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Year Age Eligibility as on 31 March, 2018
Pre-primary school
NIDO (Mother Toddler) 18 months + (as on 31st March 2018 or 30th September 2018)
Foundation Transition Red 2 Years + (as on 30th September 2018)
Foundation Red 2 Years +
Foundation Blue 3 Years +
EYFS 4 Years +
Primary school
Year I 5 Years+
Year II 6 Years +
Year III 7 Years +
Year IV 8 Years +
Year V 9 Years +
Secondary school
Year VI 10 Years +
Year VII 11 Years +
Year VIII 12 Years +
Year IX 13 Years +
Year X 14 Years +
Senior school
Year XI 15 Years +
Year XII 16 Years +

Steps to Admissions:

1. Collect the registration form from The Ardee School office.

2. Submit the filled in registration form in person at The Ardee School office, Gurugram.

3. Await intimation from the school authorities for an interaction, which is usually done once the registration forms are processed by the management and can take 2-4 weeks.

4. Parents will be intimated by an e-mail on the results of their interaction and the procedure to follow the after.

Incase you wish to visit the school campus email or call the school office to fix an appointment.

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