The faculty

The heart of a great school is its teachers. The school is committed to ensuring that our teachers meet the highest professional standards so that learning is meaningful and effective for all our students. Our teachers attend regular training workshops both nationally and internationally, using the resources of our educational advisors and our own in-house research and development wing. A generous staff development budget has been provided to enable the best practices to be brought into our classrooms. Our faculty is trained to “follow the child” and to recognize and deeply honor each students individuality and path.

Our early education specialists are a handpicked energetic team of certified and trained Montessori teachers who are also post graduates in varied fields like international Business management, finance, law, english literature and science. They are specially trained to work with children of all age group. They also hold Red Cross certificates in basic first aid requirements. Above all, they are passionately committed to providing an environment to the child where he learns to learn.

They share the philosophy of and are passionate about:
  1. Respecting the child’s potential.
  2. Aiding child’s self construction without interference.
  3. Inculcating independent thinking in the child.
  4. Helping the child to discover his inner discipline.
  5. Helping build the child’s intrinsic motivation i.e. the dignity of labor.

Technical qualifications
The teacher’s have, through the Montessori course been trained to:

  1. Prepare the environment for the need of the child.
  2. Prepare and maintain means of development.
  3. Maintain record monitoring the progress of each child.
  4. Conduct parent teacher’s meeting.
  5. Preparing report cards at the end of the year which is designed scientifically along the Montessori lines.
  6. They are all techno savy and keep themselves abreast with the latest in the field of education.

archana-management faculty

Ms. Nandini Khanna
Headmistress - Noida

Ms Nandini, is an alumnus from The Modern School & the Ardee Teacher Training Centre and is now the headmistress of The Ardee Junior school, Noida. She is a certified Montessori directress and completed 7 years as a senior Montessori certified directress at The Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park. Holder of a B.Sc. degree in Home Science with major in child development, Ms Nandini has experience and interest in school management and over all development of children. In addition to her leadership expertise, Nandini’s strength lies in tremendous energy and enthusiasm at working in the education of children in their formative years.

teachers ardee school
The dedicated team at The Ardee School, Noida