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New Ardee K-12 senior school in South Delhi

Dear Friends,

The Ardee group of schools (Delhi, Gurugram, Goa and Noida) seek your blessings & good wishes for the opening of their new K-12 high school in South Delhi.

We bring to you international education with superior innovative programmes designed by a team of senior think tanks.

An infrastructure based on design and exciting exploratory spaces is being created, keeping in mind the learning profile of the new age students.

  1. Unique curriculum designed around the IB and Cambridge Boards
  2. One-of-a-kind concepts of World Study, How to Work, Flipped Classroom and College Programmes of Study where students will build truly inter-disciplinary and international perspectives and make well informed choices about college education
  3. Close association with international institutions in US and UK for faculty development, student exposure and expert mentors
  4. Equipped with latest in learning and extra-curricular infrastructure, digital technologies and security systems
  5. Two acre campus conveniently located at New Friends Colony.

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Marvelous THE ARDEE SCHOOL, Delhi & Noida touch another milestone

Adding a feather to its cap the Ardee World School, Delhi and Noida, received the prestigious School Excellence Awards at the third National Conference on School Education Leadership in New Delhi on Thursday, February 4. The schools were felicitated for contribution towards education as well as growth and development of children in pre-primary sections. The efforts of both the schools in providing holistic and authentic Montessori education to students were well appreciated in a glittering award ceremony.

The schools were recognized as the best among eminent pre schools in Delhi and NCR. It was a moment of pride and honour for Captain (retired) Archana Singh, Principal of the Ardee World School, Sector 100, Noida, and Ms Pooja Bhatia, H.O.D at the Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi, to receive this award from Brahmam KV, Chief Editor of BrainFeed, a monthly educational magazine. They received the award on behalf of President (Education] & Trustee, Ardee World School, Ms Chanda Raisinghani and chairperson Ms. Shefali Varma. We take this opportunity to pay our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the parents of Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Goa for their warm support and continuous cooperation with the faculty and management to keep up the good work and to raise the ardee banner high in the field of education and training.

Circular No. : TAS/2015-16/22
Subject   Circular
Notice :

Dear Parents,

There has been couple of incidents of "Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease" reported by our school children. We at the Ardee school are taking the requisite precautions in sanitizing and fumigating the environment and the material daily.

Children are also encouraged to sanitize and wash their hands at regular intervals at school.

In case any of the child is detected with the infection and as a matter of additional precaution we request the parents to refrain from sending the children to school to ensure that they do not spread the infection to the other children.


- Look for mouth Ulcers. Ask your child to open the mouth and say “Ah …”. Shine a torch in the mouth and look for ulcers on the tongue, inner sides of the mouth and on the lips.
Lo- - ok for blisters on the Hands. Ask your child to hold out the hands and show his/her palms. Look for small pinkish/reddish bumps or tiny blisters with fluids. Then check for the same on the back of the hands.
- Look for blisters on the Feet. Check for bumps/blisters on the upper part of the feet first, then the soles.


Circular No. : TAS/2015-16/18
Subject   Admin Points - Circular
Notice :

Dear Parent,

Kindly note the following Admin Points:-

Home Card: - It is mandatory to carry your home card and show the same to the teacher at the time of dispersal. (In-case you need to buy the same, please contact the Account’s Office on Friday, 30th Oct. 2015)

Class Timings:- Class timings will be 0900 Hrs to 1100 Hrs with effect from Monday, 2nd Nov. 2015.

For your Information Please.


Circular No. : TAS/2015-16/17
Subject   Ardee school tie up with Max Healthcare
Notice :

Dear Parent,

Would like to inform you that the ardee school, Noida has entered into a service contract with Max Hospitals, Noida with immediate effect.

The hospital will extend support during emergencies by providing a pediatrician for a quick consult and the School infirmary also has a trained female nursing staff.

Your child will be eligible for 10% discount on Medical services (OPD and IPD) within and beyond school hours.

We have issued an Medical card at a nominal cost of Rs 100 (adjusted in the fee for the next quarter), that you may present during billing to take advantage of our tie up. It has been sent in the Red Folder today, dt 28th Aug 2015.

Having a contingency plan in place does help to avert grave situations during emergencies! However we wish that trips to the medic are few and far between!







Circular No. : TAS /2015-16/09
Subject   Home Card
Notice :

Dear Parent,

Due to security reasons we request the parents to carry their child's home card with them (or who so ever comes to pick up the child).

With Effect from Today, no child will be handed over EVEN TO THE PARENT if the Home Card is not produced by them at the gate.

If any parent does not have a Home Card, You are requested to get a Child's Photograph along and Kindly the Home Card from the account office today itself.



Circular No. : TAS/2015-16/05
Subject   Parenting Tips
Notice :

Nature uncovers the inner secrets of nature in two ways: one by the force of bodies operating outside it; the other by the very movements of its innards. The external actions are strong winds, rains, river currents, sea waves, ice, forest fires, floods; there is only one internal force- earthquake. read more...



Circular No. : TAS/2015-16/03
Subject   Earthquake precautions
Notice :

Dear Parents,

Nature uncovers the inner secrets of nature in two ways: one by the force of bodies operating outside it; the other by the very movements of its innards. The external actions are strong winds, rains, river currents, sea waves, ice, forest fires, floods; there is only one internal force- earthquake.

The recent earthquakes in Nepal that have caused so much devastation have left us all quite shaken and anxious. The repeated aftershocks and warnings of more to follow means we all need to be well prepared and alert. Attached herewith are a few safety measures which we urge you to share with all.

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