the minute they saw their teachers was proof enough of how happy n settled they are in their school environment. Even if they came in crying, it was that one comforting hug they got and all was good.

    They have learnt and picked up soo many things in these last few months that as a parent even I’m amazed. Just for instance I heard my son trying to sing the National Anthem last night - something I can’t take any credit for.

    So once again, ThankYou for all the love , the care, and the teaching you’ve imparted to my children. We will really miss our two Mentors Ms Arveen n Ms Divneet dearly but like the saying goes “ change is the only constant in life”.

    Happy to continue to be a part of the Ardee Family n see everyone once again for the new term in April... Till then, Your sincerely,

  • Dated: 13 Mar, 2018

    Dearest Chanda ma’am and the management at Ardee SSP

    I'm a proud Ardeeian mom, and wanted to give general feedback about the school and how it's helped my son Aryaveer P chowdhri of Blue navy 7 this academic year.

    Firstly I would like to thank and appreciate Chitra , Pooja and Shivani ma’am for all the hard work they tirelessly put in with the kids, my son thinks he gets more love and affection from his aunties at school than at home !

    Chitra has really helped aryaveer with his numbers and phonics, whether it’s been when he’s missed school or days when he’s having a mood swing , she goes out of her way to help the kids out in catching up with the class when they have missed school and this is something I really really appreciate as a parent !Aryaveer is very lucky to have been a part of your class :) I simply love her “ I will make sure he's fine and he knows" attitude! You are a star Chitra!

    Whether it was the Science expo , the sports matches or the annual showcase , hats off to you all for the splendid display and show that’s put up!

    A big thank you to Nikhar Aunty for accommodating us, and organizing everything when the need arises, getting queries answered or any issue is promptly taken care of by her ! Thanks Nikhar!

    A shout out to Rummy Aunty who still encourages and hugs my son, a whisper of encouragement before a match or his annual showcase just lifts him up! whenever he sees her on campus it makes his day!I really really really appreciate this!She was teaching him two years ago but never fails to be there for him! Who does that? Really!!

    A big thank you to Pooja and Shivani aunty, who are always always available whether it's a discussion or query or the stupidest of questions one may ask.

    I can’t thank you both enough for all the help and all the tips in helping me deal with Aryaveer getting used to having a sibling, his insecurities his tantrums and fears Thank you so much for all your support!

    And to you Chanda ma'am for all that you do! We love you !

  • Dated: 12 Mar, 2018

    Dear Ardee,

    So many memories in the last two years, so many thoughts and so many learnings. We will cherish for life....

    My son (Addhyan Channana) and I joined the Ardee family in the class of Nido Green Forest in April 2016. There was no looking back ever since. Anxiety of a new mother and the fear of an 18 month old child were taken care of beautifully and with a lot of empathy. It's only at Nido we realised it's time for both of us to rise,fly and flourish. Ardee gave us wings... Learning, fun and play all at the same time and with so much grace. A special mention for Rumi Aunty, who I till date find so humble, soft and smiling all the time. She made it so comfortable and easy for all the mothers and children, that she became an integral part of our lives.

    Stepping into the new phase of transition would not have been so smooth without the support of remarkable teachers like Rummy Aunty and Neelima Ma'am.

    The next one year in Red Coral A, set a different bench mark in our lives altogether. We started to see life differently, my child was growing emotionally, physically and intellectually and in ways I could have not even imagined. From his command over english language, (surprising us with use of exceptional vocabulary for his age at home), to understanding of important concepts of science, understanding of geography and so much more...(coming back home and explaining us the concept of island while playing), to being independent and the desire to do everything on his own (dressing and undressing himself, having his meals himself) the credit of all goes to The Ardee School and the wonderful faculty (Neelima Ma'am and Prakriti Aunty) who were always ready to go that extra mile to make each and every child feel comfortable and achieve a new milestone in learning.

    A very special thanks to the two strong pillars of Ardee, SSP; Pooja ma'am and Shivani ma'am who stand tall as the epitome of trust. Parents feel confident with just a sight of them around in the campus.

    However, with a heavy heart , I wish to confirm that Addhyan will be leaving Ardee and moving to Delhi Public School, Mathura Road from the coming new session.

    As discussed earlier with couple of teachers, I am extremely uncertain if this is the best decision for Addhyan and his future, and hence I request once again if Addhyan's seat at Ardee NFC for year 2020 for which we have already paid ,may be kept safe for him. I wish to confirm that we would not be interested in taking back any refund in case the seat can be saved for him, as our heart still lies here, with Ardee.

    Whatever the future might hold, for now I wish to celebrate the best decision of our lives to be a part of Ardee family for two years and bid goodbye in a small special way. For the same, I wish to have a small cake cutting ceremony in Addhyan's class (Red Coral A) and read a book to children of his class for one last time on Wednesday 14th March, or any other day that you deem fit.

    Request you to please confirm if that would be possible .

    I once again, thank Ardee and the entire team for such a wonderful experience and I shout out loud that The Ardee School is the best first school any parent can dream of for their children - In the World! Ardee will always be remembered fondly whenever we think of Addhyan's childhood as he grows up..

    Long live Ardee and best wishes for Ardee NFC.

  • Dated: 7 Mar, 2018

    Respected school team,

    It gives me immense pleasure even thinking that i could be a parent at ardee and there are no two ways about the school being ahead of its contemporaries. I believe i have evolved as a parent myself after my association with ardee and all the school team including other parents who are constantly working towards the betterment of the children. Today i was super happy to attend the book reading and also sad that only few days are left as the session ends soon. I will not only miss the school premises but also the teachers who greet us everyday with a wide and bright smile and act as second family to our kids. I hope and truly believe that this school will only and only touch greater heights and i will be always proud.

  • Dated: 6 Mar, 2018

    Dear Ms Pooja and Ms Shivani

    Thank you thank you thank you soooooooooo very much for this last match of the term and also last of our favourite sujan sigh park branch for my both me and aaradhyaa.

    As I said today.. how much higher the ardee flag will fly has no limit. Ardee has not only taught the little munchkins at ardee to play hockey but also me who has never ever played hockey except at the parent volunteering matches.


    The journey through Ardee Sujan Singh has me supercalifragilistic since 2014 from the nido times. Hope to gather million of more nostalgic memories at Ardee Nfc with my daughter.

    I love ardee and I promise to be the most loyal ardee parent ..I was I am and will be . Don't know the trick to handle aaradhyaa on leaving the ardee sujan singh park, I myself need to be consoled,and commiserate with.

    Will really miss you both Ms Pooja Ms Shivani ,the loveliest duo combination of headmistress Cum friend Cum guide cum etc etc etc and all the mentors (Ms Rashmi Tandon Ms Smriti to start ,Ms Gauri Ms Manmeet Ms Amrita ,Ms Neha Ms Priyanka Ms Divya Ms Shivangi Ms Simran...(sorry if i left some) I have been associated with over the years.

    Love you all..... wishing you all the bestest of life .may you all be loaded with the cutest Kids of the town ,and keep that special space for both me and aaradhyaa in your diary of nostalgia.


  • Dated: 26 Feb, 2018

    Dear Mentors

    This is a note to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the entire Ardee team.

    Our son Aaryav Magoo is now in the last month of Transition Red. The journey from Nido to Transition Red has been challenging yet full of growth and development for Aaryav. First 2 months were tough as it’s heartbreaking to see your child cry while you just turn and leave. I remember we started with 30 minutes and slowly progressed to one and half hrs and then 2 and half hrs at school. That itself felt like such an achievement. :)

    All the mentors have been very supportive and it is their hard work and persistence that has led him to accept coming to school on his own. Rummy Maam was always there to handhold us and tell us it will all work out soon. Your snoring like a lion is still famous in our house.

    Sonam Maam you have been doing a fabulous job at heading TR. You are always there with a smile ready to hear our concerns. And if we miss school you always call to check if Aaryav is okay. Abhiti Maam, you have been a significant reason for Aaryav wanting to come to school. He has formed a special bond with you. Everyday he tells us about the work he did with Abhiti Maam. Whenever I ask him about his friends, yours is the first name he takes. You have really comforted him and made him feel secure. Even during the winter break, he asked me where Abhiti Maam is and would say Abhiti Maam come to Aaryav house.

    Smriti Maam you are always so poised and reassure us with your smile and wisdom that we are on the right path. Priya Maam greeting us with a charming smile ready to take Aaryav inside discussing his cookies and distracting him from his separation anxiety. Vrinda Maam, very warm and consistently ready to help.

    All the mentors exude warmth, love, patience and empathy and we are truly grateful to all of you for your perseverance and effort. It’s remarkable the pace at which Aaryav absorbing concepts and learning songs. Each day he has something new to share. A month ago Aaryav started observing the shapes in the traffic signs of pedestrian crossing and speed breaker bumps and told me look “triangle” , “another triangle”. Speed limits signs are “circles”. I too have started noticing these “stop sign is an octagon” :)

    He loves the story sessions. One day he told me Mumma, Smriti Maam and Abhiti Maam were sneezing like Kulapati the elephant. Another time he picked up a book and told us “This is the front cover of the story book and this is the back cover of the story book. We are reading ...” Ever since the Republic Day week, we have been singing the national anthem at home. Now before singing he says “All stand for the National Anthem..” Then last week he came and asked me, “ Mumma, you want to be a leader “ then he said I want to be a leader and started singing the leader song. Everyday I look forward to hearing few lines from him that give me a snippet into his day. Every night before sleeping he will do the prayer and will make us join our hands, pointer to pointer, tall man to tall man, ring man to ring man , baby to baby.

    Snack time at Ardee has helped him try new cuisines / dishes which he would never attempt at home. Thank you to Usha Didi’s and Tulsi Didi and entire support staff. Also, a big thank you to Nikhar Maam who we constantly call for admin queries.

    Thank you to Pooja Maam and Shivani Maam who warmly welcome us during arrival and dispersal and patiently listen to our experiences and share their guidance. We are grateful to Chanda Maam for instilling this beautiful culture full of respect, independence, responsibility, discipline, love, learning and compassion at Ardee.

    It feels like we are a part of a big family and every morning I drop my son and leave at ease, even if he has cried and gone inside because I know you all are there to take care of him. It has truly been a transition phase not only for Aaryav but for me as a mother as well. Thanking you,

  • Dated: 26 Feb, 2018

    Dear Ms. Babbar & Ms. Bhatia,

    Greetings of the day to you and the exemplary team at the Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park. We write to you with reference to the upcoming academic session for our son Ayaan Verma who is currently in the Environment 'Red Coral C'. As discussed with you, due to certain important developments on the personal and the professional front, our family is relocating to Gurgaon effective 1st April 2018. As a result, we would, unfortunately, not be able to enroll Ayaan for the upcoming school year. This would also lead us to withdraw from the admission we had secured at The Ardee, New Friends Colony Campus, for the year 2020.

    Our association with the Ardee School has been that of a truly fulfilling partnership, beginning with the extraordinary Nido program. In the last few years, we have witnessed and participated in our child’s intellectual, physical and spiritual evolution. We, as parents, have learnt through the formal as well as informal tools that you made available to us – the workshops, the mentor interactions, the showcases to name a few. We have particularly valued for ourselves and specifically for our son, the privilege of being part of the social responsibility engagements that the school endorses. Most importantly, we would be remiss not to underscore the contributions of his class mentors – Miss Vernica and Miss Palak. While, the expertise and competence they bring to their role is best in class, their impact on our child has been deeply profound owing to their compassion, love and warmth. They have been remarkable mentors for our child, and we would be forever grateful for their contribution in his making.

    In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to the entire team at The Ardee school – Ms. Raisinghani, the teachers, the administration and all of the support staff. We would be keen to remain in touch. If there is any space for us to contribute towards the welfare of the school, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    We would be keen to understand what the next steps would be to formalize Ayaan’s withdrawal from both the campuses and to process any refunds, as would be applicable. Please feel free to contact us at any of our co-ordinates mentioned below.

    We wish you all the very best. Thank you.

  • Dated: 9 Feb, 2018

    Respected All

    At the outset let me congratulate you wholeheartedly for being a truly child centric, child focused and child friendly school. We could not have wanted better for our daughter Zunaira Abdullah (student of TR 2).

    I am writing this mail specifically to thank the whole Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park team for the efforts you put in helping Zunaira assimilate. I understand that it has been difficult, so far, for Zunaira to settle in the indoor class environment. I, along with my husband, sincerely appreciate the effort your team puts in with Zunaira. The Ardee School feels like another home to us, a comfort every parent desires. I can say without doubt, that the culture of teaching at Ardee must be one of the finest and best in country.

    I would like to say ‘Thank You Very Very Much FOR ALL THE CARE AND Love “ !!! We and zunaira are blessed and proud to be a part of Ardee

  • Dated: 9 Feb, 2018

    Dear Mentors,

    Thank you for this report.

    We truly appreciate all your hard work and effort. I know Aaryav is absorbing everything you teach him.

    Forever grateful.

  • Dated: 9 Feb, 2018

    Dear Ma'am,

    We recently attended our little one's first Annual Showcase and we were beyond floored to say the least. We walked in wondering how the theme ' The Leader in Me' would be fit for such tiny children but Ardee has proved us wrong yet again. Displaying confidence, perfection and discipline in their tasks our little Ardeeians perform their activities just like 'Leaders'. The smile on their faces after completing their tasks and doing the victory run is something that will always live with us. So yet again we'd like to thank one and all at Ardee for believing in us and our children to bring about the change that the school truly stands for. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Dated: 8 Feb, 2018

    Dearest Ardee teachers,

    I would like to congratulate and thank you for the tremendous effort you put in for the annual day for our children on February 6, 2018. As a mother, I've been living those 40 minutes of your show for the past 3 days! It was almost over-whelming to see our (otherwise seemingly small) kids shine so brightly with confidence. It is exactly this training that our kids will benefit from for many years to come - this has been an important foundation in their lives. I am, indeed, deeply grateful for all the love poured into our children repeatedly over the years - they have truly flourished under your care, guidance and hard-work.

    Left with the feeling of not being able to express enough, I would like to thank you once again (in simpler words!) for your commitment towards our children.

  • Dated: 7 Feb, 2018

    Respected Chanda Raisinghani Mam,

    We the parents of Miss. Sara Trehan (Red Cherry B) Mrs. Ruma Trehan & Mr. Piyush Trehan would like to appreciate all the efforts taken by Pooja Mam, Shivani Mam, Yashaswini Mam (Mentor of Red Cherry B), all mentors, support staff and non working staff in making the Annual Showcase a spectacular event.

    We could see your vision where the school provided an environment of learning. The children constructed his/her knowledge from the environment and every child would complete his/her work at their own pace. This has been a tremendous overall development of the child and the journey he/she has achieved after joining the school.

    Unlike any other school's Annual Day where the children perform on a dance; the Ardee School's annual showcase had the learning which was taught to them over these past few months and the concept was outstanding.

    We are proud to be associated with your school and take immense pride by saying that unlike any other parents who are struggling with the school admissions; we are continuing with your school till class 12 in New Friends Colony.

    As your motto says “Be the change” we as parents do see that change in our daughters day to day activities.

    Looking forward to be a part of many such events. Thanking you once again.

  • Dated: 7 Feb, 2018

    Respected Chanda Raisinghani Mam,

    We the parents of Miss. Sara Trehan (Red Cherry B) Mrs. Ruma Trehan & Mr. Piyush Trehan would like to appreciate all the efforts taken by Pooja Mam, Shivani Mam, Yashaswini Mam (Mentor of Red Cherry B), all mentors, support staff and non working staff in making the Annual Showcase a spectacular event.

    We could see your vision where the school provided an environment of learning. The children constructed his/her knowledge from the environment and every child would complete his/her work at their own pace. This has been a tremendous overall development of the child and the journey he/she has achieved after joining the school.

    Unlike any other school's Annual Day where the children perform on a dance; the Ardee School's annual showcase had the learning which was taught to them over these past few months and the concept was outstanding.

    We are proud to be associated with your school and take immense pride by saying that unlike any other parents who are struggling with the school admissions; we are continuing with your school till class 12 in New Friends Colony.

    As your motto says “Be the change” we as parents do see that change in our daughters day to day activities.

    Looking forward to be a part of many such events. Thanking you once again.

  • Dated: 7 Feb, 2018

    Re: Annual Showcase 2018


    I'm the mother of vivaan arun mishra from red scarlet writing the mail of appreciation for the commendable work you are doing on our kids.

    It is an absolute delight to see vivaan n his friends working in the showcase with complete dedication and sincerity. There is massive improvement in vivaan's personality in these4 months time since the day we attended first parent teacher meeting n the day of showcase Today. I am very glad to see him performing courageously in front of huge crowd, spoke confidently about his activity, was following all the instructions of the mentor, what i never expected as he was very conscious and upset to see all the parents in their best of dresses in the morning.

    I want to extend my most heartfelt appreciation to the class teacher Ms. Mehek who took so much pain to make them confident n disciplined and the team work of devoted teachers.

    IT was a memorable day for me as a parent as it was my child first live performance which would always b cherished. I cannot stop scrolling those videos countless times through out the day.

    Thank u once again Principal ma'am, Shivani Ma'm, Mehek Aunty (class mentor) , all supporting teChers for the great day.

    With gratitude n Regards,

  • Dated: 7 Feb, 2018


    Being from the teaching fraternity I know how much hardwork perseverance and effort goes into training children and especially so when the children are such small pre schoolers for a show all the behind the scenes tizzy, running around and hard work reflects when children are on stage. For me it was so endearing to see my daughter scream on the top of her voice and perform so confidently on stage without even acknowledging my presence, and finish her task.. It's all thanks to her wonderful teachers headmistress and staff at ardee..

    Sifat and I would be leaving with a heavy heart and would miss ardee so much.

    Thankyou so much for all your hardwork and dedication

  • Dated: 6 Feb, 2018

    Re: Annual Showcase 2018

    Tuesday morning were full of surprises for us.seeing all the children of red cardinal performing so well was a real treat.i congratulate all the heads, mentors n everyone behind is highly commendable the hard work Ardee staff put in to showcase the very thankful for all the efforts.i am very thankful to god that Siaan is a part of this.

    Keep up the gud work. Keep rocking always.

  • Dated: 6 Feb, 2018

    Re: Annual Showcase 2018

    Dear School

    Today we attended the Annual showcase of our child Avyukt Gupta- Red Cardinal. I’m writing this mail to thank all the teachers, staff, class Mentors Garima aunty, Preeti aunty and Headmistresses Shivani & Pooja aunty for putting a fabulous show for all the parents. All the kids performed excellently and we were very very proud of our kids. It was surprising to see that at age 3 the kids know about World Leaders, flags and different countries. They were very well disciplined and followed the teachers’ instructions to the point.

    We now understand how much effort has been put in by the teachers all these months. Thankyou once again for inviting us and putting this beautiful show for us.

  • Dated: 6 Feb, 2018

    Re: Annual Showcase 2018


    Today the annual showcase was simply just amazing. I not only as a mother is proud of my child but each and every child who performed. I’m truly happy to be part of Ardee.

    The hard work of teachers and mentors was visible in each and every activity. With so much of warmth you people welcomed us. Thankyou so much for making us feel special and bringing best from our children.

    Great to be associated with Ardee.

  • Dated: 6 Feb, 2018

    Headmistress and Mentors,
    Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park.

    Dear teachers,

    This is a token of thanks and appreciation to the mentors of Red Cardinal for bringing out the best in our kids, the Annual Showcase was absolutely spectacular and very well organised.

    As parents we were all in an awe to see the performance of all the kids, not only did the Mentors focused on each and every child but also brought their varied caliber to shine.

    I have no words to appreciate the hard work that you all have put in to imbibe ‘Leaders of the World’ in their mind and soul.

    Thank u all so very much, deeply touched and proud to be a part of Ardee.

  • Dated: 2 Feb, 2018

    Dear All,

    Thanks a million for showing such love, affection and support for my daughter Zoya Dhingra. Every single card made by the yellow team is a masterpiece in its own way. It was so overwhelming to read every single word with Zoya, that it just cannot be expressed in this piece of note. Today, has been the most brightest day ever since Zoya has been fighting with her terrible infection in past days. No wonder we are truly spoilt to the core. Thank you once again for demonstrating the true meaning of friendship when Zoya needed the most!! You are the best team ever. Pooja aunty, Shivani aunty, Neha aunty, Divya aunty ,Priyanka aunty and Nikhar aunty(for always listening to me) and co team shall be heavily missed in NFC!!

    Love to Zoya’s all friends and immense respect to Ardee.

  • Dated: 2 Feb, 2018

    Pooja and Shivani - Headmistresses
    The Ardee School
    Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi
    Respected Teachers

    Teachers can compel a student to have a lifetime hunger for knowledge and that’s exactly what Ardee mentors do.

    My daughter Sairah Tandon (she is in blue navy 7) has blossomed into a real delightful little girl because of your guidance and encouragement. Her face lights up when it’s time to drop her off at school, and she only has the best kinds of stories whenever it’s time to go home. I can see her enthusiasm and zest to learn new things.

    I couldn’t help but share this small incident when we all sat down to watch the Republic Day parade together. We started to explain her that the Republic Day in India is celebrated to commemorate the coming of....... My daughter interrupts and explains us instead “ mumma our constitution was formed”. And then she took all of us by surprise when she started screaming “mumma Aung San Suu Kyi mumma Aung San Suu Kyi “ we all were amazed to see that she was able to recognise,identify and recollect the name of the leader she has been learning in her school. I am not exaggerating everybody’s jaw dropped.

    I can’t thank her mentor Ms Chitra enough for her constant support and guidance. I really appreciate all her hard work and dedication with which she has guided Sairah not just in her academic but social development as well.

    Thank you to Chanda ma’am, Pooja ma’am,Shivani ma’am and all the mentors for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. Thank you all so very much.

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