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We have worked with the most qualified team of nutritionists and dieticians in the country to integrate and plan the nutrition offered to the children on campus. Their well-researched tips and wealth of ideas were a starting point to get us started towards offering a healthy and balanced diet. Parents are expected to inform the school about any food allergy that the child has, at the time of admission.

Homestyle vegetarian Breakfast and Lunch are served to children along with refreshments. The school also provides safe drinking water. The meals are prepared in our pantry, supervised and inspected for quality and is laid out for children.

We believe in involving teachers, students, parents, foodservice personnel and the community in interactive and entertaining nutrition education activities within the classroom and outside. It is important that children should have fun as they learn to eat well and be physically active.

The menu explores food combinations at an international realm to give the students a global perspective. "Days of Taste" give children an opportunity to discover the bounty of local produce and learn where food comes from, savor different tastes and flavors, prepare nutritious food and share a delicious snack.

Food and nutrition is an integral part of the curriculum and is related to learning in fields of science, math, language, arts, health and physical activity.

Most importantly, our food centre is planned to create awareness habits of self-service, cleaning up, mealtime hygiene, etiquettes & decorum. As a part of their ongoing learning, the children are involved in age appropriate, curriculum related, food preparation activities in our child- friendly pantry.