The faculty

We at The Ardee School recognise that the knowledge, skills and experience of our staff are a vital part of achieving our commitment to excellence. We are strongly committed to continuing education for our faculty, and provide regular opportunities for professional development.

In our endeavour to provide the best educators and staff, we offer an outstanding work environment with excellent facilities that are as conducive to the staff as they are for the students.

Our faculty is trained to “follow the child” and to recognize, and deeply honour, each student’s individuality and unique path.

Our early education specialists are a handpicked team of energetic, certified Montessori teachers who are also post-graduates in varied fields such as international Business management, finance, law, English literature and science. They are specially trained to work with children of the age group of 2+ to 11years.

Our secondary teachers are similarly well-qualified and highly experienced in their roles. In order to keep them up to date with changes and initiatives as per CIE demands, they regularly attend Cambridge trainings and workshops.

All the staff at The Ardee School share the philosophy of and are passionate about:
1. Respecting the child’s potential
2. Aiding child’s self construction without interference
3. Inculcating independent thinking in the child
4. Helping the child to discover his inner discipline
5. Helping build the child’s intrinsic motivation i.e. the dignity of labor

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The dedicated team at The Ardee School, Gurugram