The Ardee Future Campus

Senior School Campus

Set in sector 57, the Senior school, the five acre campus is currently under construction. The Campus is planned in such a manner so as to provide a positive and safe learning environment. It is designed, organized and is being built to enhance indoor and outdoor learning. landscapes are designed to give the student enriched learning experience.

The main campus has a detailed and scientifically developed physical education expanse, sensitive to the needs of growing bodies and to individual interest. It includes:

- A football field, cricket pitch
- Athletics track
- Basketball and tennis courts.

The sporting infrastructure includes indoor facilities like the squash courts, a large swimming pool and a gymnasium where Students learn the basics of each sport, as well as good sportsmanship and a sense of team spirit.

The best available facilities at Ardee school are enriched with a multimedia library with a rich and varied collection of books from across all countries and has been created ‘gradually through imaginative use of space and resources’.

A separate floor is host to Creative arts and science & technology. Art galleries, sculpture zones, ampitheatre; sound studios dot the campus arena. Specializations taken to an elevated plane by the creation of “Pavilions” which have renowned resource people conducting classes in art music, theatre, and technology & arts. The aim of the Pavilions is to create self-directed learners, productive citizens, critical thinkers, and cooperative contributors to the classroom as well as society.

A large multipurpose auditorium facilitates students to showcase their skills in different forms of art. A zone where children and families explore intra personal relations& all learning styles are nurtured.


    • Large well lit class rooms with a student teacher ratio of 30:2
    • Learning resource center with books & digital library
    • Extra curriculum “Pavilions”
    • Artist and poetry studio
    • Montessori laboratories
    • Food Centre
    • Uniform shop
    • Stationery shop
    • Peace zone
    • Health services with support from Artemis/ Max Hospital
    • Counselling rooms
    • Indoor Swimming pool
    • Squash, tennis, basket ball and badminton courts
    • Football field & Athletics tracks
    • Cricket pitch
    • Conservation & Recycling unit