Founder's day

Founder - Late Sh. Ashok Varma

Founder’s day is celebrated on the 15th of May every year. The birth anniversary of founder Late Sh. Ashok Varma constitutes of an Investiture ceremony and the AAA Award.

Student Governance

Student governance contributes to the students’ understanding of their rights, duties and responsibilities, there by grooming them into accountable citizens of strong moral fibre. Moreover, it contributes to their holistic education and gives them an understanding of the electoral process and helps them to realise the importance of responsible voting.


Nominations and elections

All students from Environment 4 onwards are entitled to run for elections, which are part of a participative democratic process. This seeks to bring out leadership qualities in the children, grooming them to become responsible citizens.

Nominations for elections are made within a a time-frame prior to the elections specified by the core committee of the school. Students vie with each other for the following posts:

House captain & vice captain (for all the four houses), Head boy, Head girl, Sports captain and Pavilion captain.

Voting takes place by secret ballot and the counting of votes takes place under the strict supervision of staff members.




Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony is a solemn occasion where the newly elected student council are given their official t-shirts and stand together to take oath in front of the whole school to be true to the posts and duties assigned to them. This ceremony instills a sense of pride in leaders and student body alike, and inspires the leaders to a sense of responsibility and confidence.

The oath taking, elections and student governance not only gives voice to the student body, it also helps in character-building and guides the school in its coming-of-age.



AAA Award

The Ardee School is committed to recognizing outstanding academic achievements, co-curricular involvement, leadership qualities and high ethical standards among its students.

In order to acknowledge and reward such positives attributes and overall excellence, the school has instituted the prestigious Ashok Varma Ardeeian Achievers Award (AAA) in the memory of the founder of the school, late Shri Ashok Varma.

It is based on criteria consisting of parameters covering holistic development that the school would like its students to demonstrate. Through this, The Ardee School is inculcating a passion for excellence, instilling integrity, encouraging sensitivity and fostering dynamism among its students.