From the desk of President Education

Mrs. Chanda Raisinghani

Mrs. Chanda Raisinghani
Trustee & President Education & Training

One month @ Ardee

Dear Parents

It’s been a wonderful first month of the school with enthusiastic students and supportive parents. We thank our community for walking alongside with us in this new journey. As the first month of the school comes to an end we would like to draw your attention to certain areas which are a special focus at our school.

World Study: The importance of this session is stressed strongly by the very fact that it is conducted four times a week. As mentioned earlier the focus of the year is “THE LEADER IN ME.” Your children must have shared with you details of Africa and of course the iconic leader Nelson Mandela. “Africa Day” saw the culmination of their learning and enthusiasm. Their student planner has jottings of their take away from the World Study sessions. The month of August sees Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, as the leader under study. The students therefore will be touring different countries and continents as they will be exposed to the country, culture and geographic details of the places associated with the leader. Please join the students in their journey through her flights and her admirable attributes which deserve a special mention in the history of Aviation. Additionally, each month we wish a parent to volunteer for PPD, which is day when the parent becomes a professor, sharing the trials and tribulations of his/her success story in the chosen professional field.

Monthly Calendar: All students will be receiving a soft copy and a hard copy of the monthly calendar. The annual holiday list calendar is attached in the student planner for your perusal. The monthly calendar will update you with the events and special dates of the school. Please treat the student planner as a diary where important points are mentioned.

Student School Council Election: The excitement of this month will be the elections of the Student School Council. Student Council is an organization conducted by students and supervised by adults. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. The function of the student council is based upon parliamentary procedures. Even though the academic year is short for us, we do not wish the students to miss any experience and exposure of school life. Dates for campaigning and election of the head boy, head girl and house captains will be soon announced and the students will take over their offices at the investiture ceremony.

College Bridge Programme: This has been spoken about as far back as in January 2017. Many of us have experienced that school years’ finish far too soon and one enters college, ill prepared to enter that new world of university life. This programme will expose our students to experience the choices of careers and the corresponding course of study open to them beyond school. In the third week of August, a specialist will be counselling students from Form 7 – 11 on options available, with a view to open their minds to the years ahead.

Life Skills & Etiquette lessons: Posture, communication and etiquette is our focus area and to emphasize this, Ms. Seema Puri, a specialist in Life Skills comes in every Tuesday to give etiquette lessons to students. The month of August will see lessons in handshake, mispronounced word search, dining etiquette and the difference between hearing and listening. Do encourage your children to share the same with you.

The “Fab Lab”: This is the name our students have given to the Makers Lab. The energy levels of all students moves to a high octave in the Makers lab. This month we introduce “Makers Monday” where students will be creating hands on items corresponding to World Study. Principles of aerodynamics, fundamentals of flights and drones will be the focus in Fab Lab, corresponding with Amelia Earhart's passion.

Pataudi Stadium:

The plan of students using the Pataudi stadium for sports practice had been mentioned to all earlier and we are happy to share with you that yesterday, students , Form 3 to Form 11 began their sports practice at the stadium.

Meal Times: The month of July saw the menu being changed each week in an attempt to try and test the food habits of students and plan the menu accordingly. You will receive the August menu in your portal and it will remain the same for the month except for one day each month, when the cuisine of the country mentioned in World Study, will be served for lunch. Therefore, one of the days in August will see an American lunch menu.

Admissions: We are happy to share that we have had 30 new admissions after the orientation programme on 4th of July. Form 7 which started on July 4th with one student now has 3 students. Each day we have several walk ins and aptitude tests. We are having daily requests for starting 2018 admissions but we have not done that as yet and will only begin in October.

We continue the process of refurbishing the site over weekends and long breaks and look forward to meeting with you in the coming week.

Wishing our parent school community all the best.