We believe in being prepared for a day that might never come

The security of our school and students is a top priority for us. There is a constant vigil, both inside and outside the school grounds and building. Whether our students are in class, play ground, or on a field visit we have enough chaperones and security measures to provide a safe environment We have trained guards and CCTV cameras have been installed throughout the building which enables surveillance of all entry/exit gates and indoor areas of both school buildings. One guard is posted at the school gate and one guard is positioned at the rear end near the corridor. Guards are guarding the premises day and night with a separate guard sevice for the night.

The school has access control gates and is equipped with a P.A. system with security bell control. Emergency alarms are fitted at appropriate places. Fire extinguishers are positioned and refreshed to deal with emergency.

Regular fire drills are also carried out every month with all the staff, teachers and students. Entry pass is provided to visitors to check entry at all levels. Release of all students is to only listed and authorized caregivers. An identity home card is issued to each caregiver and a child is released only once the same is shown. For safety and security reasons no photocopy or duplicate of the card is allowed.

Sign in registers for staff and visitors are provided at all entry point. All visitors are required to wait at the gatehouse and are met by the person responsible for the appointment. Visitors with appointment, are asked to proceed to the Reception area. No-one is allowed entry without an appointment and the guards only allow anyone in after checking with the concerned staff.


Our curriculum, teaching methodology and tie-ups make our students feel at home with the world.