• Date: 8 March, 2017

    Dear Archana,

    A little late but this is to share a note of appreciation for the school for the extensive effort that is made to celebrate Annual Function. We would like to acknowledge the massive effort of efficient teachers behind this. Annual day meant a lot of running around, but we found that everything was well planned, well organized and promptly executed.

    All Children performed extremely well, they took their role sincerely and all children seemed to be happy with what they did. I want to especially thank all the teachers, (especially Simran and Shrividya) I could see them standing there in charge tirelessly till they handed over our wards. This needs a lot of responsibility and good will. I even noticed the sincere effort to bring maximum students onto the stage. All these things need every discrete preparations.

    We are proud to be associated with the institution and wish it grows to greater heights.

  • Date: 23rd January 2017

    Dear Capt Archana

    As I and my child bid farewell to the Ardee School, Noida, I wanted to drop a special note to you and the class directness Pragati, thanking you for making our journey at Ardee so amazing and fruitful. Since my child was going to a school for the first time in her life, our expectations were very high of the school and Ardee Noida lived up to our expectations in all possible ways.

    Kudos to a leader like you- Capt Archana and directresses like Pragati and Vidya who ensure that the kids are taken care of in best possible way and the parents feel like a part of the everyday journey.

    I remember when Amaira entered Ardee, she couldn't even speak properly. And to this day she is such a confident child and speaks flawlessly, all thanks to the effort put in by your staff. She speaks, sings, does colors, reads and writes with so much interest and all thanks to the personal attention she got at school.

    We would have loved to continue at Ardee had it not been for this opportunity we got at work to move out of India. Thank you Ardee School for making our journey as parents so special.

  • Date: 1st October 2016

    Dear Team Ardee,

    It was a joy celebrating Grandparents Day with you all. Such events make us feel special and also enable us to spend some time watching how small children are moulded with values they will have for the rest of their lives.

    What was delightful to watch was the zeal with which the day was celebrated. We look forward to many such days.

  • Date: 15th September, 2016

  • Date: 5th September, 2016

    Re: Feedback on Teachers Day

    These were Beautifully penned down words which only inspired me. I completely agree with you in this aspect. I think it's very important to let the teacher guide our children & it's also important for us as parents to step back & give them the space they need. I want the best for my kids so I need to let the teacher take the front seat & I'm happy in the backseat.

    Best regards,
    Saira and Arihant Khanna, Env Red Cherry

    I think the letter very frankly and beautifully describes the attitude of today's parents and tries to restore the respect . I think we as parents are pampered a lot and an extremely pampered kid starts to misbehave.

    If the parents can experience a day in a teachers life through a video or a hands on experience by being a teacher for an hour in the classroom it will help the parents empathise before setting impossible standards.

    Subashree Ramdas (Avantika Ramdas, Env Blue)

    Hello Chanda Ma'am,

    First of all let me wish you and your team of happy enthusiastic teachers a very very happy Teachers day.

    Thanks for sharing your views. There maybe plenty amongst us who never view things from the other perspective and its important to let them be known.

    Teachers and mothers are the people who give children their foundations and the ability to fly...roots and wings both in equal measure. As a parent and a professional I can tell you that I am what I am only with the hard work and blessings of my parents and my teachers who came into my life at different stages...and I am forever indebted to them.

    As I watch the journey of my little one from taking her first baby steps into your welcoming corridors to the confident enthusiastic strides she now takes, forever eager to go to Ardee school, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude.

    Youve got a happy enthusiastic bunch of ladies out there who are doing a marvellous job with shaping these tender minds. Cannot thank them enough for being the happy n warm yet firm educationists that they are.

    As a society we all need to understand respect and trust each other implicitly. And that comes when we all are in the pursuit of excellence in our respective fields.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Dr Biraj Naithani Panchal (Aradhya Panchal, Env Blue)

  • Date: 28th July, 2016

    Re: Edusports Display By Environment Blue and Yellow -28th July' 16

    Wonderful effort done by teachers and kids. Great experience.

    Sanjeet Kaur
    M/O Sahiba Kaur

    Had a wonderful time. Waiting for the next one. Keep going!!!

    Anjana Ajmera
    M/O Advay Tara

    Very well organized. Wonderful children.

    Ashwin and Family
    F/O Aarav Thadani

    Really appreciate your effort made with the children. Well done.

    Gauri Gupta
    M/O Saanvi Gupta

    Very well appreciated. Enjoyed to the fullest.

    Dr. Chaudhary
    M/O Vihaan Chaudhary

    Kids are doing well and enjoying every activity in the school.

    Shiwani Sokhey
    M/O Harveen Kaur

    Great efforts. Super impressed.

    Nikita Bhargava
    M/O Kiarra Bhargava

    Great effort by kids. Its always a delight and previledge to watch them perform.

    Neha Khosla
    M/O Sabha Khosla

    The event was short and sweet and very beautifully put together explaining the kids learning. The enthusiasm of the teachers were commendable.

    Subhashree Ramdas
    M/O Avantika Ramdas

    It was amazing. Special thanks to all of you. Love what you all do with kids. Thanks.

    Kanika Gupta M/O Vivaan
    Environment: Blue

    Nice job. He is improving. Need a little push to start him as he is a active child. Rest is all good.

    Azra Shahzadi
    M/O Abdullah Hasan