Wall of Fame

Ardeeians demonstrate a high level of competence each time they go out for competitions and exams. The results of the International Benchmark Test conducted by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) and Competition conducted by the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) for the academic session 2015-16 have been declared. The ardeeians have made us proud, yet again.

Staff achievement

Two of our teachers have won significant ranks in TPO (Teachers Professional Olympiad) conducted by Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA).

This exam was held at an all India level with thousands of entries from over three hundred plus cities and towns and was open to teachers across boards, subjects and classes.

Kudos to our national rank holders who have brought accolades to the school!

Please click on link below to see the result:

ACER Results, 2016 NSO Result, 2016 SOF Results, 2015 NCO Results, 2016

6th IEO Performance Results 2016