Shreya Sharma - 14 Aug, 2018

Dear Nandini Ma'am, Bhavna Ma'am and the entire team of Ardee School Noida,

This is a quick thank you note for all your effort and encouragment to the children for making this celebration so memorable.

I remember a time when Advaita wasn't as comfortable or confident to sing in front of all the parents and today I saw how much that has changed. The activities done by all the children were truly remarkable and well beyond their age but this is the gift of Ardee, it makes the children aware of such meaningful and insightful knowledge that each time, we as parents feel inspired to do more. We are so proud and absolutely delighted to be part of the Ardee experience.

A heartfelt thank you and a ton of gratitude towards all the teachers who put in such a great deal of love and effort with each child to help them grow and learn.

Pallavi and Ayush Jain - 14 March, 2018

Dear Maam,

We have been associated with the school for almost 2 years now and our experience has been absolutely wonderful.

Our daughter Miraya had started with the mother toddler program at the school and like any other parent we were extremely nervous about her first time at a school. But all our worries vanished soon after and from there on the journey has been extremely satisfying.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and support staff of the school for always being so forthcoming and patient. A special shout out to Miraya’s teachers along the way Ms. Meera, Ms. Bhawna, and Ms. Srividya for all the love and care.

Looking back we notice how beautifully Miraya has blossomed into an extremely independent and confident child. All this has been due to the structured and practical approach adopted by the teachers. We feel extremely lucky to have been associated with the school and would not have found a better platform for our daughter. Ms. Nandini and all her teachers have always been very open to suggestions and feedback.

The Annual Day celebrations will always hold a special place in our memories. It was heartwarming to see all children perform with so much confidence and joy.

As we bid farewell to the school we would like to once again thank everyone for an absolute amazing journey.

Poornima - 19 December, 2017

Good afternoon I am poornima, nihira’s mother. My daughter nihira is in env blue vertical.

I am writing this mail to thank everyone at the Ardee school for the tremendous amount of time and effort that you guys invest in all the children. It’s so heartening to see them learn and respond to things we thought were out of their league at this young age. You guys truly turn them into better citizens of tomorrow. A big thank you

Jharna Gandhi (Dhiyara Gandhi's mom - Nido) - 16 November, 2017

Meera mam,

I really appreciate the effort which you took for the story telling session for kids which they enjoyed including myself.

Dhiyara is learning a lot, especially whatever you teach in school she will repeat or act it the way you teach in class to me when we get back home especially what am i hiding and roll roll roll your asan. She will also give me signs to sing the particular rhymes. Like today she sat down all by herself and started doing "row row row your boat" rhyme with the actions.

Moreover she has started sitting at one place for her meals , learned sharing, a bit of patience and she has started reapting so many sentences which we speak , atleast last 3 words she will repeat what i say. Plus she has learned so many vocabularies which i cant even imagine that she would know this particular word and same time also understand the meaning of it.

I keep a book in front of her and ask her to find an object and she points it out correctly.

Thank you so much meera mam for the effort and for the patience. I highly appreciate it.

Bridhi Chaudhary - 29 October, 2017

My daughter Adira, joined Ardee when she was about to turn two and a half. Back then she could hardly speak because she was trying to pick up all three languages at the same time. Adira until now has pretty much kept to herself. As her journey in Ardee continued, we saw a few changes in her. However, one incident that caught my attention during her admission process in another school is what I would like to share today.

We walked in for an admission interview for Nursery in a prestigious school in Noida. Like every parent,I was a little apprehensive about how my daughter would perform, if she would talk or answer questions that she has been asked. To our surprise, she wasn’t intimidated by other parents or children who were already present in the waiting room. She was all chatty and confident and in no time began playing with toys that were present, offering cookies to us and other kids present there. We had a few parents who asked us which school we sent our kid to. When we walked in for the interview, Adira went on to pick up the most difficult puzzle, I was a little worried whether she will be able to fit in any piece but she went about fixing it by placing the head first then looking for the tail thereby completing it in no time. Next , she saw a bowl of candies lying next to her. She asked the teacher if she could have one. We also had the principle ,who was the one interviewing us, telling us that she is keeping her fingers crossed for our child along with us so that her name comes out in the lottery. Later, when we left the room, Adira realised that she had a little clay dough in her hand which was with her accidentally. She ran back inside to return it without me having to tell her.

I knew the interview had gone well but what really made me happy was the fact that she had picked up those little teachings being taught to her at home and in her school. Her manners, confidence, morals, being organised, becoming almost independent in most of her activities are definitely big changes that I have observed in her in the last one year. In our routine daily life we forget to observe the small little changes that have an impact on our children but on hindsight we realise how much our child has picked up and learnt.

A big thank you to Ardee, Noida for providing her a strong foundation. A special mention to her teacher Bhawana Ma’am, for holding her hand, teaching her and guiding her and giving us a spot-on her analysis of our child, for providing her an atmosphere where she could flourish. Thank you very much.


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