Outreach programme to enhance the community.

At The Ardee School, we believe that students benefit greatly both academically and emotionally from volunteering their time to work with the less privileged members of the community. It allows our students opportunities to model empathy, compassion and caring, which is imperative in today's world. We are firmly of the opinion that if you want your child to be successful in life, he/she needs to head out into the community to help others. Our students have always returned saying that they have gained more from the experience than they have given.

Our Community Service initiatives include working with schools for the marginalized and creating resources for them.

As an environmentally conscious school, many of our community service projects veer towards the green initiatives. Our students have adopted both a local market and a park and worked to make the neighbourhood plastic free.

Making furniture with eco bricks, making paper bags for the shops to use, plogging, composting, leading on the anti cracker campaign or pollution awareness and its hazards are areas that sees Ardeeians at the forefront.

We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and have a Clean Air task force that includes representation from all stake holders. Sessions led by specialists are held for parents and the wider community to educate them and provide them with solutions.

Car pooling is encouraged and students who promote this through their responsible behavior are awarded privilege cards which they can use to their advantage to either avail of a late submission or a day off, depending on the number of privilege cards they have accumulated.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.