Safety & Security

Safety isn't expensive, its priceless. ~Author unknown

The 'Primary Responsibility’ for institutions like ours which nurtures our future generations, is to simulate awareness to be 'Safe and Secure’ at all times. Safety for our students, our teachers, our staff and our visitors is number one in our list of priorities.

School safety, Crisis management, Emergency preparedness need to be more than just process in our schools today. Fire protection, safety from intruders, weather and other possible natural hazards are of prime importance in our system but today we need to look far beyond and create a further protection shield for ourselves from pollution, heat and cold waves, dangerous mosquitoes and pests and this list is becoming progressive. At Ardee we have employed a combination of technology and human efforts to try and remain above potential hazards in our day to day functioning.

CCTV cameras covering almost every area of all our schools can be viewed online by our authorized staff. Processes have been put in place to ensure that even the abandoned corners of each campus are being watched from time to time. Cameras are also an integral part of our school transport system.

Safetrax a system that keeps all guardians informed of a childs whereabouts. Its not only just an ID card but an important safety protocol the school implements, corrects and improves. This system allows us to check when our children enter and exit the school campus, use the school transport and the same remains available via a mobile application.

Security protocols towards school campus security include consistent physical monitoring of all areas accessed by students including washrooms, empty laboratories, other work areas, sports and recreation areas etc.

Safety Drills are not just a procedure but a means to remain aware and prepared for a possible danger or a hazard. We get better with every such procedure and consistently simulate progressive thinking to improvise and implement better systems.

Pest Control remains a continuous process in our schools. Constant fumigation is performed to keep harmful mosquitoes at bay. Focus on our flora and landscaping includes many different types of plants that intend to keep mosquitoes away.

We also keep a constant watch on schools around the globe to adopt safer and better means for safety and security for our children and never allow complacency to take over our systems, processes and protocols.

Air Quality Management

The Air Quality Management at The Ardee Schools is an initiative with a clear focus to ensure that the health and safety of our students is not compromised. The aim is to provide continued learning to the students at minimal exposure to pollution.

The Air Quality Task Force is led by an expert consultant in the field and includes members of the teaching and administrative staff as well as representation from both the parent and student body.

The school provides the students with an air purification system which is monitored closely. Real time data can be viewed by the parentsfrom Monday to Friday between 8.00 am-3.30 pm by clicking on the following link

Click here to check the Air quality

While we continue to ensure that our school is a healthy campus for the students and all stake holders, we also promote healthy behavior through consistent messaging as well as participating in initiatives that will improve conditions in the future, be it plogging, composting, tree planting drives or making eco bricks.