Lower Elementary Montessori

The school curriculum develops enjoyment and commitment to learning. It builds on students' strengths, interests and experiences and develops their confidence to learn and work independently and collaboratively. The pedagogy is experiential, hands on and skill oriented. The curriculum equips the students with the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy, art and design, information and communication technology, science and social studies through the use of scientific Montessori apparatus such as the grammar boxes, addition, subtractions and multiplication strip boards, boggle games and map puzzles. It also develops the students’ physical skills and encourages them to recognise the importance of healthy living and keeping themselves safe. It further aims to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their own and different beliefs and cultures, and how these influence individuals.

Partnership with parents is a powerful tool to encourage student developments and we ensure parents are kept well informed of their children’s academic and social well being through Parent-Teacher Conferences, e-reports and phone calls. Parents are welcome to make appointments for informal conferences whenever necessary throughout the year.