The Ardee school’s orderly and beautiful classroom environments with natural lighting are the true heart of learning. The rooms are air conditioned, large and spacious with ergonomically designed furniture and equipment that allows for the best learning experience.

The Primary classrooms are equipped with hands-on Montessori-style learning material for languages, sciences, History, Geography and Math. The classrooms constitute an ideal learning space for every child.

The secondary classrooms are equipped with interactive Promethean boards to allow for a dynamic learning experience. The learning environment is carefully planned and organized to create the ideal classroom environment. Class rules, procedures, and notices of upcoming activities are posted in conveniently located areas to help students stay on track.

The school also welcomes the Bring-Your-Own-Device approach for senior classes, allowing students can bring their laptops to the classrooms for better, personalized learning.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.