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Mr. Shivani Babbar

Mr. Shivani Babbar
The Ardee School - Sujan Singh Park

Ms Shivani has been associated with The Ardee School since 1990.

Shivani was born and educated in Delhi. She is a graduate (Political Science Honours) from Delhi University and she also has a Bachelor of Education degree. She completed her Montessori Training (for age group 0- 6) from the Indian Montessori Centre at The Ardee School. She also has an International Montessori Teaching Diploma (for age group 6 years – 9 years ) from NAMC Canada. She also has several years of experience as a teacher trainer at the Teachers’ Training Progarmme at Ardee.

Shivani has also attended numerous workshops on speech and drama, multiple intelligence, and dance movement psychotherapy. She conducts workshops for teachers as well as parents on child psychology and the Montessori Method. She has also participated in and conducted several Montessori workshops for age group 12 months to 18 months.

In 2007 she had the opportunity to participate in the Montessori Centenary Celebrations. During the celebrations she attended and conducted Montessori workshops for adults as well as for children.

Shivani is also regularly called to be an examiner for the Teachers’ Training Programme examination.

She is passionate about reading, music, art, photography and nature. She uses her interests in these to advantage in her day to day interactions and sessions with the children and teachers. Story telling is also one of her special skills.

Shivani is a trained graphic designer and prior to her joining Ardee she worked for various publishing houses. She has designed book covers and publicity material for some of the leading publishers in Delhi. This training is now being used by her to design invitations, worksheets, journals, study material, bulletin boards etc. at Ardee.

She is deeply influenced by the Montessori concept of educating children through the refinement of the five senses. Several years of teaching children , training teachers and her love for children has contributed to her being selected as Headmistress of The Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park.

For Shivani being a part of the Ardee team is a wonderful way to interact with children, parents and teachers. It is an enriching experience to be a part of the growth and development of young minds. She enjoys working with children and being a facilitator in their holistic development. The positive feedback and appreciation from the parents is an additional joy and a source of inspiration for her. She considers herself fortunate and truly blessed to be working with children and guiding them in their formative years.