How we began

Every legend has a beginning, every historic march a first step, every timeless monument a first foundation stone, every reality a dream and every idea a creative inspiration.

The Ardee School began with a mother’s concern for quality education for her sons. Shefali, a dynamic business woman, with a background in Architecture and Design joined her father, Mr. Ashok Varma, as a Director in his real estate development company. Mr. Ashok Varma was the Chairman of Ardee Organization and President of Fore School of Management.

When her sons Armaan and Imaan were growing up, as a very concerned mother Shefali went through a gamut of pre-schools, exploring the way each of them functioned. She was looking for a method of education which would enable a child to self construct the human being he or she is to become – an education which would be complete for life.

It is during this search that she met Mrs. Chanda Raisinghani at her Montessori Teacher Training Centre (then located at Magic Years, a Montessori school in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi). The centre was packed with interns working with didactic Montessori apparatus. Mrs. Raisinghani’s passion for the Montessori Method, her interpretation of its philosophy combined with an architectural concept of a learning environment that was ideal for children, gave Shefali what she had been searching for -the first Ardee school that was started in 1990.

With the support and enthusiasm received from parents and their wish to see their children continue with us through elementary and senior school years, we confidently moved to our next milestone. In 2008, The Ardee School, Gurugram was started. The Ardee School, Goa started in 2009 and The Ardee School, Noida started in 2014.

The year 2017 sees the emergence of another new branch, a K-12 school at New Friends Colony, South Delhi. As we open doors on 3rd July, 2017 we enter a new phase of excellence in education, a hallmark of Ardee

“It is easy to look at progressive that is the norm in top schools today and assume that this is the best it can be and should be-- it is not-and its time us to redefine what we call best. That, in itself, is education” Shefali Varma - Chairperson.