The students’ health and well-being is of paramount importance at the Ardee school. The Ardee school has a fully-equipped infirmary with a qualified nurse on duty at all times.

In addition, all teachers are trained in first aid as a part of their Montessori training. Minor medical problems and injuries which arise during school hours are immediately tended to at the in-house infirmary.

Health services

Parents are expected to fill in a comprehensive medical form before admission. Regular medical check-ups are done in school that record height, weight information and the results of periodic eye, ear and dental check-ups. It is documented in the student's health record card for the students across the school. The same is periodically updated on "Student Profile" page.

The school has an arrangement with Max Healthcare in Gurugram and all the students are registered with the hospital. In the event of an emergency the hospital can be reached in 10 minutes. Ardeeians may access OPD and IPD services at the hospital using their medical health card. Parents and students can avail 10% discount on showing their identity card.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.