Punnya Vij

University Guidance Counsellor

Punnya Vij, the University Guidance Counsellor, a premier career and educational consulting firm, has joined The Ardee School as the official college counsellor. Punnya believes in 'walk the talk' approach. He has been an academic topper, both in class X and class XII in high school and was declared Delhi Topper and India Rank #2.With near perfect SAT scores and successful as an applicant to most top universities, both in India, and overseas, with a high scholarship, he has mastered the college counselling process enough to pave the way for others through his 'top secret approach'.

He has guided and taught over 50,000 students till date, Punnya secures utmost joy and gratification in shaping the careers of students. He holds several accolades for helping students get admission into their dream colleges, most of which are Ivy League colleges in America or Tier 1 colleges in UK, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and India. He not only counsels students but also trains them personally in standardized examinations like SAT, GMAT, etc. and school (CBSE / IB / IGCSE) curricula of subjects such as Math, Economics, Business, Physics and Psychology.



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