As the children become adept with language, they enjoy reading both prose and poetry. Poets from the world over are read, critiqued, their words used as inspiration in the design pavilion, in the music pavilion or out on the field which makes for unforgettable learning experiences.

Art & Art Appreciation

Children explore their creativity and sense of aesthetics working with clay, plaster of paris, papier-mâché and other media to create paintings, sculptures, puppets, masks and more. Projects will be inspired by art and culture from around the world and designed to build developmentally appropriate skills for each age group. Each lesson balances structured projects with time for free expression and creativity. Art appreciation and art history will be an integral component of the course and implemented through various projects & assignments. Real/virtual visits to museums and art centers across the world help the students develop an aesthetic sense and respect for world art and artists. Invited artists of repute will work with children as regular part of The Ardee School curriculum.

Music and the Maestros

Music- both classical and informal is an integral part of our curriculum. The history of music and the maestros is absorbed. Different rhythms and melodies are explored as are musical instruments. The students will also be introduced to world famous artists, emerging music, recordings and later, courses in history, theory and composition.

Theatre and Drama

Students learn to use the abundant physical energy they already have, to create dynamic characters and stories. They will explore acting techniques at a physical level that transform their bodies and voices into engaging characters who relate to each other and tell stories that surprise us. This encourages younger children to express themselves through role-playing, theatre games, songs and storytelling, building confidence and developing their talents.

The theatre programme for older students will enable them to come together to learn the fundamentals of acting and playmaking. The knowledge of costume making, choreography, backstage management and production encourage creativity and build awareness of action, character and theme.

Design and Technology

When we talk about design as a way of life and as a part of our curriculum, we mean approaching the world with an inquisitive mind - a mind that critiques all the things that humans make, never ceasing to ask how something might be improved. Design is problem solving to improve someone's quality of life. All design starts with the human body & continues as a way of life that permeates all aspects of our being. 'Design' is approached as a study and is well integrated in our curriculum as a combination of technology and art.


According to research: "Test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities".

The School curriculum gives special emphasis to chess. The Ardee School will be associated with the Delhi Chess Association and will also sponsor annual chess tournaments on an interschool, national and international scale.

Chess is an enlightening game. It is not about one or two tactical punches, but also broader and deeper strategic concepts such as coordination, development of one’s faculties and seizing the initiative. Beyond the board, children learn the value of hard work, of focus in tense situations, and more importantly, rebounding from a tough loss. Their vocabulary improves; their spatial thinking increases and their ability to draw interesting analogies with life's lessons grows. It’s time our children learned what is truly India's game. Students of all levels are encouraged to join. Even children with little or no chess experience learn to play full length games from opening gambit to checkmate. Instructional use of boards and workbooks is also incorporated into a class format with the study of the history of chess, the study of world grand masters and their tactics.

Benefits of chess:

  • Chess develops decision making, critical thinking, logical thinking.
  • Evaluating, planning, problem solving and perseverance skills.
  • Chess improves concentration, memory, intuition and self-control.
  • Chess promotes independence, imagination and creativity.
  • Chess inspires self-motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence.


The Ardee School has a detailed and scientifically developed physical education programme, sensitive to the needs of growing bodies and to individual interest. The curriculum develops the knowledge and skills in areas of physical activities like yoga, gymnastics and athletics, swimming and team sports. Activities are designed to develop age-appropriate strength and skills. Students learn the basics of each sport, as well as good sportsmanship with a spirit of competition and a sense of team spirit. Each class session will include a lesson, drills and a game or scrimmage. Team sports include a choice of table tennis, swimming, basketball, skating, yoga, badminton and volly ball.