Ms. Jyothi Thyagarajan

Ms. Jyothi Thyagarajan
Director – Development, The Ardee Schools

“Education breeds confidence...Confidence breeds hope...Hope breeds peace” – Confucius

A passionate educator at heart, Ms. Jyothi Thyagarajan believes that her calling lies in working with children.

Having pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Hindu College, Delhi University and her Bachelor of Education qualification from Central Institute of Education, (CIE) Delhi, she has worked in the field of education for more than three decades. She has also done her Masters in elements of Mass Communication. She is currently working on what she hopes will be her first novel, which centers around woman power.

She has a comprehensive understanding of the CBSE as well as the IGCSE and IB curriculum, having worked in a renown CBSE school in Delhi for 14 years and then at The British School, New Delhi for 18 years. She has also been conferred with the InduChowfin Award for excellence in teaching.

In the course of her career as a teacher and then, administrator, she has attended workshops across the world; led training sessions for teachers and been certified by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in Strategic Leadership for Schools in a Changing Environment as well as by the Principal’s Training College London, as also Cambridge.

Having spent her entire adult life in educational institutions, she understands the value of an educational environment that promotes critical thinking, analysis and application skills. She is of the belief that every child has the potential to excel in some field and it is the role of the educator to find that passion and enable the child to achieve her/ his potential in it.

She loves being in the classroom with students as that is what keeps the adrenaline flowing! Being a teacher of Literature, she is an avid reader; enjoys singing; travelling with family and friends and is a movie buff.

In a challenging world scenario that is conflict ridden, she is an ambassador of Peace Education and believes that it is the role of educators to provide students with learning opportunities that will make them principled, open minded and caring global citizens, who are driven with the passion to believe in their dreams and pursue them.

In the words of Helen Keller, “The highest result of Education is tolerance.”

Each one of us needs to make this vision our own.