What our Stakeholder said about our School.

  • Kavita Atroley

    I completed the Montessori Teacher Training Course at THE ARDEE SCHOOL in Delhi in March 2006. I cannot express, in suitable words, the impact this course, its guidelines and methodology has had upon me. Needless to say, all this could have been quite another story was it not for the more than able guidance of the wonderful faculty, Mrs. C Raisinghani, Mrs. K Bisht and Mrs. R Rao Raj. They have been instrumental in helping me re-build my confidence. They have literally pulled me out of my little shell and encouraged me all along to do things even I didn’t know I enjoyed so much!! They are making the world more beautiful by bringing out the best in people, through this course, every year. And I’m sure they don’t even know it. It’s just their ‘style’.

    A “Thank you”, to them in the form of this thought…
    I Think….
    I am a parent, like most of you who are reading this, but I feel in myself a difference …. and that difference is the joy I derive from introspection. I indulge in it and believe me, it is a wonderful exercise. It gives pleasure, elevates moods, provides solutions to problems, and hones analytical skills. The list is endless.

    And yet, we live in a world where most people have no ‘time’ to do so. We are constantly running around – running to achieve, running to possess, running to manage the innumerable tasks we force upon ourselves, running from ourselves.

    Yes, unfortunately that is the reason we do not engage in a simple act of introspection. We ‘think’ to perform, we ‘think’ to plan, we ‘think’ to acquire and possess but we do not engage in the easiest of all ‘thinking’ tasks – ‘thinking’ to analyze oneself. How then can we place ourselves in so many complex and varied situations in life, if we simply do not know WHO we are placing there??!

    To make things worse, we are the first to reject and ridicule any ideas or thoughts put before us. We constantly believe we know best because our situation is different from the ‘others’. The most popular rationale is, ‘Life has become extremely competitive and everyone must strive hard to get ahead and move forward’. But we must choose the approach forward, is it going to be like a struggle to keep ourselves from falling into a bottomless pit or is this trip going to be a climb to a beautiful mountain peak where we will live each experience like a new one and thus enjoy our walk to the top!!

    In the effort to make ourselves visible to the world we forget to show ourselves to people who really matter … our children. For better or for worse changes come about because of us. Let’s try to make the right choices!

    Kavita Atroley - Montessorian, Batch 2005-6

  • Bhavna Malik

    The Montessori Dharma steers us through Life”

    Yesterday..Bhavna was just out of her teens
    3 years later she completed her graduation.
    She walked into the portals of the Montessori Teacher Training Centre
    She bowled us over with her infectious smile.

    Till..The File-work began
    We saw the smile disappear.
    From a giggly teenager
    We saw her blossoming into a mature, confident, young woman.
    The Teaching Practice Assessment surprised us.
    It read, “A responsible intern who is completely involved in understanding the minds of 3 year olds”
    Was she the “baby of the Course?”

    Bhavna became a Montessorian aching to spread her wings and fly high
    Fly she did, going to unknown regions
    Ever striving to practice her valuable Montessori learning.
    Today..Bhavna is a Montessori Teacher
    She is 25 years old
    Tomorrow..where will Bhavna be at 50?

    Bhavna Malik - Montessorian, Batch 2002-1990

  • Sheila

    I am Sheila.
    My friends always told me I was talented with a zest for living.
    I agreed with them
    But I did realize I was drifting with no clear course or aim.
    I became interested
    Enrolled for the Montessori Teacher Training Course
    May be more out of curiosity rather than conviction.
    It seems funny but somehow the stress of the Files was overridden with what I was typing.
    The Hands-on learning, Montessori Math,
    Educating the Senses for learning.
    Fascinated by the thought that
    “Addressing the child during the formative years
    when the windows for learning are open”
    The Method fascinated me
    I went into manufacturing Montessori material.
    I completed the Course
    And suddenly it was as though
    My talents that my friends spoken of earlier got channelized.
    My creativity developed a structure.
    I started “Leaps and Bound” a Montessori enrichment class.
    Children coming to my house where I enjoy sharing learning with them.
    I am busy the entire week doing something I love.
    I was fond of nature and animals, visiting scantuaries and the like.
    Suddenly I started seeing the Montessori environment subject activities staring at me in all my visits.
    Classification cards, Timelines and ideas unlimited.
    Now, I had a Method of sharing and imparting my knowledge and love for nature to young children.
    My calendar today is marked with outdoor visits with children from various schools
    A journey based on Montessori principles.
    Yes I was what I was. But, Montessori knowledge helped me define my interests and Knowledge.

    Sheila Chabbra - Montessorian, Batch 1999-2000