The learning approach

Even at the pre-school level the learning approach followed is to prepare the child for life.

Mathematical Studies

At Ardee school mathematics is not just arithmetic and rote memorizing of numbers and number operations. It is visual math. It is a learning that indirectly provides the children the computational, logical and analytical skills to handle abstraction necessary to function as problem solvers. Mathematics is a way of life at the Ardee campus, a student experiences an enriched environment which offers spatial understanding, shapes & patterns, measurement its use and understanding, sorting, classifying, comparing, predicting & hypothesizing and much more. These skills are constantly reinforced at every stage through working with the Montessori material, where math materials provide the children with hands on manipulative demonstrate facts that facilitate the child’s exploration.

Language Arts

The curriculum for language has evolved keeping in mind the sound principle that effective understanding and use of language(s) enables the child to make connections between ideas, people and things and to relate to the world around. It fully recognizes the inbuilt linguistic potential of a child and that bilingual proficiency raises the levels of cognitive growth, social tolerance, divergent thinking and scholastic achievement. In its design, language is not confined to the language classroom but cuts across all other disciplines thus making it an instrument for abstract thought and knowledge acquisition through literacy. The approach to language development is holistic with the focus on developing the basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and integrating language as a tool for learning, understanding and creative expression.


The beauty of the natural world is best appreciated through close association and observation. The enormous variety and colour of flowers, the different species of trees, seasonal fruits & vegetables, and the flora typical to extremes of weather provide a fascinating study for all ages. Beginning with a simple study of leaf shapes to growing flowering plants, at Ardee we experience the miracle of nature.

The animal kingdom holds a natural fascination for children. Activities & projects both in the classroom and through outdoor visits/camps, age-appropriate documentaries and of course, study of the animal world promotes well informed and caring citizens of tomorrow.


At The Ardee School, we have created an environment wherein the typical geometrical shapes are visible and easily identifiable for the youngest children. In the playground are shapes they play in, large models that they fit together and so, an understanding of simple geometrical concepts is achieved. Building on such concrete examples, the children acquire the more abstract concepts easily.


‘You can not know where you are going until you know where you came from'.

These simple, yet profound words are the guiding principles behind our history curriculum. We explore the history of our families, immediate neighborhood, local city, Delhi and then, in older classes, the history of India and the world.

History at the Ardee campus comes alive through personal stories, photographs, movies, related literature and documentaries.

Physical and Cultural Geography

At The Ardee School, geography applies to the global approach to learning. The subject is studied as a whole and then, its parts. When studying a geographic region, the region is first introduced with notation of its geographic location in the world and its relation to this world. Geography is not only taught in classroom sessions but also reinforced through, virtual field-trips, maps/satellite images, geographical games and models.

News & Current Affairs

The knowledge of one or a few subjects is just not enough. The importance of being informed cannot be understated in today's world. The Ardee School addresses this need every day. The children are made aware of the issues concerning all of us on a regular basis. However, topics are chosen with care and discussed in a manner that is easily assimilated by the child. Hands-on activities, news workshops, working models, visits and talks by experts ensure the children are abreast with the news.

General Knowledge

The children of The Ardee School are distinguished by their high level of confidence and general knowledge. Since every activity and learning capsule is designed through extensive research giving the child a complete overview of the topic, the children have clarity and depth of knowledge. Coupled with a well-rounded co-curriculum, the children's general knowledge is on a constant continuum of growth.


Almost all aspects of modern life have some sort of scientific input, both from the natural world and the man-made sources. The basic criteria of validity of the curriculum, that is, it's content, cognition, historical, environmental perspective and ethical validity have been considered very minutely. A natural outcome of learning through the curriculum is that the students gain the most important skills of flexibility, innovation and creativity. Science is offered to students through first-hand experience, at every stage, thus building on their natural curiosity and stimulating them to investigate and question.

At the primary stage, the child engages in joyfully exploring the world and harmonizing with it, thus acquiring the basic cognitive, psychomotor and language skills through observation, classification and inference. The children, then, move on to learning through familiar experiences and engage in hands-on activities, like creating a working model of a windmill. At higher levels, the students engage in learning science as a composite discipline with more advanced tools.

Peace Education

"Avoiding war is the work of politics, establishing peace is the work of education" – Dr. Maria Montessori

Peace Education and the Peace Curriculum are based on these teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Her vision and goal was the reconstruction of society and the establishment of world peace with the help of education. For her efforts, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Award. To convey the true concept of peace to students from preschool to high school is intrinsic in the curriculum.

Our curriculum spells Dr. Montessori’s conviction that peace, as a state of being, not just absence of hostility and war, is based on the peaceful development and unfoldment of children's innate potential. Individuals who have fulfilled their potential are self-actualized contributors to life, who have found their purpose in life, have self respect and consequent respect and appreciation of others contributions. They are peaceable. They appreciate and collaborate not only with their fellow humans but with all living creatures and the planet on which we live.