We believe in being prepared for a day that might never come

Keeping our children safe while at school is our top priority. As always, we welcome feedback and would be happy to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have regarding the matter of school safety or emergency preparedness.

The 'Primary Responsibility’ for institutions like ours, is for everyone to be 'Safe and Secure’ at all times. School safety, Crisis management, Emergency preparedness are more than just process in our school.

Though fire protection, safety from intruders, weather and other possible natural hazards are of prime importance to us, we have looked far beyond and created a further protection shield for ourselves.

At Ardee we have employed a combination of technology and human efforts to try and remain above potential hazards in our day to day functioning.

RFID Cards

Entry/exit of all persons in the school is logged in through lanyards with RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identification cards) with in and out timings specified. At any point, there is a clear record of when the student is in the school premises or has exited the school premises with an instant text message going to the parents’ registered mobile number. This has been done for all teaching staff, support staff and visitors also. The RFID cards serve as photo identity cards which will be displayed by everyone on campus.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

To monitor activity inside and outdoors, we have 150 digital cameras (without any blind spots) in our schools. Through this system, we can check/control vandalism, bullying and dangerous situations at our schools. The images captured on video will aid investigations on questionable activities in and around our schools. The video footage can also be accessed by parents (upon submission of an application to and at the discretion of the management). The CCTV feeds will monitor this on an ongoing basis and feeds will be reviewed on a regular basis. Each morning all schools report the working condition of the cameras to the IT officer at school.

Panic Buttons

Our entire campus is has been fitted with wi-fi panic buttons. These buttons can be pressed by any student/employee under duress, once pressed, a loud alarm will emanate from the hooters and an instant notification will go, with the present location of student, to the school administration.

A control panel ensures that the footage is visible to the Head of School and the security team. All of our five schools relay a live feed to the Head office at Barakhamba Road where in the Chief Vigilance Officer views the update. The live feed is relayed on the mobile phone of every Head of the school, where in viewing is available 24/7.

Police Verification

Back ground checks and Police verifications are done for all staff. A record of the same is maintained and is available with the Administrative Department. Bio data with personal details of all staff, permanent or contractual is maintained as part of school records.


Our school buses are fitted with the GPS system-Safetrax. Guidelines laid out by Supreme Court are followed. The female attendant accompanying students is verified by the police and undergoes regular training.

In House Vigilance Team

All teachers are part of the vigilance committee. A rounds roster is maintained and teachers on duty take hourly inspection rounds. Particularly to monitor that only authorised staff are in the areas they have access to. All students are sensitised to the need for security and the Student Council is given a list of vigilance points wherein they assist in the monitoring, on a daily basis. Over and above this the Principal, Heads and Coordinators are on vigilance duty on a roster that ensures student safety at all times.

Safety Officer and Crisis Management Team

The school has a designated Safety Officer to ensure that there is minimum risk to child safety on account of physical hazards and to ensure this the following have been given due attention:

  • Electricity-related risks.
  • Hazardous/dangerous materials in the laboratories/kitchens are stored safely under lock and key at all times.
  • Gas-related risks, water-related risks, fire-related risks have been taken into account and measures.
  • The play field and building is audited regularly by a structural supervisor.
  • Safety of glass installations has been highlighted with signage to avoid injury.

The Crisis Management Team comprises of representation from all stake holders. It meets at regular intervals to review existing policies and procedures and also to upgrade systems.

Health Officer – Nurse

The school has a designated Health Officer who ensures basic screening of all staff for any ailments/infections at their time of joining by ensuring that a basic medical check is carried out. Thereafter, the exercise is repeated annually for all staff, attendants who continuously interact with children.

Catering in charge

The school has a designated Canteen officer who ensures that all the norms of hygiene are upheld. Spot checks of food or liquid items served, as well as of the premises, counters, utensils, crockery etc, are continuously conducted. The license is displayed in the cafe. PSA members carry out surprise checks to ensure that the required standards of hygiene are maintained.

Fire Safety

Fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis. These ensure that our students and staff are always, in the event of an emergency, prepared for a quick exit from the building. Fire department personnel train the staff on the use of fire extinguishers.

Students are taken through various simulations to prepare them for any emergency situation. All of these have a clear protocol and this is explained to all students and further monitored by staff. These include Evacuation Drills in case of Bomb threat; Fire, Earthquake and Lock Down. These are held at regular intervals and the process reviewed.

24 Hour Security

The Blue Thunder agency has been contracted to provide round the clock security. Male and female guards work in security patrol, safeguarding students, staff, campus visitors, and property.

Construction and repair work

Through the academic terms all/any construction or repair work on school premises is done on weekends or only after school hours.

No Entry

The school has a No Entry policy for any external service personnel during school hours.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.