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The Ardee Schools, have an on going, in-house teacher training programme for Montessori Elementary Education. The teachers undergo modules of innovative and practical training related to the academic subjects.

An "Institute for Teacher's Training" in Early Education is located at the ardee school, Golf Links, Delhi. It is a professionally managed institute committed to imparting quality education in schools. The Centre is a pioneer in Montessori method of Education in Delhi. It offers a Diploma in Early Education based on an internationally standardized curriculum and is affiliated to Indian Montessori Centre (IMC), Kolkata.

The Centre has qualified faculty, headed by Ms. Chanda Raisinghani. It has distinguished professionals as part of Visiting Faculty for specialized subjects.


Our roots and history

Every mission has an end, every journey has a beginning.
A seed sown, in 1999
By Mrs C.L. Raisinghani
With 12 students, our first Montessori Teacher Training Course
This seed now, is a Tree
The Montessori Teacher Training Centre
Touching many lives, nurturing many individuals
Learning while imparting learnings
The journey has been truly incredible and goes on.



Our vision is to hone the teaching gene in our students through the Montessori principles and techniques of child understanding and development, leading to a generation of dynamic and energetic Early Education professionals who enable effective development and genuine happiness among children and thus the future generations.


We, at the Ardee Teacher Training Centre, believe that deep inside every one of us lies a 'teaching gene' and when this inherent instinct is properly channelized, it becomes a powerful enabler in imparting life skills to young individuals. We also believe that life is learning across ages and honing our teaching instincts correctly not just ensures future generations of 'complete', 'self developed' individuals but also makes us more self aware and better developed to handle the current changes we see our world go through. We believe that more often than not, being better parents, better children, better friends and better humans is intrinsically linked to the Montessori philosophy of self development where individuals are directed to their potential and not enforced upon by volumes of theoretical literature. We believe thereby that what we do and more importantly, what we can do, would result in better developed, self aware individuals equipped with superior 'life skills' and complete in their preparation and handling of life’s challenges of change.


We, students and faculty, at the Montessori Teacher Training Centre, jointly pledge to make the journey of self discovery as an Early Education professional as complete as possible. We pledge that we shall through this experience, thirst for knowledge, contribute positively and continuously look for avenues to evolve ourselves. We pledge to learn and share with all, and in the process re-look at our own development and how we play life's roles. We pledge to be dynamic in our thinking, enthusiastic in all learning processes and honest to our cause, always. We pledge to honor our pledge above.”


  • Provide skillful training of the Montessori principles and life skills.
  • Customize a quality learning experience for our students to make them capable Early Education professionals.
  • Create an in depth knowledge of child needs and psychology to enable facilitating child development among our students.
  • To provide a unique experience of self-development for every individual.
  • To continuously evolve ourselves along with the latest theories and technologies in early education.
  • To promote a culture of positivity, self-confidence and excellence in the course.

Course objectives & structure

Course Objectives

A Montessori Teacher (Directress) teaches by teaching and not by correcting.

The Course primarily aims at developing a high level of professional competence in students who aspire to become teachers of the Montessori Method for children from 2.5 to 6 years of age. This involves the following:

  • To educate the students about the Montessori Method.
  • To enable students to construct a coherent set of Educational values alongside detailed study of the Montessori philosophy and approach.
  • To enable students to extend their teaching proficiency by applying their Montessori knowledge and concepts in a nursery environment.
  • To provide extensive classroom experience with classroom experience with children aged 2.5 to 6 years through a one-month Teaching Practice.
  • To prepare students thoroughly for the Course leading to the Diploma in Montessori teaching.

The Centre has qualified Faculty, who is always ready to help and assist the students. We have distinguished Professionals as part of our Visiting Faculty for specialized subjects.

Course Structure

The Course is spread across 9 months. Students are required to be present at the Teacher Training Centre for 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday). The Institute works on Friday and Saturday, in case some day(s) of a particular week happen to be a school holiday(s)/public holiday(s).

The Course timings are as follows:

  • Summer timings: 2 to 5 p.m.
  • Winter timings: 1.30 to 4.30 p.m.

A major portion of the course requires students to spend their time in the classroom attending Theoretical and Practical classes conducted by qualified Faculty.

Course Curriculum

I Core subjects

  • Biography of Dr. Maria Montessori
  • Montessori Philosophy
  • Child Development and Child Psychology
  • Nutrition

  • II In accordance with Dr. Montessori's philosophy, special emphasis is given to 4 Practical Areas:

    • Exercises of Practical Life
    • Sensorial Activities
    • Mathematics
    • Language

    • III Special Areas of Teaching

      • Environmental Studies
      • Culture Subjects include Botany, Zoology, Geography and History
      • Music in Education
      • Art and Craft activities
      • Educational Visits for Children
      • Children’s Literature

      • IV All teaching is with the use of Specialized Equipment and care is taken that each student gets enough time to access all the equipment individually.

        V Teaching Practice

        Increasing employers expect prospective employers to have had some degree of experience in the Classroom. It is also imperative for students to test their theoretical findings through Hands-on practice.

        VI Preparation of a Teacher

        A Montessori teacher needs to prepare herself. As part of the Preparation, students are required to wear “Formal Clothes” during the duration of the Course.

        VII Examination and Certification

        At the end of the academic year, students will need to appear for 3 Examinations, one Practical and two Theory. The Indian Montessori Centre, Kolkata awards students who successfully complete the Course, the Diploma in Montessori Teaching. The Diploma is a qualification for work in Montessori and Nursery Schools and the Training Centre supports placements in teaching jobs.


Chanda Raisinghani
President & Trustee

Chanda ma'am as she is lovingly called began a wonderful and beautiful journey in the felid of education when she started her career in Kolkata as a nursery teacher in the year 1974. Later, she taught the pre-primary and secondary sections too.

She went on to not only obtain her B. Ed. but also most importantly, graduate from the London Montessori Center in 1990. She then joined the Indian Montessori Center in Kolkata where she was subsequently appointed the Vice-principal of the Montessori Teacher's Training.

She moved to New Delhi in the year 1997 and started the groundwork on the Teacher's Training Center. In 1999, a seed was sown and the rest as they say is history. More than a decade later, the Teacher Training Center that she started with just 12 students has grown in leaps and bounds.

During her search for an idealist Montessorian world her path crossed that of Shefali Varma, who after leading a successful career as a businesswoman had then become a mother and was in search of a perfect environment for her son.

Mrs. Raisinghani and Shefali met at the Montessori Teacher Training Center, which was packed with interns working with didactic Montessori method, Shefali finally knew she had found what she had been searching for. Thus, the realization of a passionate search culminated very smoothly into the natural birth of the “Ardee Montessori House of Children” in the year 1990.

Mrs. Raisinghani was appointed the "Member of the National Council of Teacher Education," Government of India in 2006.

Taking this dream forward Mrs. Raisinghani and Shefali Varma started The Ardee School, Gurugram in 2008. Mrs. Raisinghani is also the Director Education at The Ardee School, Gurugram.

Mrs. Raisinghani is actively involved in spreading the Montessori Education to the underprivileged children at MANZIL, by conducting educative programs. She integrates the underprivileged children of MANZIL, The Ardee Montessori School and The Teacher Training Center by running a Saturday school and by carrying out voluntary workshops and classes.

Mrs. Raisinghani also frequently conducts parent workshops not only in India but also around the world in countries like Slovenia, Singapore and the Philippines. Mrs. Raisinghani has also been involved in community social services in Kolkata.. Once she moved to Delhi, She became member of the All Indian Women’s Education Fund Association at lady Irwin College. One of the successful projects conducted by her was the "Legal Awareness", funded by Ford Foundation for Women in Farooqnagar and Nooh districts in Gurugram.

Kumud Bisht
Principal - Sujan Singh Park & Gurugram

Kumud Bisht has been training teachers in Montessori for the last 15 years. She heads the Ardee Teacher Training Centre, Delhi & Gurugram.

Passionate about Montessori education, she conducts workshops for teachers in various schools. She has helped set up Montessori environments in many schools in Delhi.

Her aim is to make a difference in early education sector by providing holistic training to teachers/ students to be good role models to our future generations.

Ms. Tavishi Gupta
Faculty - Gurugram

Tavishi Gupta has a post graduate degree in finance. She comes with an 8-year experience in the logistics industry. Having worked in this industry for so long has given her a sharp logical mind. She has a strong education background, a mathematical mind and good reasoning skills.

But she always wanted to be part of the education system. She has done her ‘Montessori Training’ at the Ardee school and has an excellent understanding of the Montessori Method of education. She is now a part of the Ardee Teacher Training Centre as a faculty.


The Indian Montessori Centre, Kolkota awards students who successfully complete the Course, the Diploma in Montessori Teaching. The Diploma is a qualification for work in Montessori and Nursery Schools and the Training Centre supports placements in teaching jobs.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.