Parents feedback

  • Dated: 29 Sep, 2016

    Dear Ms. Kripa Dessai,

    I apologize for the fact that this email is long overdue as Renata and Ryhssa have already completed one Quarter in their new school in the NCBIS - New Cairo British International School.

    Yesterday, we had a Parent - Teacher review and the feedback from the teacher about their progress was overwhelming. The teachers did not realize that the kids had missed a year because of the transfer from India to the international IB system.

    In other words, Renata had just completed Year 2 in the Ardee school and she joined her year group in Year 4 as she is 8 years old, without attending Year 3 at all. Similarly, Rhyssa went directly to Year 2 - without attending Year 1 and has settled flawlessly in the new class.

    At the time of admission, Renata had to answer a 3 Hour Evaluation Test to gain admission to Class 4. The test included Audio Visual Questions, Math exercises and Writing, which she apparently did very well. Similarly, Rhyssa answered a one hour exam for admission to Year 2.

    It goes to show that the standard of education in the Ardee School is certainly remarkable and I want to commend you for the great job your team is doing. Do extend our heart-filled gratitude to their teachers and teaching assistants in the Ardee School in Sangolda.

    Once again, thank you very much and all the best!

  • Dated: 8 Nov, 2015

    Ms. Kripa,

    A quick note to say we appreciate the way the sports day was handled by teachers and staff. Minimal time in the sun for the kids, well co-ordinated staff, and well planned event.

  • Dated: 31 July, 2015

    Dear Kripa

    I would like to extend my sincere compliments and praise to Preeta (Art Teacher).
    Every morning when we drop Lily and Sabina off at school we are greeted with a happy, warm and professional smile from Preeta. She has such a happy nature regardless of the day or weather! We have even arrived in heavy downpours and there is Preeta waiting – completely soaked but still so jolly, happy and welcoming to the girls and us. It’s wonderful to see this every day and I just want Preeta to know that we think she’s great and we are extremely sorry to hear that she is leaving. We would like to wish her everything of the very best for the future.

    Have a great week-end.

  • Dated: 6 April, 2015

    Excellent job on the Pench trip and the efforts on Liam’s birthday, I am very happy with the way Ardee has organised the entire trip.

    Best Regards

  • Dear Ms. Kripa,

    Thank you for a lovely & glittering patents in day. This was the best children's function I hvae seen till date. A big congratulations to you & all you faculty & staff involved in the annual meet. Keep up the good work. Thanks again to you all.


  • Dear Kripa,

    This is with ref to the recently held Sports Day on the 18th of October at Sangolda Ground. We just want to put it on record to say that it was wonderfully organized and well planned and we appreciate the planning and the efforts that you, the principal, the teaching staff and the support staff put into making it such an enjoyable day for our son and all the other kids.

  • Dear Ma'am, Not sure if you have met our girls yet but they had their first day of school yesterday and did not want to leave. Then when they got home they didn't want to take their uniforms off which is great so a big thank you to you and your team for making them feel welcome and comfortable so quickly.


    Glenn Peat
    Executive Assistant Manager
    Food and Beverage
    Grand Hyatt Goa