Parents Feedback

  • Dated: 11 Sep, 2017

    Dear Naina

    I have been thinking a while to write to you regarding the changes I notice in Aayaan. Sorry have been busy hence this mail comes late. The following points are definitely noteworthy;

    A) Aayaan has always been very good with oral and speech but to make him understand the importance of writing was a Herculean task which I am so happy that Ardee has done for me effortlessly. He now comes back home and wants to do 'work' every day. I couldn't be happier.

    B) Yesterday we went out to Panscheel club and their he befriended a girl from Sriram whose mother was so impressed with his conversational skills that she came up to me to ask me which school had taught him to speak so well and behave in such a proper manner.

    C) I am new to the Ardee way and regret not choosing it earlier.

    D) Last of all, his dear Naina Ma'am whom he speaks of so much at home and tells his daddy everyday to make his younger sibling join Ardee cause of Naina Ma'am.

    Will continue to share my feedback with you which I am certain will only be positive.

  • Dated: 13 Feb, 2017

    Sub: Thrilling experience

    Respected Chanda maam and the Team at Ardee New Friends Colony

    Thankyou for having us for the Adree K12 virtual tour and i must compliment the entire team on the in-depth research and vision of the School.

    We truly enjoyed such a thrilling experience and were spellbound by the arrangements.

    Right from the floor Plans sketched out to be achieved within the 2 acre property, The creativity room, The apps to check what happens in the classroom and the best part, all this with a Greenathon underlying thread, was simply spectacular!

    Cambridge is a vast system of education to follow, for the students, parents and aswell as the teachers, especially when we see a paucity of such qualified teachers in our city's system of education. The discussions today answered most of our queries including the concern of maintaining qualified staff members in such a short span.

    We are grateful to Mrs. Chanda Raisinghania and The Ardee school for making us a part of The Ardee family and sharing their vision with us.

    We were happy to be a part of the virtual tour today. Our only fear remains, how the targets would be reached within just four months, but knowing the superpower of the One woman army- Mrs. Chanda Raiinghania, we are truly hopeful that what we saw in the virtual tour today would formulate soon to reality.

    We wish the best of luck to the entire team and look forward to seeing our child nurture in your experienced hands.