We at The Ardee School recognise that the knowledge, skills and experience of our staff are a vital part of achieving our commitment to excellence. We are strongly committed to continued professional development for our faculty, who are all trained.

The heart of a great school is its teachers. The school is committed to ensuring that our teachers meet the highest professional standards so that learning is meaningful and effective for all our students. Our teachers attend regular training workshops both nationally and internationally, using the resources of our educational advisors and our own in-house research and development wing. A generous staff development budget has been provided to enable the best practices to be brought into our classrooms. Our faculty is trained to follow the child and to recognize and deeply honor each students individuality and path.

Our early education specialists are a handpicked energetic team of certified and trained Montessori teachers who are also post graduates in varied fields like international Business management, finance, law, english literature and science. They are specially trained to work with children of all age group. They also hold Red Cross certificates in basic first aid requirements. Above all, they are passionately committed to providing an environment to the child where he learns to learn.

All the staff at school share the philosophy of and are passionate about:

1. respecting the child's potential
2. aiding child's self construction without interference
3. inculcating independent thinking in the child
4. helping the child to discover his inner discipline and motivation
5. helping develop the dignity of labor


The dedicated team at The Ardee School, Sujan Singh Park


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.