Ashok Varma

Founder, The Ardee Group & The Ardee Schools

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

The Ardee education philosophy is built on the principle of learning by doing – we encourage our students to take charge of their education and immerse themselves completely in the learning process. We inspire them to welcome new challenges and kindle their curiosity under the care and guidance of some of the best teachers in the country.

Shefali Varma

Chairperson, The Ardee Group & The Ardee Schools

An alumna of Delhi University and Parsons School of Design, New York, Shefali Varma is the driving force behind the development of the Ardee schools into one of the country’s most respected pre-primary-class XII education groups. A committed educationist who believes in the transformational power of education, Shefali is a life member of the top-ranked FORE School of Management. She also serves as an executive member on the Board of IIM, Lucknow and as a member of the FICCI, CII and CREDAI, and actively contributes to women and child welfare initiatives of several NGOs.

"It is easy to look at progressive education that is the norm in top schools today and assume that this is the best it can be and should is not...and it is time for us to redefine what we call best. That, in itself, is education.: - Chairperson, The Ardee Group of Schools

Chanda Raisinghani

President & Trustee, The Ardee Schools

An alumna of the London Montessori Center and the North America Montessori Society, Chanda Raisinghani’s long and successful stint with The Ardee Schools began in 2003 when she facilitated the launch of the group’s flagship Ardee Montessori at Sujan Singh Park, Delhi. Over the past 20 years under her leadership, the preschool earned an excellent reputation for providing globally benchmarked early childhood education and care. Subsequently, she made valuable contributions to the promotion and growth of the group’s four Ardee schools A highly-respected national education leader and strong advocate of continuous professional development of teachers, in 1999, she founded The Ardee Teacher Training Centre. She has also served as member of the apex National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE), Delhi.

"Adaptability, perseverance and determination tags the Ardee students as active global citizens with higher order thinking who use imagination to see the possibility in the circumstance. —Ms. Chanda Rasignhani


Wonderment and the Joy of Childhood: Montessori Education values a sense of wonder and the innate desire to learn through joyful exploration and discovery about the world and how it works.

Respect, Diversity and Harmony: Montessori Education values selfrespect, respect of others and respect for our environment. This requires that we understand, celebrate and protect the diversity within our community and our environment. We resolve our conflicts through empathy and honest dialogue.

Stewardship: Montessori Education encourages us to first be stewards of our own actions, and then to work with others as we care for our Montessori community and our world.

Self-Reliance and Academic Empowerment: Montessori Education values self-responsibility and self-reliance for personal and academic growth. The individual is empowered to be a self-motivated, self-disciplinedand independent learner. The ideas, interests and skills of each person contribute to our Montessori community and the world.


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