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Subject : The British Council International School Awards


Dear parents

The British Council International School Awards

The Ardee School, New Friends Colony and Gurgaon received the prestigious British Council International School Awards on August 6, 2018.

This award celebrates the multicultural spirit of Ardee. The process involved working with different year groups with pre-approved action plans that focus on celebrating diversity and internationalism. Students of year 1 upwards were involved in activities which had to be documented meticulously and substantiated with photographs and reflections. It further included working in partnership with 3 schools across the world to understand and appreciate that difference and similarities co-exist in our cultures, traditions, clothes, food,education systems and that is what makes the human race so special.

The Ardee School, NFC had the opportunity to partner with a school in Sri Lanka and in Dubai . The students had a chance to have a face to face interaction through virtual conferencing and it was fascinating to see how children across the globe shared the same mindset ,excitement and anxieties. The final product presented to the British Council was a dossier that reflected the ethos of the Ardee School.

We are extremely proud and delighted that we have received the International School Award which will give us accreditation for a period of three years, ie until 2021. This award not only gives us a level playing field with other international schools but also opens partnership with schools across the world. Click here

Subject : Opening of Admissions for academic session 2018-2019.


We are happy to announce the Opening of Admissions for academic session 2018-2019.

The registration formality will be at the administration wing, The Ardee School, New Friends Colony campus.

You may visit us any time between 10 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.



The first Independence day at the The Ardee School, New Friends Colony was celebrated with fervor and excitement. The ceremony started with the Flag hoisting followed by rendition of our National Song -Vande Matram. The President Ms. Chanda Raisinghani and Principal Ms. Dipika Rao gave a talk to the students on India’s Independence Day and how freedom and independence should be respected by the Ardee students.

All students participated in a colorful traditional ceremony of Independence Day, namely, Kite Flying.

We wish our Ardee community a joyful Independence Day.

Jai Hind!

Circular No.   TAS-NFC/11
Subject : An update from Team Foundation


Dear Parents,

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

To help the child reach their full potential, we try to understand their inner drives and offer the best guidance and environment in which the foundation of the personality can be formed. Though this first week of school was a relatively short one, we would like to inform you that the children have settled well and are adapting proactively to the Montessori routine of work time, winding up and circle time. They are developing consistent work habits and exhibiting positive attitude towards the new environment. To help them develop greatest potential, we encourage children to gradually access and explore their environment independently. They are enjoying working with the Montessori didactic apparatus. They also experience activities that allow them to master their movements and steps, in taking care of self: washing hands at a special stand, trying to wear shoes on their own etc. All of these practical life activities help the child attain functional independence and adapt to their new environment.

Children are also being encouraged to go to "The Discovery Court" for various group activities where they actively participate in activities like music and movement, rhyme session ,group/ sharing circle time and show and tell. The focus in the Montessori setting is on children's learning, not on Directress' teaching.

Surprisingly students have taken to the routine of going to the "Earth Cafe" for meals, like fish to water. They are excited to go to the counters to take their meals while some of them prefer to be served at the table. Children are being encouraged to try the variety of food while giving them ample time to choose what they wish to eat. Most of them are independently going to drink water and keep their plates back after the meal while some are being assisted to do the same. Going to "Earth Cafe" provides an opportunity to our young children to engage in conversation with each other and practice table etiquette.

Outdoors is a favourite for all children as you must have noticed, seeing the images sent to you earlier this week. World study has started in earnest and the children are already mesmerized with the magic of "Africa". Please follow the calendar given to you for the same. Their first home assignment was given to them on Friday, after the mentors had explained the same to them during class time.

The mentors are getting to know their students and this is the time bonding between the two is taking place. They would require about 10 -15 more days to get fully acquainted with their students and get to know their likes/dislikes, needs and interests. Mentors of environment nursery will meet with you in the third week of July and the mentor of kindergarten will meet with you at the open house in the fourth week of July. Prior to this, should you have any queries please address them after[ not during] dispersal time

Note: The mentors will be mailing you important information and pictures. For any queries, you are requested to contact us at the official school email id during school hours.

Thank you for your co-operation in being collaborators and partners in your children's education.