teacher's training centre

The Ardee World Schools, have an on going, in-house teacher training programme for Montessori Elementary Education. The teachers undergo modules of innovative and practical training related to the academic subjects.

An "Institute for Teachers’ Training" in Early Education is located at the ardee school, Golf Links, Delhi. It is a professionally managed institute committed to imparting quality education in schools. The Centre is a pioneer in Montessori method of Education in Delhi. It offers a Diploma in Early Education based on an internationally standardized curriculum and is affiliated to Indian Montessori Centre (IMC), Kolkata.

The Centre has qualified faculty, headed by Ms. Chanda Raisinghani. It has distinguished professionals as part of Visiting Faculty for specialized subjects.

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For more information on our teacher training centre, please contact 0832-3269554, M: 9822480006 or email us at or contactusgoa@theardeeworldschool.com