Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 20 February, 2018

    This is in reference with the showcase held in School on 16th feb Friday . I would like to thanks ms Kanika and ms Vashi mam for bringing the best in my daughter Zara . I was thrilled to see her performing, it is from the utmost hard work and patience both the teachers have put in her.

    It has been a pleasure to have such great mentors for our daughter Zara.

  • Dated: 9 February, 2018

    Dear Ma'am,

    This is just to let you know that the movie evening was a very nicely organised event. The kids enjoyed the movie and so did we.

    I hope more such evenings are organised in the future, and more students and parents participate.

  • Dated: 12 December, 2017

    Dear Vasudha Mam,

    It was nice experience and stalls were all amazing and very well planned executed and organized. We enjoyed a lot.

    Thanks for sharing, video is really great!

  • Dated: 7 December, 2017

    Dear maam

    Its an honour to tell you that my son is better at hindi than me at this age only. All thanks to your efforts that the children are so good with their basics and are able to understand the language so well. We as parents really appreciate the pains taken by you as viraaj has shown tremendous improvement in your subject.

  • Dated: 5 December, 2017

    Hello Mam,

    That was amazing. Thank you very much for giving reshma the opportunity to bring her potential and display it. We are proud of being the ardeeians. Ardee school has provided the platform for kids to identify their potential and a stage to display it.

    We are very proud of you Reshma. Keep the good work.

  • Dated: 30 November, 2017

    Dear Amrita ma'am

    A big Thank you for putting such a great show. We were awestruck by the performance and connection kids shared with you all. Hats off to the hard work teachers have put in with little ones.

    Big applaud and a big thank you

  • Dated: 26 November, 2017

    Dear Vasudha Mam,

    Ananya, found this Collage Bridge Program very encouraging and gained phenomenal self-confidence after attending the same.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Program.

    Appreciate School for such an initiative!

  • Dated: 30 November, 2017


    To start with Amrita mam is the one who takes you for a round of the school when you enroll and the success rate should be 99% if not 100%. Fabulous pre primary head. Then to top it the teachers Aipie mam..what a spectacular and most awesome teacher she is... More than the yellow teachers we found Aipie mam to b more prepared and versed with kids potential today..! We were stumped with the performances today by the blue sky was unmatchable not just addition but also weaving, African art and getting to learn the thousands, hundred, tens and ones! I have seen my kid Vivaan Mangwana grow leaps and bounds and same for the other kids..looking at yellow today I realized this is what Vivaan is up to excited for the journey with Ardee forward. Would like to thank Aipie mam particularly and Amrita mam for making a difference in all these kids life...don't know if they know it but they will be their first pillars of growth and will always have a special place in our journey of education.

  • Dated: 21 November, 2017

    This is to inform you that my child Alvira Mangla is in Nido session. In starting classes she was not at all convinced to be a part of the class and was way too disturbed and it was a problem for me to bring her to class but after few classes she is now all well behaved and is happily participating in evry nido class. The entire credit goes to Mrs. Ritika Arora because i have seen my child really changed from day one to today. Thought of sharing my happiness so wrote a mail to the school.

  • Dated: 11 September, 2017

    Dear Yellow mustard mentors and The Ardee management!

    Thank you for the wonderful bday celebration and the gift for Aryaman.

    I absolutely loved the circle of life Montessori activity, the policy of no return favours and a healthy version of cake.

    The Montessori method amazes me, and you impress me by following it.

  • Dated: 20 August, 2017


    I would like to heartly thank Aipei Mam and Saachi Mam. If I look at the March performance of Vivaan vs the one this Friday..I am so amazed at his progress. Definitely he has grown a lot but the schools help in shaping his behaviour and his knowledge has been immense.

    He grows to be more compassionate, more knowledgeable, more courteous each day. It is the great effort by the class teachers and overall the environment of the school. And needless to say Vivaan is always very overenthusiastic to attend school.

    We for sure know we have made the best choice for Vivaan when we chose the Ardee School for him.

  • Dated: 18 August, 2017

    Hi Amrita Ma'm,

    I wanted to drop a quick note to compliment you and all the teachers for an absolutely fantastic show that the kids put up for Independence Day today. As usual, very well coordinated and effortlessly executed! It was great to get a glimpse into what the kids learn in school.

    It was quite hot today and it would be nice if there was better air conditioning in the assembly hall.

    Likewise, last month's soccer match was amazing, and a lot of fun too! Some kids like Parth had played exceptionally well. It would have been great if they were given special recognition or a person of the match award / title.

    Looking forward to more showcases in the coming months.

  • Dated: 30 May, 2017

    Thank you !!!

    The enthusiasm of the young Ardeeians was infectious !!!

    It was great to see the young ones show case their skills.

    Thank you for the opportunity to witness this well organised event Looking forward to many more.

  • Dated: 30 May, 2017

    Dear Amrita Maám,

    It was wonderful to see our children enjoy thoroughly that morning. We sincerely thank you and your team for all the efforts gone into organising another successful event. The attention to detail in making sure every single aspect is taken care - right from the display of work done by students, the arrangements at the ground, music playing in the background, the national anthem and inviting the parents to have a go at the ball, all would have required tremendous planning and coordination in execution.

    Thank you and the team once again for making sure that Ardee ensures all round development of our children. All the best.

  • Dated: 11 May, 2017

    Dear Amrita , beena , aprajita and other teachers.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful Mother's Day at ardee , all of us mothers loved being there with the kids and enjoyed the story telling session , look forward to more fun and learnings together.

  • Dated: 28 Apr, 2017

    Hi Amrita Ma'm,

    I want to drop a note to say Thank You to all the teachers (esp. Payal Ma'm and Appey Ma'm) and to Pooja Ma'm for having me over for the Parent Professor Day today. It was a fantastic experience for me and the kids had a lot of fun too. PPD is a lovely idea and a good change for the students.

    While I have addressed 200-300 people forums in the past, I was nervous coming in today. I thought this crowd of 80 was going to be the toughest audience I've presented to. But, the kids were very welcoming and made me feel completely at ease! Compliments to Ardee for such a well behaved lot.

    I look forward to being more involved with school activities in the future!

  • Dated: 27 Apr, 2017

    RE: Story telling

    Dear Amrita and Pooja

    Thank you so much for this opportunity , I loved every bit of my time spent with the yellows today doing the 'bear hunt', Hope you include many such programmes where kids can bond with the parents. Also I wish to thank all the teachers present in the session. I would be grateful if you can share some photos/ vdo s of today.

    Big bear hug to you all.

  • Dated: 20 Apr, 2017

    Dear Teachers

    I really want to thank all of the faculty involved from planning this field visit to executing it with such elan. I truly appreciate the endeavours all of you undertook to make this outing equally exciting for these young fellows.

    As a parent I was equally anxious & nervous since it's the first outing for them but I'm very happy in fact delighted with the stories my girl shared with me !! Once again a big gratitude to each one of u for your constant efforts to make our children good learners & be a better future for our nation.

  • Dated: 13 Apr, 2017

    I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for art appreciation activity done by blue sky kids. I fell in love with the portrait of Ang sang suu ki sandpaper crayon colouring portrait.

  • Dated: 20 Feb, 2017

    Dear Sir/ma'am,

    The night camp was very well organised, and the children had a lovely time.

    I would like to thank all the teachers and the staff for taking such good care of the children, while giving up their night's rest.

    Infact, Jairaj too had such a good time, and he cannot wait for when it'll be time for him to go to the nightcamp.

    Thanks so much.

  • Dated: 10 Jan, 2017

    Dear Sir/Madam

    This is Salonika mehra, Aanya mehra's mother. Aanya is in your Nido class.The new school year is going to start and aanya is all excited to be back. Her last quarter has been really good and we are happy to see her enjoying and learning every moment in Ardee school.Since the time shes started going to the school shes become more creative, she loves to greet and meet new people , shes enjoys reading books and co relate things which she learns in the school like colors, fruits, vegetables. Her most favorite thing in the school and outside the school has become feeding the birds and jumping on the trampoline. One more thing which we have noticed is that her ability to remember things has really shot up. Every time we are crossing the school from outside she becomes excited to see the school board and gate and starts saying School in her own way.She is developing good eating habits at home as they are taught in the school. Finally I would like to thanks Ritika mam and the whole school management for inculcating such good behavior and education in our children. Keep up the good work.

  • Dated: 8 Dec, 2016

    Re: Hockey Match @ Ardee on Wednesday, 7th December 2016

    Dear Amrita

    All the hard work put in by both teachers and the little ardeeans is highly commendable .Right from the paper pom-poms to the songs the kids sang and the music was lovely ,the event was interactive and we parents had fun too. Looking forward to more activities .

  • Dated: 27 Nov, 2016

    Dear Amrita , Payal , Shweta

    It was such a delightful birthday for Abeer at Ardee with all his friends and teachers . Thank You !! The moment when Payal asked me about Abeer's fav things on 1 2 3rd I was struggling to hold back my tears .How time flies with our lil wonders ! We met a lot of parents at Abhudays bday today at his house they all thanked us for the plants .We are so glad that you let us share our joy with all others. School for us is our extended family .

    A big thank you once again.

  • Dated: 10 Nov, 2016

    Dear Amrita Ma’am & Mrs. Mani,

    Thank you for your mails updating us on the masked protest.

    It was very nice to be there to see the effort the entire Ardee staff took for this very important cause. In a democratic set up, protest is an important tool and it was impressive how Ardee staff/management takes on these issues seriously and acts on them. Whilst it is sad that things have come to a pass that young children need to protest to save our environment, the silver lining was that Ardee chose to do something about it rather than just wait helplessly, like so many of us end up doing, so often.

    A sincere thank you to the entire staff and management.

    I have clicked some pictures while there which I will share in a separate mail.

  • Dated: 22 Oct, 2016

    Dear Teachers, and all the staff of the Ardee School,

    The sports day was a wonderful, well co-ordinated event, and we just wanted to thank you for inviting us. We had a lovely time watching the children competing, and a big thank you to all of you for giving up your Saturday!

  • Dated: 21 Oct, 2016

    Dear Teachers,

    Thank you so much for involving us parents today! It was absolutely wonderful to see our children playing in teams where all the children and all the teachers were equally involved! It was even lovely seeing all the parents cheering..regardless of who the child was.

    Great effort and thanks again!

  • Dated: 30 Sep, 2016

    Dear Ma'am,

    Congratulations on arranging and pulling off the event beautifully. It is the beginning of a great journey for Ardee and as an Ardee parent who has been with you for over 4 years now, I feel proud, excited and happy today for our children.

    Big thank you to all the teachers, didi's and every member of the Ardee family for their attention to detail and love for the children.

  • Dated: 26 Sep, 2016

    Good evening Ms Jenn,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Very insightful article.

    I am thankful of one of my friend who referred me to Ardee School. She told me, once you see this school, you will never like anyother school. I always wanted school like Ardee for my son and I can proudly say that decision we made 3.6 year back was the best decision ever!

    I can't agree more on these points:

    She explained that self awareness and confidence are developed through a mastery of basic problem-solving skills. Skills that are found in the everyday tasks of life: keeping your room clean, making yourself breakfast, remembering your own deadlines, and learning to self-advocate when things go wrong. When we take away our child’s opportunity to solve problems, we also eliminate that process of growth. When we allow our kids to act for themselves (drawing up boundaries and giving guidance and love along the way) they will develop the confidence and compassion that they need to be successful adults.

  • Dated: 17 Sep, 2016

    Re: Grandparents meet @ NIDO emerald on 14th sept

    To Amrita Mam,

    I could not stop myself from writing this mail to you regarding Grandparents meet.

    We were delighted to attend grandparent's meet with our dear grand daughter Zara Kumar on 14th September at your school.

    Words fall short to tell you how much thankful we are to you and Zara class teacher Ms Ritika Arora for nurturing Zara in the best possible way.

    We found the class teacher Ms Ritika Arora outstanding with full of zeal and lot of love for everyone child of the class . She had lot of patience to hear and help every child individually inside and outside the class . She was excellent in teaching different rhymes with live music and we both were very happy to see every child enjoying the music and her presence.

    I and my wife wish excellence for Ritika Mam and we personally feel that you have an asset in your school with whom every parent should be proud of.

    All the best for future endeavour.

  • Dated: 5 Sep, 2016


    Dear Teachers

    I am very happy about my decision to enrol Angad in Ardee School precisely because of the unique ways and methods which are used here to impart a holistic education. My son is more aware of his immediate environment now and is an active participant in helping shape his world and this is mostly thanks to the school's emphasis on educating children about pollution. I think somewhere our education system has also veered more towards imparting education which is mostly geared towards future material ends and that has changed social perceptions towards schools and teachers, not in a positive manner though.

    In this context the email that was sent out on teachers' day was very relevant and important. It has strengthened my belief that my son is in good hands and is 'learning' in the real sense of the word.

  • Dated: 5 Sep, 2016


    Dear Chanda Ma'am,

    Happy Teachers Day! The best gift that we, as parents, have given to our child is to choose THE ARDEE SCHOOL. They are aware of how much their parents love the school, and though they get tired with 50 km travel daily, but they say just one thing when they talk to others... ’You know that our school is the best. ' ' You know how hard Jennifer Ma'am works so that we get this education.'

    A beautiful school, aesthetic classrooms, sincere teachers, and to see the the all-round development of the child - Simply Outstanding.

    I don't have the words to express my gratitude on this Teachers Day to each one of the Ardee members.

    THE ARDEE SCHOOL is the best! and people who can't see that..sadly its their loss.

  • Dated: 9 Aug, 2016

    Dear Jennifer Ma'am,

    Thank you for taking time on a Saturday to explain the Montessori approach to maths, particularly fractions and division. It was revealing to see the superior pedagogy of a hands-on approach gradually leading to abstraction. Actually touching carry-over in an addition, as an exchange, is a memorable example of the Montessori method.

    Thanks for demonstrating the division board. While teaching Tara math at home, I could use a math notebook to replicate the board, skittles and beads for division. It resolved her complaint regarding the disconnect between math at home and math at school.

    I used a YouTube video so that both of us were on the same page on division boards:

    We greatly appreciate that Ardee has invested in Montessori material for individual practice, not just for modeling, and brought you on board to train teachers and implement it.

    Such reach out efforts go a long way in reassuring parents during a transition and making them your advocates. The newsletter is helping as well. Since there is a limit on how many such workshops can be done, I recommend sending to parents curated links of YouTube videos which reflect the approach used in the school.

  • Dated: 5 Aug, 2016

    Dear Amrita,

    Thank you for inviting us for Fathers Day at school. These are wonderful years for us to cherish as our kids grow up. Sadly the moms get to enjoy them more than us Dads. This is a great way for us dads to spend some extra time with our kids and I definitely enjoyed it and look forward to attending some more in the future.

    Needless to say Ritika conducts the class really well. Look forward to being back soon.

  • Dated: 21 Jul 2016


    "The ardee school" is definitely an amazing school and you are doing your job very nicely. As we all know that either it's a family or an organisation we need to support, trust, be in honest communication, and which supports and demonstrates love and bonding, which is very much a part of the school ethos. Everybody is so trustworthy, that I feel my kids are going to their second home. The teachers, administration, catering, transportation throughout the school is so good . When my kids board bus in morning, it is very nice to see the way their bus Didi ensures that the child sits and takes care of their belongings. Didi is so much in love with my kids that I feel I should thank them every day for taking care of my children so well.

    Next, I want to let the school know how much I appreciate the food. My kids, Sarah and Aryaveer, love it like anything. Sarah is fond of almost everything and Aryaveer always praise halwa. They like it so much that I feel I should also join them some day for lunch.

    The teachers are awesome. Mini, Bhumika and Shashi, at the front office, are so good that I really don't have words to explain. So bottom line is keep it up the good work. We know that there will always be some small problems that pop up in need of resolution, and we are here to sort them out together. Keep it up the standards of ardee and try and please keep these people with the Ardee.

  • Dated: 9 May 2016

    Re: Staff achievement

    Great news! We are always proud of our Children and now we are really proud of our Teachers!

    Congratulations Preeti Maam and Sapna Maam !

    Thank You for keeping Ardee School as one of the best schools In India!

  • Dated: 5 May 2016

    Dear Jennifer , Sushma, Pooja, Preeti, Amrita,

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for taking amazing care of our children.

    Be it the sports schedule or food or art or their academics or just about anything else... Everything is done with a lot of thought, love and warmth. Thank you for welcoming our feedback.

    Being in India , (with rest of all my family in the UK/US) I often worried about quality education for my children. Will they learn to speak fluently ? Will they learn for the pure joy of learning ? Will they become responsible and independent?

    I, as a parent, could have never achieved this alone. Joined hands with Ardee last year and it's been amazing. Thank you once again.

  • Dated: 13 April 2016

    Re: Enjoy Reading (click here)

    Thank you for the guidelines and for addressing so many concerns that parents naturally have when the kids go out into a world of their own. Angad is having a wonderful time at school and for me nothing can be more reassuring than the smile he has on his face when we drop him in the morning and the joyous look on his face of having enjoyed himself completely in school in the afternoon.

    While I am sure his teachers know him well by now, I did want to tell them about his interest in Music and Astronomy. He has some knowledge of both (especially Western Classical Music and Composers as he watches Little Einsteins) and I am sure he would be very interested in discussions around these subjects.

    Please let us know if there is anything in particular that needs extra reinforcement at home as well.

    Thank you.

  • Dated: 13 January 2016

    Re: NCO- performance report for ardeeians

    Wow! Many congratulations. This is great news

    It is the result of commitment and hard work of the faculty.

  • Dated: 13 January 2016

    Re: NCO- performance report for ardeeians

    Thank you for the data and the analysis Sapna ma'am.

    Personally, it was Anhad's first exposure to an international standardized test and I am happy with his experience. He was excited with the idea of being able to map his efforts against his peers internationally and of course against those in his class.

  • Dated: 10 January 2016

    Re: ardee in the news!

    Though late, would like send our heartiest congratulations to the school and the students for what we hear was a wonderful Annual Day.


  • Dated: 15 December 2015

    Re: Ardee Annual Day

    Dear Kamal Ma'am,

    We would like to thank the entire Ardee team- teachers, students and staff for putting up such a well organized and educating show.

    It was a wonderful experience to see the kids doing activities freely and picking up skills while they have fun. One could see and do appreciate the efforts been put in by everyone.

    I would like to thank you for holding the morale & esteem of each one of us.

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Dear Ms Kamal,

    Many congratulations to you too ! The achievements of Ardee group of schools are remarkable and makes us proud always. We believe in you and your system. We expect the school grows with all its attributes being maintained so that each of your children benefits the most.

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Congratulations Ardee!!. So proud to be a part  of it.

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Heartiest Congratulations to Mrs. Raisinghani. Proud to be an Ardeeian.

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Many Congratulations!!

    Kudos to the entire Ardee team for the tireless and wholehearted effort …!!!!

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Congratulations. Excellent work. Keep up the good work.

  • Dated: 24 November 2015

    Re: School Merit Awards 2015

    Heartiest congratulations to the entire team!!! Look forward to more such accolades and recognition for Ardee.

  • Dated: 23 November 2015

    Re: Night Camp @ ardee

    Thanks much... I can see happy n enlightened face of kids enjoying the activities..
    N thanks much for d call... Meher voice was so vibrant n happy.

  • Dated: 23 November 2015

    Re: Night Camp @ ardee

    Awwww....this is really sweet !!! Appreciate the school's initiative from the bottom of my heart

    click here for more...

  • Dated: 21 November 2015

    Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

    Greetings of the day!

    I just wanted to appreciate the entire staff at Ardee for the wonderful time the kids had at the night camp and the morning games. The kids had a wonderful time, as did we as parents!!

    Kudos to Raj Sir, Kamal ma'am, and all the other teachers and staff.

    The parent child games were a lot of fun as well. There were mother and daughter sports, and father and son sports, however, I missed being a part of them, since there were no mother and son games!!

    A wonderful experience for all, children and parents. Also, a note of thanks to the teachers of the Blues, for the soccer match at the Open House. It is not easy to train younger kids, but the class teachers and sports teachers did such a commendable job. It was so much fun watching the kids.

  • Dated: 19 November 2015

    Dear Ma'am,

    We are extremely proud and highly indebted to you and Ardee School team; one week into a school in Seattle Vaishnavi appeared for a star reading test and has got the assessment results today itself.

    Sharing it with you... Can't thank you enough.

    click here for more...

  • Dated: 18 November 2015

    Re: Appreciation for Simar Bhogal from Anhad Singh Ratnu's mother.

    How poignant - well done Simar. Your parents must be very proud to have a child who is wise beyond her years and is already aware of her inner conversations.

    Children always surprise you - whether they are yours or someone else's. And it must be such a joy to watch them change and surprise even themselves.

    Thank you for taking such good care of our children THE ARDEE SCHOOL.

  • Dated: 17 November 2015

    Dear Kamal Ma'am,

    Thank you for all your support, Vaishnavi has started school in USA. We would like to take this opportunity to convey our sincere appreciation for The Ardee School, Gurugram for providing a enriching environment for nurturing and developing Vaishnavi both in Academics and Life Skills.

    We have been associated with the school for over 7 years and have witnessed the holistic development in our child. The Montessori methodology has helped evolve Vaishnavi’s all- round skills and quest for knowledge, coupled with ability to analyze, assimilate and internalize learning with definitive and clear outcomes. Amongst other aspects of development, her confidence, sensitivity, patience, humility and leadership skills have evolved due to the many educational school trips, special programs and being appointed as the Head Girl and part of the student council. We would want to convey our heartfelt acknowledgements for Ms. Preeti Sharan and Ms. Sapna amongst other teachers for their commitment, care and ownership of Vaishnavi’s education, development and well-being at the school over the years.

    Ardee World School, Gurugram has been an exceptional experience for us and we truly believe that it has the potential and would be one of the leading institutions in India in the years to come. Would like to congratulate the school on the affiliation with IGCSE board and wish the very best to the school for future endeavors.

  • Dated: 22 September 2015

    Dear Ritika and the team at Ardee.

    It was a pleasure to be there amongst all the kids on Father's Day in for Nido. I was amazed to see how much Dia has learnt over these few months at Nido. She showed me all the Montessori toys she plays with and rolled her mat and ate food on her own. It was just such a nice day spent with her at school.

    A special mention for Ritika Ma'am,she was fantastic with the kids. Also Dia keeps talking about her all the time and she enjoys going to school. She loves her rhymes..

    I would love to do it again. :)
    (preferably on a winter day)

  • Dated: 14 September 2015

    Dear Teachers This is a mail in honour of all those outstanding educators at Ardee who have facilitated the metamorphosis of our child from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

    It feels as if just yesterday viraaj walked with tiny steps into NIDO and from that very day embarked on a journey so enriching that has brought a sea change in him.

    This institution has bestowed a very strong foundation on numerous young minds and so as his. The teachers have given immense love and care for our little flowers to blossom.

    He always thought his teachers to be one of his own as there is no disparity in the school and its seems the school as a whole is a one big family, A home away from home.

    I extend my gratitude to all the didi's, security bhaiyas, mentors and guides.

    Words fall short for your hard work is beyond comparison but still a humble thanks for being the driving force in our children's life and bringing that eternal happiness.

  • Dated: 8 September 2015

    Dear Mam Would like to highlight that my son Shaurya Goyal and his team has won gold trophy in Arsenal Scoccer championship held at Pathways school for Delhi NCR region on 6 sep. Would like to thank the sports faculty in whatever way they have contributed in developing sport skills.

  • Dated: 4 September 2015

    To Ardee school,

    I felt greatly honoured to have attended a fathers day out in the Ardee school.It was such a pleasure to see that my daughter Prishaa hora who is in Nido is under the best guidance of very talented teachers. I wish the school great sucess.