Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 9 April, 2019

    Respected mam Thank you for your good wishes for Alyshaa. I would like to thank all the teachers of Ardee School for making my daughter fall in love with the concept of schooling itself.

    All through her journey of Ardee School she Never cried once for going to school and I think this was only possible because of such loving and caring teachers.

    Special thanks to Rummy aunty. She will always remember her. She’s like her first love. She still talks about her with so much love and adulation.

    Thank you for such a beautiful experience. Can’t wait to be back to this wonderful institution.

  • Dated: 8 April, 2019

    Hello Pooja and Shivani,

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Tashya Garg from EYFS A has secured admission in a senior school.

    Simultaneously there is an amalgamation of the most wonderful memories that Ardee has gifted us. It has been not just a school which Tashya attended but a way of life and thinking which we all adopted around her. Thanks to Ardee, she was most updated on current affairs, general knowledge and amazed us with the kind of awareness and wealth of information she was enriched with.

    Me and Vibhor, as Tashya's parents shall be eternally grateful to the Ardee school and her teachers: Neha maam, Sonam maam, Mehak aunty and Divya maam for inculcating within her a solid foundation, as they helped her blossom from the shy and hesitant little baby into a vocal, expressive and confident girl.

    We kindly request you to guide us through the procedures requisite for smooth transition to her senior school.
  • Dated: 27 March, 2019

    Dear Ma am,

    This is to inform you that my son Viraditya Dayal will be leaving school and will not be attending the next session at Ardee.

    This is also to thank you all for the time that you have spent with Viraditya and helped him develop meaningfully. It is with a lot of trepidation that we are bidding adieu and have decided to test waters. We have had a great journey and are most grateful for the same.

    Once again, thanking you all.
  • Dated: 23 March, 2019

    Dear Ardee team,

    The whole point of putting Anay in Ardee was to ensure that there should be innate joy in learning for the sake of learning, and being curious, and making connects, and being okay with being wrong once in a while, learning from the experience, and experimenting outside the comfort zone. And we are so glad the team at the school encouraged it. These are the skills that really matter in life, and a big Thanks to all of you for ensuring the same.

    With little incidents we do know what exactly is happening at school, being aware about the front and back book covers, how he turns the pages in a proper manner while reading the book at night, collecting utensils from the kitchen and practicing pouring of water everyday, being extremely mindful of using brushes and paints properly, connecting to the fact we live in Delhi in India or simply recognising the continents in world map. The most endearing was whenever we ask to go to any temple, he insist on going only to ‘Golden Temple as Lubna aunty told him to go. He loves to imitate his ‘Uncle Jose’ with his guitar and hat.

    Especially for Anay’s favourite Lubna Aunty - Thanks for being so kind and caring. We feel extremely grateful to have you as Anay’s early childhood education teacher. Thanks for your patience and for the quality care you provide each and every day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for preparing our little Anay for a lifetime of success.
  • Dated: 20 March, 2019

    Dear mentors,

    It has been such an amazing journey for both Vian and me. The best decision was to send him to the Ardee school and allow him to be in the safest environment possible.

    I don’t have enough words to thank both Miss Rummy and Miss Neha for making the journey so memorable for our little ones.

    The fact that Vian looks forward to meeting Miss Rummy says it all.

    I hope he settles down well in the next big step in life. Thank you so much for being Vian’s first mentors in every way.
  • Dated: 19 March, 2019

    Dear ardee mentors

    Thank you for imparting the amazing achyutam Bhajan to the kids .. The video is adorable and too great to be true that these little stars are singing so well.

    This is my favorite Bhajan and I am highly moved by it throughout my life.

    Stating a Small incident

    Today saish came in the car and said mom I sang your favorite song today and I sang it v v nicely . I said great as I was not sure which song he's talking about and in next 5 minutes I received the video by ardee connect . I can't tell how touched I was and it completely made my day as he said "see mom I made you proud"

    I haven't stopped watching it since then :)

  • Dated: 16 March, 2019

    Dear mam

    I, Avneet Kaur Mother of Avanya Singh from Blue Navy 5, would really appreciate Dr.Abhiti Singh(mam-mentor of my daughter) from all my heart. She puts endless efforts with her kids that my daughter is become soo confident n I could see that today while she performed in front all the parents with her correct grammar. As a parent, i feel soo blessed that Avanya got a beautiful, caring n a loving mentor(another mother figure in school) n our hearts are filled as the time comes to say bye n switch to a new Mentor. A big thank you to Abhiti mam, kids love her n will be difficult for them to depart from her as they are soo attached to her n we Parents really respect her for being kind n dealing kids with soo much patience even in her hardest of times. Words will fall short to appreciate a wonderful mentor like her.

    A special Thank you to Beautiful Aditi mam too for being there for our kids all the time while Abhiti mam was on leave. She dealt kids too with all her love that kids got fond of her as well.

    Hope these young Ardeeina’s keep blooming always like this in the guidance of wonderful mentors

  • Dated: 16 March, 2019

    Dearest Shivani and Pooja ma’am,

    Thank you all so much for appreciating my gesture. Words can never describe what you all have done for Tarsh and me. We both will always always and always remember each and everyone at Ardee right from mentors, coordinators, the staff, guards, cafeteria guy and the rest.

    My best wishes are always with you and all the best for the new campus. I am sure it will be even better than Ssp. Last but not the least, a special thanks to Rumi ma’am for being so loving and patient with Tarsh, her smile would make my day as well. Garima ma’am and Preeti ma’am from red for being so encouraging and always appreciating And boosting his speaking skills. I still can’t forget the Annual showcase where he had to recognise the leaders and the continents ( I had tears of joy throughout the day ), Aakriti ma’am for her love and care, Preeti and Kanika ma’am for their support and most of all to Miss Shikkha for pulling off last year as it was such a roller coaster for her, she is so soft spoken and dynamic at the same time.

    A special thanks to you both for gathering such an amazing staff and doing such a fabulous job, for encouraging reading habits in young children and some mother like myself, for an outstanding curriculum and for always supporting.

  • Dated: 16 March, 2019

    Dear Ma’am,

    Subject: Krishav’s last day in school

    I would like to inform you that our son, Krishav Mal, from Red Scarlet will be attending this term only till 20th March 2019, so as to give him enough transition time before he starts his journey in the big school.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for extending knowledge, guidance, patience and care, not only for both our children who will forever be proud Ardeeians, but also to both of us.

    We very much feel a part of the Ardee values and philosophies and will forever cherish our association and time together.

    I want to also mention a special thank you to the teachers who took special interest and care and never shied away from going the extra mile. Ms. Neha, Ms. Rummy, Ms. Punita and Ms. Gauri – Thank you so very much. We will always remember you fondly!

    Thanks again!

  • Dated: 13 March, 2019

    Dear Mentors,

    It has been a phenomenal and memorable journey at Ardee. We can’t thank you all enough for the positive contribution you have had in our son Aaryav’s life. We began with Rummy Ma’am in Nido, Aaryav’s first teacher. The sweetest most loving person who has been a mentor to us as well. Transition Red was a tough phase with all the crying, but definitely was made easier by the patience and love of Abhiti Ma’am and everlasting support of Rummy Ma’am.

    The best phase in this beautiful journey was Red Coral. Palakh Ma’am you have helped Aaryav overcome so many fears and he’s truly blossomed under your mentorship. His enthusiasm to learn, confidence to finish any task and independence has developed at a fast pace. We have been amazed at how he has imbibed everything you have taught him. Thank you very much Palakh Ma’am.

    A big thank you to Runjhun Ma’am as well. You have always been there with your encouragement and care.

    Thank you Shivani Ma’am and Pooja Ma’am for your leadership. You both have always been there to guide and support us.

    Thank you to all the didi’s specially Mukesh Didi and Geeta Didi who have helped Aaryav during this journey.

    Ardee has been a home for us for last two years and we are truly going to miss being part of this family. The knowledge, values and skills that you have imparted to Aaryav will always stay with him and reflect in his actions. As we bid adieu, we just want you to know that we will forever be grateful to all of you and appreciate all your hard work and effort. Thank you for showering so much love, care and attention on our child.

  • Dated: 8 March, 2019

    To the Ardee School, SSP team

    Me and Abdullah have been avoiding to write this mail, partly because this would have meant ‘Good Bye, for now’ ….. something we were not ready to do as yet. Without sounding dramatic, it is indeed with a very heavy heart that we are writing this to the team now.

    The Ardee School, SSP was not just a school for Zunaira, it was an experience, a learning which any parent would hope and wish for, and beyond. We might fall short of words to express our sincere gratitude for all that you did for Zunaira. We are in awe of our daughter every day owing to what she learns at the campus. The learning that peculates through SSP team, to our child, has not ceased to surprise us on any given day in this whole period. Its fascinating to see how each aspect of making one- a complete, confident, educated child is so well taken care of. It gives us immense joy and comfort to see her returning all happy, chirpy with tales to share from her class (every single day).

    We like to thank each and every one of you for making us go through, with kindness and gentle handling, that initial period when the SSP campus was not Zunaira’s favorite place. How she and things turned around is indeed due to all the support, to which we are wholeheartedly grateful. The SSP campus is a culture that we as parents also get involved with and become a part of, and that’s all because of the amazing team that you all are. I hope we will be in touch one way or other.

  • Dated: 5 March, 2019

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is to inform you that Ridhika Sharma Blue Navy 5 has secured admission in another school. Regret to be sending the email a little late as her admission wasn't confirmed until 20th Feb. it got affirmed only today i.e 5th March, 2019.

    Our association with Ardee's has been the most memorable one. At Ardees, the very first foundation in education in a structured setting with teachers and Children, for us Parents sharing of our precious children with that very foundation we were seeking was our very first step. As a Parent, we absolutely invested our trust in your school. It’s such a glory to see my child blossomed under your supervision. With the most balanced, stimulating learning environment that nurtured Ridhika with the possibility of developing and performing both analytical and holistic processes fulfilled all our expectations and made us so proud.

    Our association has been for over two years, the feeling seems a little surreal now, we so fondly remember Ms. Pallavi Jain, We were absolutely taken by surprise when we saw that our little angel after going to the school was able to identify and talk about the continents, Parliament, Constitution, Flags, colors, shapes, sounds etc. I really appreciate the time and efforts put in by Ms. Pallavi that really groomed my daughter not only in basic learning, but also I think at the tender age of 3 knowing the continents and whatever knowledge she’s gained was highly appreciable. Ms. Abhiti has been very much instrumental in imbibing the strong virtues in her. By the virtues of her faithfulness and hardworking, my little girl has become more humble. Therefore, I want to thank you for the precious values and treasures you have fostered in my little daughter.

    We wholeheartedly thank Ardee’s team in bringing out Ridhika’s interest skills and grooming her overall personality.

  • Dated: 1 March, 2019


    I am writing to thank you for the beautiful activities you guys plan at the school, and how it reinforces my confidence in the Ardee philosophy. Here I am talking about the plant activity, which my daughter Sanaya in TR1 really loved and enjoyed. Sharing photos of the same with you too, looking forward to more such moments together!

  • Dated: 27 Feb, 2019

    Dear mentors,

    Vian Jain from NIDO OLIVE will be missing school on the 1st and the 5th of March since we are traveling.

    Also I must again mention the amazing effort put in by the mentors for the farm day. It was absolute fun for both the parents and the kids.

    And another mention for the amazing measures undertaken to ensure safety of our little ones in school.

  • Dated: 21 Feb, 2019


    This is regarding visiting a historical place and sharing the experience.

    I took my daughter, Myra Mantoo to Lodhi Gardens on Sunday and she was overwhelmed and excited with the whole trip.

    The experience is almost etched in her mind and she can talk about it whenever you have this session.

    The key elements/story which Myra would highlight Is below: "Myra visited a Tomb in Lodhi Gardens. After playing with the dog in the garden and eating her yummy lunch, she went to see the tomb and it was empty. Her voice echoed in the tomb when she said 'Hello'. Tomb is made of bricks and stones and orange in colour. Myra and Mumma clicked pictures in the tomb, played in the garden and came back happily."

  • Dated: 19 Feb, 2019

    Dear Madam.

    We had a memorable year at The ARDEE SCHOOL, this was only possible through the hard work and dedication of you,mentors and all the support staff. My child loved every minute of preschool and always came home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell.

    Under the ARDEE school Environment my child has developed both physically, emotionally, has developed her linguistic, cognitive skills.

    My ward Aavya Bhatia(Foundation Montessori Red Cherry B) has secured admission in a Senior School.I would therefore request you to hand over her Work and Development Record. Once again we would like to thank you for all your support.

  • Dated: 19 Feb, 2019

    Respected Mesdames,

    We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and express our heartfelt gratitude for providing exemplary leadership in order to create an environment conducive to learning, understanding and collaboration for the young children.

    Aashvi has been one of the active learners in her pre-nursery class at The Ardee School. We much appreciate the efforts put in by everyone at the school and especially the Class Mentors. Thank you once again!

  • Dated: 19 Feb, 2019


    My daughter Amaira Kaur Kohli - Red Cherry A has secured admission in a senior school.

    Kindly make a note of it as she would not be continuing in Ardee.

    We thank all the teachers, staff and administration for developing the personality, and taking such good care of our daughter. We have been most happy with the progress made by her during her time here.

    I would also like to take admission for my son in Ardee! He is currently 1 year and 8 months! When can I apply for him? Kindly keep me updated for the same.

  • Dated: 18 Feb, 2019

    Dear Sir/ Maam,

    I am writing this to inform you that my daughter Arishka Sinhal of Foundation Red Cherry D, Sujan Singh Park, will not continue with The Ardee School for the next session (April onwards), since we have secured admission for her in a senior school.

    Arishka had a wonderful and a memorable year at Ardee, where she made some of her first friends. She also met her first mentors, whom she will remember forever for the amazing new things she learned from them and the big milestones which they helped her achieve.

    We will forever be grateful to the school and all the mentors for their contribution and hard work towards my child which truly shows through the positive change, good habits and gain of confidence that we saw in her over the past one year.

    Please accept and acknowledge our request for the withdrawal and transfer of any records or work. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Dated: 15 Feb, 2019

    Dear Miss.Shivani & Miss.Pooja!!

    Meher has been a part of the Ardee family for almost 4years & now we are at a point in time where she needs to move on to a bigger school & nothing could have been better than continuing our journey with The Ardee School, NFC. When our child was moved to the NFC campus, we were very apprehensive, unsure & had a lot of doubts, the only thing that stayed was our faith & belief in Meher’s mentors & headmistresses. And I have to admit you made the transition process so smooth & made it look so effortless that within a week our child was not only settled, but happier at the new campus.

    Meher joined Ardee SSP for the Nido program & from then till now when she is in EYFS, all the mentors, all the support staff, everyone who has touched her life in some way or the other has added a beautiful colour to her personality.

    In these last four years you have done an amazing job. The passion & love Meher shows for books, music, sports, dance and oration is beyond words. You have instilled the child with independence, confidence & poise. From the little things as to how we hold a book to the big life lessons of sharing with others & being kind, Meher has learnt it all from you. You are role models for her who she sees everyday doing the right thing, in the right manner.

    The biggest compliment for any school would be to know that the child looks forward to go to school every day in the morning & the biggest blessing for any parent would be to know their child is happy to go to school everyday & that is what Ardee is for us, a blessing.

  • Dated: 16 Feb, 2019

    Dear Ms. Pooja and Shivani ma’am,

    I would like to thank you both and The Ardee school for giving Aveer the opportunity of being a part of Ardee.

    Aveer has evolved as a confident boy with great Montessori skills. He speaks confidently and is very clear with his thought process.

    With immense gratitude I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at The Ardee school, for helping Aveer in his tender years and teaching him so well.

    A big thank you to his class director, Ms. Aditi. My son is super fond of her and she has taken good care in teaching Aveer all the necessary skills. He waits to be line leader everyday. He will truly miss his days at The Ardee School and they would be cherished for years to come.

    Aveer has secured admission in big school, and would like to continue in Ardee till the end of academic year 2018-2019.

    In case you require any other information from my end, please feel free to write back.

  • Dated: 13 Feb, 2019

    Dear Ardee School,

    Our son Aarush Raizada-Red Cherry D SSP campus has secured admission elsewhere for this senior school. His journey with Ardee has been memorable for him as well as for us parents. I must admit that the Ardee School management has done wonders in managing children and everything associated with it. Together with Ardee we have seen lot of issues happening this year like closing of SSP campus. The transition was again handled fantastically by the entire management. I am grateful that my son studied in your school under such headmistresses and teachers. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.

    My warm regards to Ms. Raisinghani, Ms. Pooja, Ms. Shivani and Ms. Sana.

    Special thanks to Ms. Nikhar for handling and solving my frequent queries.

  • Dated: 13 Feb, 2019


    I would like to apprise with the fact that Miraan Singh kabli, student of TR Blue in the batch of Mehak, has got admission in senior school for the batch 2019-20. Owing to this we would like him to continue in Ardee school SSP only until mar’19 and thereafter we would like to withdraw him from the school.

    We deeply value this relationship and have high regards for the faculty, especially SOnam mam in Red Ruby and Mehak mam In Tr Blue, who have put in extra efforts in Miraans holistic development.

    Special thanks to Shivani Mam and Pooja Mam for being a constant source of support and supervision.

    Also, if you could let us know the last date of this session and when could we come to see/ take charge of Miraan’s work progress in ardee school.

  • Dated: 13 Feb, 2019

    Dear Madam,

    This is to inform you that my son Arhaan Jain studying in Red Coral A has secured admission in DPS, East of Kailash, and hence would not be continuing in Ardee senior School from next session.

    I would like to thank Mrs. Chanda for running such a great institution and giving a great opportunity for an excellent Montessori education to my children.

    I would also like to thank all the teachers for imparting knowledge and good values to Arhaan, for giving him so much care and love and bringing out the best in him.

    I would also like to thank the administrative staff, the didis, the security staff and every person who is attached with this institution for doing such an incredible job and making Ardee a safe and happy place for our children.

    A special thank you to Ms Neha and Ms Rummy, the very first mentors of both my children and the most amazing persons i have ever come across. We will always remember you.

    I wish you all the very best in future.

  • Dated: 12 Feb, 2019

    Dear Miss,

    Wanted to share a happy news about Meher with all of you as you are an integral part of Meher’s life.

    Meher appeared for The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) exam in the month of November, 2018 & got her result yesterday.

    About CSTD,

    The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) had its beginnings in 1933 with the formation of the National Examination System and the Victorian Society of Dancing, which amalgamated in 1957.

    The CSTD is an authoritative examining body whose high standards are internationally respected. Exams are offered in Australia, South East Asian regions of Singapore and China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Brunei, The Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Canada and Britain.

    Meher is certified and has cleared the Pre Grades of Classical Ballet & her performance was judged as Highly Commended by the examiners who came down from Australia & Malaysia.

    Thank you for your contribution in Meher’s growth and progress. She is very excited to show her certificates & share the news with all of you.

  • Dated: 5 Feb, 2019

    Dear concerned,

    I am speechless with the way the story was told in the class today. Amazing amazing set up and even I as a parent enjoyed it so much.

    Miss Rummy and Miss Mehak both did a fabulous job. This requires extreme appreciation for all the hard work they put in.

    Thank you again for making it so special for our little ones.

  • Dated: 5 Feb, 2019

    Respected mam,

    Thank u for giving this opportunity to my daughter sifath bhatia for the chess tournament. It indeed was a great exposure for her . Hope she gets more of these opportunities to participate in different fields of sports.

    We are really excited for the award felicitation. Look forward to being there . Thank u

  • Dated: 1 Feb, 2019

    Greetings of the day,

    It gives me immense pleasure in writing to you to share mine & my daughter’s NIDO programme learnings, which has been enlightening and left me positively & pleasantly surprised..!

    We were travelling all throughout last week, to HongKong & Macau, where we encountered a small incident with Shanaya. It was early morning & Shanaya saw a podium at the airport while we were in transit. To our surprise, she went up, sat there & started chanting ‘OM’...

    We were all so happy to see this..!

    Kudos to Ms Rummy & Ms Neha, who are so fantastic & wonderful at their jobs, we are really very happy with all the mentors & helping staff who have always been prompt to all our requests.

    The innovative activities planned by them are definitely helping in the wholistic development of our child. In just 3-4 months, we have witnessed a drastic change in our daughter positively & feel much assured now.

    Please keep up the good work..! The efforts that you are making & the actions that you are taking, are all shaping up our kids basics & are going to form an integral part of their life, fundamentally..!!

  • Dated: 31 Jan, 2019

    Dear Ms. Bhavika,

    We must begin by thanking you, which we can’t do enough for loving our child and mentoring her. Meher has come a long way since her journey began with you and I am so grateful you for making it work for her. From settling her in the initial phase which was tough for her to date when she’s so confident.

    You would always be a part of her sweetest memories. Thank you making the beginning of her schooling journey so loving and exciting. We wish you good luck for your big day and the journey there on.

    Looking forward to Ms Sanas mentorship.

  • Dated: 28 Jan, 2019

    Dear concerned,

    I am so so happy that I took the decision of sending my son to Ardee. I cannot appreciate enough the efforts made by the mentors in each class.

    The activities they planned when the kids got back after the winter break and the community service today are both worth a mention. Such innovative ways of doing the little things in life can definitely make a difference.

    Miss Rummy and Miss Neha are doing an absolutely fantastic job with the kids. My son loves coming to school because of the mentors at Ardee.

    Looking forward to much much more.

  • Dated: 28 Jan, 2019

    Dear Miss,

    Thank you for suggesting us to take our children for the Gurgaon Children's Literature Festival held on January 20, 2019. It was a wonderful experience for both Meher (EYFS 2) & Nitara (Red Ruby).

    They were mesmerised by the stories narrated by Ms.Sushree & Ms. Shalini.

    Their favourite was the musical storytelling about chota Vinayak the elephant with an unusually long trunk and how he learns to find a solution to his problem instead of running away from it.

    A big thank you to all the mentors from Nido to EYFS for imbibing the love for books in our children and to the school for fostering an environment to encourage reading and a love for books.

    Sharing a few pictures of the beautiful Sunday we spent as a family.

  • Dated: 21 Dec, 2018

    Dear Mentors,

    We just wanted to thank all the mentors for putting in so much effort into the Sports event held on 13th December for Red Coral A.

    Palakh Ma’am and Runjhun Ma’am thank you for encouraging Aaryav. We have been so overwhelmed to see him perform so confidently and complete each task. We have been reliving those 30 minutes ever since the event. From the circuit, to the victory lap and the songs they sang, everything was organized and executed perfectly. It is more a victory for the mentors. Thank you Palakh Ma’am, it was a joy to see Aaryav participate with so much enthusiasm. He has become confident and overcome many fears under your guidance.

    Thank you to all the sports teachers, to Neelima Ma’am and of course to Pooja Ma’am and Shivani Ma’am for their outstanding leadership. Special thanks to Geeta Didi and Mukesh Didi.

    We are truly grateful to all of you for your positive contribution in Aaryav’s life and appreciate all your hard work and effort.

    Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Thanking you,

  • Dated: 20 Dec, 2018

    Dear Ardee faculty,

    Sorry for a late email but it is never too late to share how proud and blessed we feel being a parent of an Ardee student. Over this past year, there have been a lot of changes and challenges faced by school and kids whether it be school being seized, coming into a new building, different mentor’s, carrying there own lunch boxes, etc. All along, Ardee has yet again proved that no matter what hurdles come, they will stay strong and not let any of that affect the knowledge and awareness children gain at Ardee.

    Eco Run Event is a prime example of Ardee putting great knowledge and awareness out to family and friends that how important it is to save our Earth. Mentor’s like Mehak, are putting so much time and energy in the students and drilling the importance of saving our Mother Earth, saving electricity and not wasting water. Her continuous effort on teaching this to kids has already made my child so passionate about saving our Mother Earth — She is sick sleeping right next to me and asked me to promise that I will send her to school because tomorrow is the last day.

    Mehak Aunty, You are truly a blessing for my child. She loves being around you and your students feel this way because you are such a positive person. Thank you for all your time and effort you put in our kids.

    I couldn’t have thought of a better place for my child to be. We feel so safe and happy being an Ardee parent.

  • Dated: 19 Dec, 2018

    Dear All,

    I am writing to you to express my appreciation post the sports day event held on December 15th at The Ardee School, NFC. My daughter was an active participant and definitely one full of excitement!!

    Too often we forget to express our true gratitude, so I would like to thank you deeply for the effort you put into our kids in preparing them for the sports day. It was a smashing success!!

    A special mention to Ms. Mehak (Mentor, TR Blue) who has truly been amazing. I applaud the hard work, support and encouragement she has put in and continues to provide our kids with everyday. My daughter loved every minute of it, whether it was the practice sessions or the final show and always came home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell.

    Thank you so very much again for putting up such a wonderful show and getting the kids all excited about performing in front of an audience with so much confidence and vigour.

  • Dated: 18 Dec, 2018

    Dear concerned,

    I must acknowledge the brilliant effort made by the mentors for the amazing Christmas celebration at the Ardee school.

    Miss Rummy and Miss Neha made sure the little ones and the parents have an absolutely amazing time with a brilliant set of activities planned for them.

    Looking forward to more such celebrations.

  • Dated: 18 Dec, 2018

    To the kind attention of The Headmistresses,

    We would like to congratulate and thank you and the entire team for organizing Hoops and Hurdles for Red sections. The children were full of enthusiasm and the parents were filled with pride. The event was a huge success as discussed and acknowledged by the parents after the event.

    We much appreciate the efforts put in by everyone and especially the Class Mentors. Thank you once again!

  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    The Ardee School - Delhi It’s been a great journey since Amaira Magan joined The Ardee School in April 2016. I would like to appreciate the effort that all the mentors, staff and kids had put together to make the sports day a huge success. It was such a delight to look at such young children perform so well. The show was very well coordinated and organised.

    Special thanks to amairas class mentor Aditi ma’am and Shikha ma’am thanks for always being so patient and cheerful and answering all our queries with a smile. Feel so blessed to have such wonderful teachers who keep the parents so involved and informed about our child’s progress in school

  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is an email regarding appreciation for the Hoops and Hurdles school event for Red Coral B.

    We, as parents, really appreciate the school's initiative to organize and have the parents attend the event.

    We would like to inform you that the event was very well organized and the parents were able to visualize the activities in school. We as parents are always curious to know what happens in the school and this event was able to give us an idea of the kind of atmosphere Ardee creates for its students. It was exhilarating to watch the little Ardeeans to perform the activity as trained to them. The most important factor was that each child was waiting for their own turn and followed the instructions upto the mark.

    Also one notable thing was that the food and beverages counter was very well managed by the Ardee students and we had a glimpse of what the future entails for our child in The Ardee School.

    Just to reiterate - it was a wonderful experience for us parents and hope to attend more activities like this in the future.

  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    Congratulations on hosting such a successful event of Hoops & Hurdles for Environment Red.

    I have to say this to all the mentors at Ardee, you just keep raising the bar higher & higher and always meet & go well beyond the soaring expectations of the parents.

    You successfully created an amazing ambiance for the kids & the parents.

    It was truly a pleasure to see the little ones take over the field with the needed confidence & instilled discipline.

    A big thank you to Miss. Pooja & Miss.Gauri for mentoring and guiding Nitara.

    Also a special mention to the help staff, Padma Didi in particular for looking after Nitara so well.

  • Dated: 17 Dec, 2018

    Dear ma’am,

    I would like to congratulate you on the success of eco run. It was a great show put up with immense amount of hard work by both mentors and the students.

    I would specially like to mention the tremendous change I saw in my daughter Anaira Gupta of TR-Blue. I was so proud to see her transform from a shy child to a confident one who performed and finished her task with lot of precision and grace. I would specially like to thank her mentor Ms. Mehak Singh for working hard with her and bringing out these changes in her.

  • Dated: 16 Dec, 2018

    Dear mam,

    We recently attended the Eco run for our son Viyaan gupta TR Blue. We really want to express our heart felt gratitude for such a wonderful performance by the students and all the efforts by their mentors for this. We really want to appreciate the way the whole event was organised.

    A special mention for his class mentor Ms Mehak Singh who has been a great influence in his holistic development. He always looks forward to meeting her during school hours. The school is doing great work with the kids. Hope to attend more such events in the near future.
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Respected Maam,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that we as parents really appreciate the hard work you all have put into our kids to get this kind of outcome for an amazing annual day..We feel so proud of our kids and their achievements..My son Avyan Luthra is in Blue Navy 5 with Dr Abhiti as his mentor and i would specially like to thank her for putting in her endless efforts and to have the kind of patience and affection she has for her kids its commendable..looking forward to many more such shows..Congratulations to the entire Ardee family for a great show..
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Dear Mam,

    It was an immense pleasure today, to see our little Ardeeians performing soo well for their sports day (eco run).

    As a parent, i had tears in my eyes to see all the kids doing soo well beyond expectations making the parents proud. Arrangements were done beautifully for the kids as well as for the parents. Will like to thank all the mentors (specially to Dr. Abhiti Singh of blue navy 5, Abhiti mam has motivated her kids soo much with love what was seen today.

    Thank you to Jyoti mam(an excellent forever smiling sports teacher), Thank you to our coodinator (Shikha mam) n to our headmistress of Ardee (ssp).
  • Dated: 15 Dec, 2018

    Re: Sports Day

    Dear Madam,

    My daughter Ariana Sagar Jhaveri from Transition Blue, participated in the School sports day today.. I just wanted to send an email to the school thanking the principals and all the mentors especially Mahek Mam who is my daughters class mentor appreciating all the hardwork and dedication that they have put into making this event an outstanding one and a super success..

    We were all extremely overwhelmed and proud of everything that our children have learnt and the way the Ardee institution has shaped them to become such confident and happy individuals.. It was wonderful to see their team spirit and leadership qualities being cultivated in each child and to see them all work with such discipline and precision.

  • Dated: 10 Dec, 2018

    Hello Preeti ma'am and Vrinda ma'am

    I am a bit delayed in sending this email but I have been gathering my emotions to pen down my thoughts on such an overwhelming day filled with surprises at the Ardee school. 1 December really came as a beautiful surprise as I saw my 5 year old daughter all disciplined, standing poised and confident on stage with graceful hand strokes and elegant postures as she performed ballet for the first time😍. For someone who loves dancing, being a ballerina was equally exciting. Naira loved everything about it, right from her teacher to her costume, to her toes being in a particular way....

    I was delighted to see my little one explore herself and love each day at the Ardee school.

    Thank you to her teachers, special mention to her ballet ma'am along with our special Shivani maam and Pooja ma'am and thank you Chanda ma'am for mortaring the bricks of this institution for our stars of tomorrow.

    Attached is her image with her certificate of achievement for ballet and chess.

  • Dated: 7 Dec, 2018

    Dear Ms Lubna , Ms. Khushbu,

    The bakery workshop on Thursday was a lot of fun both for the kids n moms. The kids enjoyed decorating the cake with icing and sprinkles.

    My daughter showed the cake to her dad and grand parents saying she made it in school today :).

  • Dated: 3 Dec, 2018

    Dear Miss,

    We had the pleasure of attending the Checkers & Movers event hosted by the EYFS students & all of you.

    Meher has been learning ballet since last two years, but we have never seen her as excited as she was about her ballet classes at school & her performance.

    It was such a delightful experience to see the little ballerinas take over the stage with their panache, grace and confidence..each and every one of them was outstanding..all credit to the mentors and a special mention to Miss Pragati.

    We as parents highly appreciate the fact that the school has introduced the children to the game of chess. In theory the children know the game, but being children they live in a beautiful world of their own, where being kind & helping one another is of utmost importance. I saw my daughter and her partner Natasha helping each other decide their moves and appreciating each other. It was so much more than a game of chess and there is so much for us to learn from the children.

    Thank you once again to all the mentors & Joy Sir for instilling the love for chess and teaching them values that will make these children beautiful adults.

    Thank you for a beautiful Saturday morning. Thank you Miss Shikha, Miss Preeti, Miss Shivani and Miss Pooja..!!

  • Dated: 3 Dec, 2018

    Dear Pooja, Shivani, Sonal, Preeti, Ambica, Pragati and Jyotish.

    Thanks a lot for organising MOVERS & CHECKERS event and showcasing this aspect of our daughters education. We could not be more proud and awestruck to see that a 5 year old was capable of so much confidence and presence of mind.

    We would like to applaud and commend the efforts went in from all of you to help my daughter through this.

    We would also request the school to organise more such events as it gives us an insight to their education and gives us one more reason to be proud.

    Thank each of you for all your efforts and dedication.

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